China Tyre Factory Manufacturer R22.5 R24.5 R20 R24 R19.5 R22.5 High Technology radial truck tire

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Product Description:

12R22.5 315/80R22.5 1200R24 295/80R22.5 11R22.5  Hot sale with Promotion price!!!   EMPIRE Tyre on Hot Sale!!! 

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Truck Tyre : 

Professonal factory for EMPIRE brand with DOT, Emark, Smark, GCC,ISO, INMETRO, CCC certificate  

Our factory use HIGH technology,exported to all over of the worldYEARLY PRODUCE 6 MILLION PCS OF TRUCK TYRE

 We also inner tube and flap,welcome to inquiry.

Pattern Character:


1. Mainly for drive wheels, front/steer wheels 

2. Applicable for medium and high speed riding on normal and good roads, also fit for off-road use.   

3. With excellent grip and traction performance 

4. This pattern has good performance in low heating up and carrying capacity


EMPIRE Tyre Pattern Photo



EMPIRE TYRE is one of the most professional and experienced tyre and wheel manufacturer in China. We deal with a wide range of tyres from Motorcycle tyres to Giant OTR tyres (53/80-63-78PR), which have CCC certificate and ISO certificate for China market, DOT certificate for United States, ECE certificate for Europe, GCC certificate for Middle Est and INMETRO certificate for Brazil and SONCAP certificate for Nigeria. 


Truck Tyre Specification:


  1. Model: 1200R24 1200R20 1100R20 1000R20 900R20 825R20 825R16 750R16

  2. Origin: China

  3. Type: Radial

  4. Tube Tyre: Tubeless Tyre, Tube Tyre


  6. Rim: 21-24inch

  7. Certificate: GCC certificates

Why choose EMPIRE?


best quality tires

Tyre could run 80,000 kms if normal load, and 35,000 kms if overload 150%

 1.Famous Chinese Brands: EMPIRE & EMPIRESTONE

 2.Size: 11R22.5 12R22.5 13R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5

 3.Certificate: ISO DOT TS16949 SONCAP SNI GCC CCC INMETRO, etc

 4.Markets: North America, South-America,Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia,Mid-East

 5.Best Quality Material:
   Rubber: Malaysia & Thailand top-quality Natural and synthetic rubber, such as SMR20

  Carbon Black:Blackcat, Cabot, Degussa and other Chinese famous brands

  Steel Cord: Bekaert & Belgium

6.Excellent Performance and Advantages:

Service life 75-120% longer

Acceleration effect 30% faster,retardation efficiency 10% higher

 Driving temperature 30% lower

Heat barrier can reach 100-120 kilometer

Tubeless wheel steering stability, manipulation of light, straight road and climbing performance is good

*****Excellent traction and braking

*****Excellent anti-puncturing

*****Suitable for all wheels

*****Could be retreaded

7.Delivery Time: with in 10 days based on deposit

9.Package:Standard export package, excellent wrap & sticker, and other special package required by particular customer 

 Tyre selection


  • Longitudinal patterns:

  • This pattern applies to the rigid pavement made of cement or tar, having better passing performance.

  • Off-road patter:

  • This pattern applies to the no-road zone, or the roads with bad condition.

  • Lateral pattern:

  • Having strong adaptability, it applies to our national road condition, climate, and driving speed.

  • Mixed pattern:

  • It is the transitional pattern between the longitudinal and the lateral one. Because of its good wear-resistance and cating-one performance, it applies to pavements made of asphalt, concrete, even mud or snow.


Safe driving 

  • New tyre have a wear period, normally at about 200km.

  • Rest the tyres after high-speed driving ( normally 1-2 hours) and check the tyres.

  • Avoid abrupt start, emergency brake and sharp turn.

  • Avoid overload and over- speed driving.

  • Drive on roads with good condition. Protect the tires from severe impact.

  • Avoid using the renovated tyres for the front wheel.

  • You must change the tyres when the abrasion meets the mark.

  • Change the tyres immediately when tyres malfunction


Abrasion mark 


When the tyre thread is almost worn off, meaning the tyre thread groove is less than 2mm, the slippage of the tyre increase notably, as well as the braking distance. It not only decreases the vehicle's oprating stablity but also causes traffic accidents.For this reason, we have the national standard that the abrasion limit of the radial tires used for trucks or passenger cars is 2mm. According to this regulation, the manufacture set abrasion marks on the tires .When the tires are orn to the above limit, the drivers should change the tires in time.


Any inquiry, feel free to contact. EMPIRE will reply to you within 12 hours!!!


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Q:What is the difference between truck tires and car tires?
There is a truck tire inner tube, the compressive load of tire tread, vacuum tire, tire pressure is small, it is slower after puncture
Q:The wheel angle of the car! What is the maximum angle of rotation of a car's wheels?
1 kW =1.366 horsepower2. torqueTorque is the moment the engine sends out, and the greater the torque, the faster the engine revs up under the same loadIn calculations, torque is the work done by the engine, while the engine speed is timePower = torque * speed /9550(9550 between engine speed and time, the converted value is abbreviated as 9550)3. displacement (cylinder volume)This is a unit of volume, which is the sum of the space volumes passed by the piston of the engineSimply stated, a physical quantity of the engine's power expression4. compression ratioThat is, the ratio between the total volume of the cylinder in front of the piston and the compressed volume of the cylinder (i. e., the volume of the combustion chamber)Taking the gasoline generator as an example, the compression ratio is large (more than 10.8), which is beneficial to the powerBut in this way, it is easy to knock, and requires a higher gasoline label, and it can not be too large to compress
Q:Why does the bus stop making a noise?
Is it powered by gas or the main vehicle connected to the trailer via the trachea?.Trailer braking is the use of the brake pump spring acting on the brake shoe, so that the car in the parking of the lock, all the tires can not move,
Q:A rubber wheel guided trolley for guided buses
A direction guided bus is the introduction of rail derived from railway track, a single rail and vehicle is located in the central wheel is matched with the moving direction to guide the vehicle, but the vehicle is still pushing by the coaxial wheel and guide wheel as
Q:How are the tires classified??
Tyre type1 can be divided into the composition of a tire inner tube and tubeless tyre:Some pneumatic tires have no inner tubes, so they are called tubeless tires. Through the air valve pressure directly into the tire, so the sealing requirements between the rim and the tyre. Tubeless tires are similar in appearance to ordinary tires. The difference is the inner tire tubeless tires attached to a layer thickness of 2 ~ 3mm special rubber seal used to seal gas layer. Tubeless tire in perforation, the pressure will not be a sharp decline, is conducive to safe driving, tubeless tire does not exist between the inner and outer tyre wear and stuck, its tightness is good, can be directly through the rim heat, the temperature rise of paper, long service life, simple structure, light weight. The disadvantage is that the road is broken and repair is difficult.
Q:What is the safe mileage of the big truck and the domestic tire of the bus?
The safety mileage you ask represents the time traveled continuously?Tires, like people, work long hours to rest, continuous driving for 3-4 hours or 300 kilometers or so, it is necessary to stop checking tires,
Q:Will the luxury bus wheel blow up? What will happen?
Hello, luxury bus rear tires are double tires, but also a flat tire, but the impact is not great.
Q:What is the difference between truck tires and car tires
There is a truck tire inner tube, the compressive load of tire tread, vacuum tire, tire pressure is small, it is slower after puncture
Q:What's the mix in the bus tires
Ordinary compressed air. But there are many high altitude buses that are full of nitrogen. The reasons are as follows.Car tires with nitrogen can prevent puncture1., to improve the stability and comfort of tire travel. Nitrogen is almost inert diatomic gas, chemical inertness, gas molecules than oxygen molecules, not easy to thermal expansion and contraction, deformation of small amplitude, the penetration of tire wall speed more slowly than air is about 30~40%, can maintain stable tire pressure, improve the stability of running, ensure the driving comfort; nitrogen the audio is equivalent to the ordinary air conductivity is low, the 1/5, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce tire noise, improve the degree of quiet running.
Q:Longitudinal patterns in automobile tires, especially heavy truck tires?
3: use: good road, truck and bus front wheel.It is a vertical pattern, and the direction of the groove is perpendicular to the circumference1, advantages: good braking and handling performance, good traction performance.

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