Quad core 5" IPS QHD Capacitive Touch Screen Android 4.2 Smartphone

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1. CPU: MediaTek MT6582 Quad-Core Cortex-A7 1.2Ghz,28nm Skill;

2. Operation System: Google Android 4.2,

3.5.0 inch IPS QHD Capacitive Multi-touch screen,960*540 Pixels;

4. Built-in 3G WCDMA module;

5. Dual sim cards dual standby;

6. Dual Camera: Front-facing 5.0M camera (Real hardware is 2.0M), Rear-Facing 8.0M cmos Camera (real hardware is 5M camera);

7. Standard is 1G RAM, Storage: standard is 4G ROM; Micro card slot can support max up to 32GB max;

8. WIFI:802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth EDR High Speed;

9. built in GPS chip and support voice navigation;

10. Dimension: 145*74*7.9mm mm , Net Weight: About 170g (1phone+1 battery);

11. Battery: 2500mAh Lithium Battery;

12. Standard Accessories:

1*battery (2500mAh),


1*USB cable



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Q:Can I use a quadband (t-mobile sidekick) phone bought in the states in germany?
Yep, will work. I did the same with my three-band mobile phone from the states. I also bought it from T-mobile. I am German and was in the states for some time, loved my phone and took it back home, put my old sim-card in from my prepaid phone -works! No problem, other than the language I have on my phone is English now, and T9 for texting won't work with texts in German, as the vocabulary I would need to teach my phone exceeds the capacity. So I type my texts manually. But what the heck. Phone works.
Q:Will a nextel sim work in a boost mobile phone?
Ok here is the dealBoost Mobile is Nextel's prepaid phone service. Even though they are pretty much the same company unfornately you still can't interchange the sim cards because of Nextel being programmed as a contract service and Boost is programmed as a prepaid service. Unlocking the phone has nothing to do with the sim card but with the Esn or Meid number which is found on the sticker underneath your battery on your phone. Some retailers will take that number and unlock it so that you can use that phone on any carrier that you wish but you have to find a company that will do that. Without the phone being unlocked you are stuck having to use the phone on the given carrier it belongs to. I hope this has helped and God Bless!
Q:Why is there a bad connection all the time when I try to make calls to Ukraine Mobile Phones?
i've got faith that that's an internet delusion. you would be able to make unfastened calls to Skype type shoppers and so on however the 2nd you need to call out to landlines and cellular it constantly costs funds.
Q:how can i call from PC to Landline/Mobile phone?
Hello, I just did this recently. First, once you sign on to Yahoo Messenger, down about 3/4 of the way down, below your friends or family list of names online, you will see Phone Out and a Phone In. You will need to click on the Phone Out and follow the instructions for calling, including entering your credit card number. Then, to begin making calls, you will have to follow the instructions that are sent to you from Yahoo in an email they will send to the email address you provided to them. This will take a few days to get done, so, you may not be able to make calls this way til after Christmas. Sorry
Q:Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Question?
there are a pair of distinctive recommendations see bellow 18¢ each minute, all the time 10¢ according to minute for $6.ninety 9/month or 7pm – 7am + all weekend (7pm Fri – 7am Mon) $ninety 9.ninety 9 one thousand each time minutes + countless nights weekends $fifty 9.ninety 9 six hundred each time minutes + countless nights weekends $40 4.ninety 9 4 hundred each time minutes + 2000 night weekend minutes $34.ninety 9 3 hundred each time minutes + one thousand night weekend minutes $24.ninety 9 two hundred each time minutes $14.ninety 9 a hundred each time minutes the telephones additionally in basic terms comprise approximately $2.50 properly worth of time
Q:Mobile phone helpppp please !?
all you do is scan for networks and if it shows you a house next to it then it means you can use it and if you use vodafone make sure you ask for passport as it's free and you can use your phone anywhere for the same network rate :)x
Q:Technological development of mobile phones?
By okorder
Q:Can i put my AT&T sim card into a T mobile phone? And will it WORK?
If the phone is unlocked then you should just be able to put the SIM in and go. However the Sidekick must have a data plan for all the features to work. ATT shouldn't have a problem with you using a phone from another carrier, but they may or may not be able to get all the data features to work. The incompatibility of T-Mobile and ATT 3G networks are not an issue because the Sidekick is not a 3G device. Although there will be a 3G Sidekick soon.
Q:Is there any harm if you sleep and your mobile phone is beside you?
i also use my mobile as an alarm clock and i put it beside me. oooooooooh, now i know why i've been acting so weird lately :D nah, kidding. some say that the waves may b hurtful, but i dont think so. i put it on the dresser right near my bed, i dont think the waves would hurt. but i dont know for sure. good luck with that, to all of us :)
Q:Phone did not sound how to get?
If not mute the function of the words, then you can try to restore all the settings of the phone.

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