Pneumatic Tin Can Welding Equipment

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Pneumatic tin can welding equipment


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Precision Pneumatic single-run Spot Welding Machine is designed to wield the body of round tanks to its handles.


2.Main technical index


Production capability (cans per minute) ----------------------------- 25


Thickness of iron plate(mm)----------------------------------------- ≤0.5


Rated power(kw)--------------------------------------------------------- 25


Measurement(mm)--------------------------------------- 500×700×1350


Weight(kg)--------------------------------------------------------------- 300


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Q:When the spot welder is in use, the voltage of the line will be higher and lower. What can be done to solve it?
The single-phase AC spot welder should be used. The single-phase power supply of AC spot welder has destroyed the balance of power grid and seriously affected the normal operation of other power equipment. The inverter type spot welder is supplied by three-phase power supply, and its operation does not affect the three-phase balance of the power grid.The power factor of welding machine is an important index that affects the utilization ratio of power supply equipment. If the power factor of welding machine is doubled, the requirement of power supply capacity will be reduced by 1/2. Because the resistance welding machine outputs is the low voltage, the big current. Therefore, the inductance of the secondary circuit of the welding machine is obvious, so that the power factor of the AC resistance welder can only reach 0.3~0.5. The inverter type resistance welding machine outputs DC welding current, and the power factor of welding machine can be as high as 0.95. Therefore, the requirement of the power supply capacity of inverter type resistance welding machine is less than that of the AC welding machine of the same capacity as 1/2.
Q:18kw the small electric welding machine changes the original function of the spot welder. It needs more thick wire to go around the secondary coil
With 2.5--4 mm or so iron wire, secondary coil with copper sheet folded into 1 cm thick, 4 cm wide, with good insulation material, made after, installation and use.Mainly according to the welding material, thickness, material, the distance between the two welding points to determine.The greater the thickness, the greater the current and the greater the line;To the current high melting point material, conductive good, line to rough;The distance between the two welding points is close and the line should be rough.The closer the primary to the secondary, the smaller the leakage and the greater the current. If the secondary winding in the primary current (large short-circuit current) can be leakage of small welding characteristics is not soft, like ordinary transformer output of sixty volts, but also when the welding characteristics, not good, not good.The number of turns on the column at the secondary; the greater the current. Want to increase the current, the secondary to the primary side here to reverse point, the total number of turns unchanged, plus a fan. Plus secondary turns can be, but the output voltage is not too high (<70V), the current is large, may not be easy to use
Q:How to set up welding parameters of suspension spot welding machine?
Specification of welding products
Q:How to adjust the spot welder?
Generally, welding time, welding current and welding pressure. A change in the three elements of arbitrary will affect the result of welding, debugging is a very deep course, seemingly simple, but to debug real good, that is the time, constantly testing, giving the best results
Q:How to choose suspension spot welder
From the long-term, power grid construction, power consumption and so on, it is recommended to use the intermediate frequency integrated spot welding. Hongbai conducted a re development, plate thickness are no problem. There is no problem with the 2 and 4 plus 4mm. Please look around the office Hongbai Chengdu Office
Q:Can a spot welding two or three points, 100kW welding machine, terminal welding 3 mm enameled wire with 1 mm, a welding piece.
It depends on several spot welders. If 2 spot welders can do that. Obviously, what you want is 1 spot welding machines to discharge at the same time, that depends on the structure and welding requirements, low requirements, you can. As a spot welding equipment manufacturers certainly do not agree to do so, the welding effect is unstable, is the first big. To be efficient, welding quality requires more investment in equipment. Why not? In the case of 1 sets of spot welding machine, it is difficult to achieve the design of solder joints consistent.
Q:What copper is used for the tools used in spot welding machines?
T type copper platform and so on, conductive is with brass or copperThe electrode is made of chromium copper
Q:AC spot welding of two different materials (0.25 thick stainless steel and galvanized steel plate with 0.6 mm thick) is taking off, how to solve?
Dissimilar materials with different melting points are more difficult to weld, and they are galvanized sheet (zinc layer of various thickness). Try with soft specifications. The first discharge time is 8 cycles, and the 6 cycle between the second discharges is tried.
Q:What is the 25KVA spot welder?
25KVA=25KW P=UI has learned physics in secondary school
Q:What is the output current of 75KVA spot welder?
Frontal primary current 180AMax. welding current 17000A
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangxi, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets Southeast Asia1.33%
.Mid East0.38%
.Eastern Asia0.63%
.South Asia0.79%
.Domestic Market95.09%
Company Certifications Honesty and High Quality Enterprise;

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Nearest Port Jiujiang port,Shanghai port,Guangzhou port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average