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1, Resists organic solvents, degreasing agents & electrolytic attack.

2,Excellent chemical resistance.

3,Good Fatigue & Wear Resistance

4,Good electrical insulation

5,High flexibility (also at low temperature)

6,The machanical strength of surface hardness , stretching intensity and rigidity is higher than LDPE.

7,Good protection against stress cracking

8,Super low water absorption

9, Low steam permeability

10, Food safe

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Q:How often do you change your sterling silver studs or plastic bars after pierced ears?
Sterling Silver good plastic bar is not good, generally can not buy good, are deceptiveI remember I changed it into sterling silver the other day, because my ears were just a little bit high at that time, but they didn't hurt so much that they changed directlyYou can change it in two or three daysBy the way, wipe Erythromycin Ointment
Q:What is the most durable plastic bar?
POM formaldehyde name polyethylene oxide Polyoxymethylene (POM) also known as steel, trane.
Q:I played pierced ears for ten days before changing into a plastic bar. Will the meat grow together?
Just finished a month, with pure silver or gold earrings better, silver ear fast good. Meat will not grow together, as long as you plug things in the pierced ears, must ensure that both before and after the lunar new material stick.
Q:The pierced nail has just been taken off. Can you change the plastic bar directly?
It is best not to change down. After playing first rub anti-inflammatory drugs. After a week is not much friction. Good attention; and don't sleep sideways sleep. Don't hang towel to ear ear. Do not use hand to Cayao. His attention to the point on the right. For a long time yourself feel good can change in the activity. I hope you will be satisfied with my own experience.
Q:What is this arched plastic stick and where is it used?!
Can be used to strip steel, copper, iron and so on. Widely used in various types of machinery and equipment.
Q:PP plastic bars and POM plastic bars which wear well?
It is based on formaldehyde and other raw materials for polymerization. POM-H (POM homopolymer), POM-K (polyoxymethylene copolymer) is a thermoplastic engineering plastics of high density and high crystallinity. Good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially excellent resistance to friction.
Q:Why does the plastic bar live against friction with the silk? The metal bar is not electrified with the silk?
Friction electrification is the result of the transfer of electrons from one object to another, causing two objects to carry the same amount of charge. Electrons that are charged are negatively charged; electrons that lose electrons are positively charged. As a result, when two electrically charged objects do not rub electricity, the electricity they carry is necessarily equal in number. An object that rubs attracts small light objects.
Q:Daphne shoe box with two plastic rods for what
This is the last two plastic rods, can prevent the shoes do not wear long time storage when not deformation.
Q:Is it too wasteful to use hand painted eye cream? How about using a plastic stick?
Hand temperature will make eye cream absorb better Oh!
Q:What's the engineering plastic stick? What's the usage?
Its performance includes:A and thermal properties: glass transition temperature (Tg) and melting point (Tm), high and high thermal deformation temperature (HDT), long term use temperature (UL-746B), large temperature range, small thermal expansion coefficient.B, mechanical properties: high strength, high mechanical modulus, low latent resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance.C and other: chemical resistance, good resistance to electricity, fire resistance, weather resistance, good dimensional stability.

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