Huge Products Laser Marking Machine CNBM from china

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Product Description:


This type laser marking machine special for the hugh products marking purpose . It can mark all the metal products very well.                            

Application &Materials:


It may engrave Metal and Non-Metal materials .More suitable for precision and high accuracy condition.


Application Industry:


Electronic Spare Parts, IC(Integrate Circuit),Electric

Appliance,Moblie&Communication,Hardware,Tool Parts,Precision Apparatus,Glasses&Watch,Jewelry,Auto Parts,Plastic&Rubber keyboard,Building Materials,PVC ,Medical Equipments etc.


Application Materials:


Metal and Alloy (Iron,Copper,Aluminum,Magnesium,Zinc etc), Rare metal and Alloy (Gold,Silver,Titanium),Metal Oxid,Specail Surface Treatment,ABS Materials(Appliance Housing, Commodity)Printing Ink(Tranparent Keyboard,Printing Products, Epoxy resin(Electronic parts encapsulation, insulated Layer)


Product Features:


Semiconductor Pump Laser Marker belong to the Middle &Top level products of YAG Lasers.It has the features such as high quality, competitive price ,Low in process cost,More better marking effect,Reliability etc.


Entire Modular Design:


Each modular has the cooresponding independent movement space,Mutually connect simply and directly .Maximum reduce the electromagnetism interference and Heat interference and has guarantee the system long time operation stability.


Prefessional Laser Cavity design :


The secialized laser resonant cavity design,guarantee the maximum optical efficiency and best laser pattern. At the same time ,it may reduce the temperature dependence .

Installation : It may install the assembly production line,excellent marking with high performance.


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