PVC Pressure Pipe (ASTM Sch 80)GB/T10002.1-2006

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10000 kg/month

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Product Description:

1.Description of PVC Pipe :
Material: Virgin Rigid PVC resin, no recycle material
Process: vacuum forming extrusion
Color: various colors, we can make color according to Panton card No.
Back working procedure: precise length cutting, drilling/slotting/punching, gold stamping, quality inspection, cleaning, assembling, and packing.
Application:construction, home decoration, stationery&toy, advertising, ornament, etc.
2.Features of pvc pipes :
1)  Light weight, easy to load and unload: PVC pipe is very light, convenient to handle loading unloading, and installing.
2)  Good chemicals and drugs resistance: PVC pipe has its excellent resistance to the erosion caused by acids and alkalines, a great help to the chemical industries.
3) Small resistance to fluidity: The smooth surface reduces resistance to the fluids. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, much less than other pipes, Under same discharges, smaller cabibre of the pipe can be uesd.
4) Strong mechanical strength: Good resistance to water pressure, outside impact and pressure, is satisfied under any conditions.
5) Good electrical insulation: excellent insulation nature against electricity. the pvc pipe can be served as conduits and pipes in construction cable and wire.
3.PVC Pipe Images:

PVC Pressure Pipe (ASTM Sch 80)GB/T10002.1-2006

PVC Pressure Pipe (ASTM Sch 80)GB/T10002.1-2006

4.Specifications of the pvc pipe:
1) Material: pvc pipe unplasticized polyvinyl chloride
2) Standard: GB, ISO9001, ISO14001
3) Color: white  pvc pipe, grey  pvc pipe , etc.
4) Specific Gravity:g/cm3, 20(C): 1.35 - 1.55
5) Vicat Softening Temperature: (C)  >=79
6) Tensile Yield Strength:  Mpa >=40
7) Fitness of Water Tightness Test: No Leakage
8) Fitness of Air Tightness Test: No Leakage

Q:What is you MOQ?
A:As customer’s request.
Q:What is the production ability? or delivery time?
A:Our production ability support 40HQ order finish in one week.
Q:Can we have sample?
A:Sample free, freight cost you.
Q:For urgently doubts,who online?
A:Sales and marketing Manager 24hours online service.

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Q:How do I keep coins, saved in the original bank paper roll and in a plastic tube, from changing color?
You can keep the coins in the plastic coin tubes for they are inert. The paper used to wrap coins is not. The ammo box has to go. There is residue of oils and other chemicals there and no washing the box out will not do. Coins have rims on them so they will stack and that is the part that touches the coin under it. Just be careful when you take them out of the tube, let them slide or fall onto a soft cloth and don't let them hit each other.When putting coins in the tube just take it slow and easy. It is not that hard to do. The coins at the end of the bank wrappers are toning, due to the box and also just to the air hitting them, the rims in side will too, for the bank roll paper has chemicals in them. Put all rolls in to plastic tube and store in a plastic box made of a hard plastic with a lid, not a soft plastic. The item in plastic that makes it soft and pliable will damage coins. Try to store the coins where the temperature varies the least. If you live in a place that has high humidity, get some silica gel and put it with the rolls. Take out the packs every month or so put in a low heated oven to dry them out and put back into the plastic box. You can get the silica gel from a coin dealer, or almost every piece of electronics comes with a small packet or at least used too.
Q:UPVC what material is the pipe and the HDPE plastic pipe?
UPVC is modified polyvinyl chloride. The tubing is brittle, flexible, and has a weak connection. HDPE is high-density polyethylene, flexible tubing, -60 degrees - 40 degrees can be safely construction. The use of hot melt and electrofusion connection method is very strong, generally used for drinking water supply pipe, gas pipe, coal pipe, etc..
Q:What is the difference between rigid and rigid and semi rigid in electric PVC plastic pipes?
The essence of PVC is a kind of vacuum blister film. It is used in the surface packing of various panels, so it is also called decorative film and adhesive film. It is applied to many fields such as building materials, packaging, medicine and so on. Among them, the building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, 60%, followed by the packaging industry, as well as other small range of applications.
Q:Can someone tell me what that plastic elbow tube is called on the backside of my heater coil? VW Golf 2000.?
Plastic elbow, on the metal heater core itself? Probably there would be two of them. Water in and water out. On the plastic box the heater core goes in? Just the one on the box. That would be a cavity water drain to keep it dry in there and cut down on Mold/Mildew. Heater CORE in the USA. ASE Cert Auto Tech, since 1978, 2003 GLI
Q:How about plastic pipes for water pipes in the house? With PVC or PPR or something?
PVCPVC pipe is divided into PVC, water supply and drainage pipe two kinds, with better tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes. Used for municipal water supply and drainage, industrial water supply and drainage, civil water supply and drainage, irrigation, vegetation watering, etc..
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Q:What are the types of plastic pipes?
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe is a new kind of water supply pipe made of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin. Its biggest advantage is that it is more resistant to high temperature. This pipe application in China just started in recent years, is used in cold water and waste water, chemical solution conveying pipeline, long-term use of infusion temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius, life for 40 years.
Q:What is the hard plastic material?
PPS, the Chinese name is pps. The utility model has the advantages of hard and crisp, high crystallinity, burning resistance, good thermal stability, high mechanical strength, good electrical performance, etc..
Q:What's the size of the PVC pipe?
Rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe: it is made up of polyethylene resin, stabilizer, lubricant and so on. It is processed by kneading, rolling, plasticizing, cutting and extruding. The heating, heating, bending and cooling are available. Mainly used for wires, cables and other bushings. Pipe length is generally 4m / root, the color is generally gray. Pipe connections shall be heated, spigot and socket connections and plastic hot air welding. The bending must be heated.
Q:How to deal with dirt in soft plastic pipes?
At present, the plastic tube technology is constantly updated, there have been many high-tech products. Such as cross-linked polyethylene pipe material deformation decreased, impact strength increased, low resistance and high temperature capacity, compared to the traditional polyethylene plastic pipe has a major technical breakthrough.

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