Portable Laser marking machine CNBM CHINA

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Product Description:

Simple Introduction:


1:RF mode Co2 laser is the most best co2 laser source among of all the co2 lasers .It has compact designing


and easy to produce many kind of laser marking machines .such as Flying type,Desk Type etc.


2. Co2 laser marking machine can marking all the non metals materails very well and fast and special for the


higher precision marking application .


3. More compact machines and Laptop control the whole machines .


3. working time : 40000 hours ,wind cooling system ,without consumptive materials .


4. The laser head is with 360°rotation angle,so the laser beam can be parallel,vertical,oblique at any angle.


5.The laser head is fixed on a trestle and easily to adjust the height and distance from the object .


Application & Materials:

Electronics, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, foods and other industries laser marking application


.it can mark all the nonmetal materials very well.


Technical  Parameters:


Matching Type :




Output Power




Repeat frequency≤50KHz
Marking scope110mm×110mm
Marking speed≤7000mm/s
Min.line width0.015mm
Characters typeEnglish letters, numbers,production date, and punctuations
Marking depth≤3mm
Max .Production line speed30m/ min70m/ min
Coding lines≤8 lines
Input power



Electrical source220V / Single-Phrase Circuit / 50Hz  (or as your request)



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