Plastic Tarpaulin Garden Bags

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Product:PE  Tarpaulin Bags

Material:PE /PP

Pattern: Coated

Coated  Type :LDPE  Coated


size:any size available

Color :Green(according to customers’ requirements)

Features and Advantages:

a. Waterproof and weather reistant

b. High tensile strength, tear strength

c. Effiicient use ang washable

d. Improved stability

e. Environment - friendly packing

f. any color is available according to customers' request.


a. Collecting light materials.(leaves,cuttings, lawnthatch and weeds etc)

b. Used collecting waste paper, recycling and laundry.

c. Used for storing small quantities of heavier materials.

d. It can be endless used around the home , garden and workplace.

Our products have been exported to all over the world. We have been committed to providing customers with quality products and good service, we sincerely hope that we can have a long-term cooperation with you.

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Q:what sort of plastic can I easily melt? 10pts?
undesirable thought , use parchment paper as a substitute of the plastic,it is going to flow mushy with the warmth and brake once you pull the fudge out of the pan , you may't cut back the fudge in the pan simply by fact plastic will keep on with the knife and flow interior the fudge.
Q:Question about recycling plastic?
If you live in Fulton County, Indiana, the simple way to get your answers would be to call the Fulton County Solid Waste District recycling center. Phone is 574-223-4939. We are the only recycling center in the county and operate drop off locations and curbside programs around the county.
Q:why do cats chew on plastic?
why? : you leave them out. how?: put them away.
Q:good plastic to make jewelry?
plexi glass i think
Q:Stinky Chinese plastic?
it's the lubrication that is used in the molds so it doesn't stick when they inject the liquid plastic. it's made of various biodegradable oils, mainly from animal tallow. Not washing it right away makes plastic absorb the oils. if they were to completely wash it off or tumble them, the price would go up. A friend of mine works in injection molding.
Q:Poor mans way of making plastic?
sorry to tell you this, but poor men don't make plastic! It is a complicated process involving chemicals and equipment and training. You don't have any of that... so you are not going to be able to make any plastic. You will have to convince someone in the plastics business to make a few of these prototypes so that you can market them. After that, you can get a contract with this firm to make hundreds of thousands of these plastic tubes -- they will be happy, you will be happy. But until then -- you can't do it.
Q:Animal fats in plastic bags?
no. it can not absorb into the plastic
Q:Help! Burnt plastic on burner!?
The good news is you didn't have a fire. The bad news is you are going to have a really tough time removing the plastic residue. It depends on the type of plastic, but assuming it is the usual type of softer plastic (such as Tupperware, etc.), these things are heck to remove. You may have to try to heat the burner again, until the plastic just begins to soften, and then use a putty knife to scrape the residue off. Then, when the element is cooler, use a wire brush such as you use on a barbecue grille to scrape the rest off. (DON'T breathe the fumes as the plastic melts ! ) You might also try to write or telephone the company which manufactured the plastic cover, and tell them (don't be embarrassed--you are not the first person to do this. Maybe they can suggest a chemical that can soften the plastic and make it easier to remove. But remember that many chemicals, such as acetone, are very flammible, so you don't want to use it on a hot or warm burner element. That's about the best I can suggest. Good luck.
Q:is plastic a heat insulator or heat conductor?
plastic takes in a rather broad spectrum. It is a medium to poor conductor of heat. plastic that has closed cell air bubbles like a coffee cup acts as an excellent insulator, however it is the air pockets that make it effective. Plastics can be used on cookware to give an insulated handle. Epoxy compounds can join materials that need thermal conduction, especially if the epoxy is doped with metal plastic is blind to radiation, so it allows ice to form quickly when the tray is put in the freezer as heat radiates out of the water. far superior in function to aluminum trays even though aluminum is a better conductor of heat.
Q:chemicals in plastic waste?
chemicals in plastic is a waste because plastic is itself polluting the environment and cannot be renewed so chemicals are also een wasted in making plastic but plastic is of greater use because it is cheap

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