Press Hamburger Meat/Pressure Burger Machine Hot Sales

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Product Description:

 1. Structure of Burger Press Description 


Single Burger Press

* Material: cast aluminum

* Burger press plate: 12 cm (DIA)

* Burger presses with painted hard wood handle: 300px (DIA) x 8 cm (H)

* Non-stick coating on surface

* Color: Grey/Black.

* Packing: each set in one PP bag, 24 sets/CTN, 40x40x575px, 8/9KGS.


 2. Main Features of Burger Press


* Non-stick coating on surface                                 

* Painted hard wood handle, can carry it easily and heat resistant                            

* Single hamburger patties formed quickly with hamburger meat press.                                

* Make perfectly shaped patties in no time!                            

* Heavy-duty aluminum with non-stick coating assures easy                                   

  release and quick clean-up.                                   

* An easy way to create irresistible party fare, this nonstick cast-aluminum                            

  tool quickly shapes perfect burgers, ready for topping with cheese                              

  and other savory condiments.                               

* Serve them on dinner rolls as an appetizer or snack.                                 

* It can smash down one perfect patties at a time                                 

* The Single Hamburger Press works simply by compacting the meat                                   

  tightly and evenly, helping to avoid homemade burgers that either fall                               

 apart on the grill, or which are charred on the outside and raw in the middle.


 3. Burger Press Images

 Press Hamburger Meat/Pressure Burger Machine Hot Sales


 Press Hamburger Meat/Pressure Burger Machine Hot Sales


 Press Hamburger Meat/Pressure Burger Machine Hot Sales


Press Hamburger Meat/Pressure Burger Machine Hot Sales

4. Burger Press Specification


Material: cast aluminum + wood

Packing: 1set/color box, 12sets/CTN, 32*29*737.5px, 4.6/3.6kgs

Press base is 3/4"/50px deep, 4.5"/287.5px diameter. 

* Uniform patties cook evenly. Apply pressure to adjust thickness. 

* For easy removal and stacking: line with plastic wrap or parchment paper

* For easy transfer to grill or freezer. 

* Ideal for beef, chicken, turkey, pork and vegetable burgers. 

* Nonstick cast aluminum and comfortable wood handle. 

* Use to form crab cakes and appetizers. 

Double (2 in 1) Burger Press

* Material: cast aluminum

* Burger press plate: 12 cm (DIA)

* Burger presses with painted hard wood handle: 300px (DIA) x 700px(L) x 8 cm (H).

* Non-stick coating on surface

* Packing: each set in one PP bag and color box, 12 sets/CTN/40x40x575px/8/9KGS


5. FAQ of Burger Press


1) Can cookware meet food-grade test? 

Yes, our products can meet EU, FAD, LFGB, DGCCRF standard.


2) What is cookware made of?

Our cookware are durable and safe made of material of aluminum and carbon steel. The tough nonstick and ceramic cooking surfaces that last for years.


3) Are there economical cookware items available?

Cookware is one of the best you’ll find. Their line of aluminum cookware is less expensive, but never sacrifices quality. All the pots and pans have reinforced edges and aluminum handles secured with heavy-duty rivets, The body is spun for greater strength, and each pot is given a thick base,which gives the cookware rapid heat in fusion and a long life.


4) How can I extend non-stick coating?

Using cookware pans? You can extend the life of nonstick coating by reconditioning then once in a while. Every few months, take the empty pan and put it on the stove over high heat. After about two three minutes, put it one or two tablespoons of peanut oil and swirl it around so it coats the inside of the span. Turn off the heat and let the pan cool to room temperature and then wipe away the excess oil with a paper towel. Repeat the process once more to recondition the coating on your pan.


5) Are cookware companies environmentally friendly?


Cookware is one of the leading cookware manufacturers in China. Design standard with respect for the environment by reducing the amount of energy and raw materials needed in production. This minimizes waster. They’re also very vigilant about carrying out regular emission checks. So, if you’re looking for an earth-friendly cookware company, we are the one for you.

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Q:How do you use the 84 disinfectant used for tableware disinfection?
Must note that the cleaning after remember with a love letter is rinsed clean, then ventilated, dry and then use! Very convenient, plastic cups and China cups of tea can also use 84 soaked!
Q:Disinfection tableware on the logo printing?
Professional tableware disinfection equipment manufacturer, more than 3000 tableware disinfection of customers, with our relevant supporting facilities are familiar with. Search into the web site to know details.
Q:How to wash the new dishes
Put the cooked dishes with boiled water rinse again, dry. No white vinegar can also with other vinegar.
Q:Buy tableware in which course? Buy vegetables fee included in which course?
If is the restaurant industry, tableware, recorded in the running stores recipients a faulty goods after those included in the cost; Buy vegetables in material, recipients after writes down the cost. If belong to other enterprises, tableware, food included in the deal with all the worker salary, welfare funds, again into management fees - welfare funds.
Q:Tableware disinfection method have?
Immerses disinfection Not high temperature resistant tableware, especially beer'll meet heat burst, deformation, etc., can use bleach, chlorine yaming, potassium permanganate disinfectant soaking, etc. Soak it is important to note that when liquid must not tableware; Liquid concentration according to specified requirements, such as bleaching powder 0.5% clear liquid; The tableware of hepatitis patient with 3% bleach clarified liquid; Soak time wants enough, general need 15 ~ 30 minutes; After soaking, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, had better use flowing water or shower.
Q:Baby tableware and pans can be used to wash clean washing
Now you can see, the above ingredients no one belongs to food additives, food additives is edible in the appropriate scope, so use detergent to clean tableware still has certain risk, because you have to guarantee completely clean, no traces of detergent, the tableware is safe. These components at the moment we may think is non-toxic, perhaps over decades after research and considered toxic? Just like in the past it is generally accepted that aluminum is harmless to human body, also use large amounts of water purification of alum (aluminum sulfate), aluminum pot cooking (aluminum dissolve in water, especially in soup). Now have proved that the aluminum ion deposition in the body is the most important reason to cause the brain and nervous system damage, and alzheimer's disease have direct relationship with aluminum ion content is how much, so try to less cooking oil, oil cake (fermented flour to add alum increased toughness), rice flour production process to add alum also enhance toughness, some inferior among fans also added alum to long to cook is not broken, these foods are eaten sparingly. Detergent cannot be no residue Cleaning utensils shall be small water cleaning for many times, and should not use a lot of water is clean at a time. Because a clean even if residue one percent, then two residual cleaning should have one over ten thousand. These residues can not be human digestion, although most were out of the body, but over time the residue is very considerable. Chemical synthetic detergent cannot be completely eliminated, then stick on the tableware and food of detergent will come into the body, even if the number of small, can also cause harm. Chemical synthetic detergent may also contain other organic compounds or harmful substances such as heavy metals, harmful to health. According to the test, chemical synthetic detergent can make animals cause diarrhea, weight loss, causes of dull, spleen to reduce animal, and can lead to cancer.
Q:The tableware of new how to remove the paste on the paper?
Hair dryer and rubber If there is no tear the label is complete, you with blower is very clean If you have to tear the paper film and the rest of the sticky glue in the above you will need to practical rubber Wind effect is not ideal Eyes and easy to choke
Q:How to clean stainless steel cutlery
Some money with microfiber cloth, detergent, will wash very clean.
Q:Tableware in the alexipharmic ark, need to clean
In addition, disinfect cupboard best electricity disinfection once a day or two, both have the purpose of antivirus, and can prolong its service life. Tableware wash and drain should be placed in disinfection cupboard again after disinfection, it can shorten the disinfection time and lower power consumption. Plastic not high temperature resistant tableware such as on the lower level in high temperature disinfection cabinet, and should be placed on the upper ozone disinfection disinfection in low temperature disinfection cabinet, so as not to damage the tableware. Color porcelain dish into the disinfection cabinet will release harmful substances, endanger human body health. Bowl, plate, cups and other utensils should be vertical layer frame on, had better not together, so that ventilation and disinfection as soon as possible.
Q:Blue and white porcelain tableware why so popular
First said the blue and white porcelain is a feature of jingdezhen porcelain, with one thousand years history of jingdezhen ceramics

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