Plastic Road Stud AAA Material ABS Reflective Material PMMA

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Specification of Road Stud:


Model : AAA

Material : ABS

Reflective Material: PMMA 

Color : White/Yellow/Red etc.

Refective PanelStyle:double/single side

Size : 100*100*20mm

Features of Plastic ABS Road Stud  


- Strong pressure resistance, shock resistance, high(low) temperature resistance
- Strong reflective effect, warning vehicles in the night obviously.
- Various colors make the city beautiful

- Very easy to install, 1pc marker with 30g plaster(resin A/B liquor 1:1)

Production Intruduction :

High strength plastic nail in accordance with JT/T t390-1999 standard, it has the ABS reflector shell and PMMA, two forming the matrix materials and engineering plastics, compressive strength of more than 16 tons. Basic specifications for 100 × 100 × 20mm, in single or double reflection, and the color can be matched to the requirements.


It is fixed in the lane line different lane highway or road for the underground garage. When the car is driving at night, the lamp lights shine on the reflective road signs, road markings raised will reflect the light, so that the road is clear, convenient for the driver control driver. The pavement marker reflecting convex we can be divided into plastic and aluminum casting material, each type has a single yellow, white color yellow, single and double white.

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i currently run these on my truck and have some road noise but not much, good on snow, not many tires out there that are good on ice unless you have them studded, good on wet roads and when i have to go off roading i have had no problems so far
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