Patent 30W T8 Led Tube, 3000Lm Led Tube Light

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Product Description:

Patent 1.2m 18W t8 led tube 2000Lm



Patent 18w 1.2m T8 led tube 2000Lm
1--18W  led tube
2--2000Lm output
4--Warranty 3 years


1.2M 18w T8 led tube Description                                             

• 2000 Lm
• Input voltage: 90 to 277V AC
• Built-in constant current power supply
• Power factor: up to  95%
• Led tube efficiency: above 105Lm/W.
• Beam angle: 150 degrees
• Working environment temperature: -30 to 55°C
• Brightness degradation: less than 1% per 3000hs
• Life span: 80,000 hours.
• No UV or IR radiation..
• CE FCC and RoHS certifications approved
• Energy saving and environment-friendly
• Remark: quantity of LED can design as per client requirement.
• Led tubes are widely used in  office, family, station, public area, etc.
• Warranty for 3 years.


Our 1.2m T8 led tube comparison to traditional tube                     


CCB 8W800Lm=traditional 25W tube=16W CFL bulb
CCB 12W1210Lm=traditional 30W tube=20W CFL bulb
CCB 18w1850Lm=traditional 45W tube=30W CFL bulb
CCB 21w2250Lm=traditional 60W tube=40W CFL bulb
CCB 24w  2580Lm=traditional 60W tube=50W CFL bulb

 Why choose CNBM t8 led tube not the other factories?


1-- from CNBM led tube shell

We all know the HOT HEAT is the killer of a led tube.So how to lower down

the tempeture of the led is the main concern. CNBM use 93% pure aluminium alloy

to transfer HEAT from led to the outside. Some other factories use bad design led tube shell or even plastic tubes which make the heat blocked inside. Do you really believe its lumen decay will be slow and it can reach 50,000 or 80,000hrs. Let's see CNBM led tube shell and the other factories shell:


2--from led tube led inside


CNBM led tube is designed by famous brand chip, and the top grade big chip series to reach a high brightness and high color rendering Index, also the high efficiency . All our chip and leds are with LM-79 and LM-80 test report. And the efficiency is up to 125Lm/W and 85Ra (±5) CRI. The other factory only 95Lm/W and color render index only 65Ra. Please check the following our chip and the other factories chips.


3-- from led tube led quantities:


CNBM Led tube is designed by more led quanities. So our led tube are with a higher

lumen output than others. For 18W as example, we use 288 leds and the others use

240 leds. Our lumen output is 1850Lm, the others only 1500-1550Lm. 



4-- From T8 led tube driver design


CNBM Led tube is designed by insulated power, high PFC, high efficiency, famous IC and electronics. The others use cheap electronics and even non-insulated power which may cause risk of shock human. Please check the following photo below:


5-- From T8 led tube color tempeture range:


CNBM led tube have a wide selection of color tempeture at 3000K, 4000K, 5500K, 6500K. Other factories only have 3000K and 6500K.


6-- from led tube PCB panels:


CNBM Led tube use high TC aluminium pcb. The others factories use lower TC pcb or even

they use Fiber pcb to make the led tube. How do you think heat can be transfered away?


7-- From production aspects.


We all know that a good product is based on good design, good material and good inspection methods. CNBM exactly follow ISO-9001:2008 regulations to produce the led tube. Before send out the goods we have at least 10 times test on different aspects. We are proud of our led tube and we are sure that you will love it also.


8-- From after service.


Except above all, the mostly important thing is that we are offering a credit after-sales service. We could speak loudly all around the World that for past 7 years we exactly follow what we promised: CNBM bear all delivery cost during warranty time..



Shipping Service

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2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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Q:What is the category of LED bulbs, T6, T8 or whatever?
I guess the owner is wrong T-tube, tube lamps, just ordinary daylight tubes, each T is 1/8 inch (inch) The T8 lamp is a lamp tube with a diameter of an inch T12 diameter 38.1 mm, T10 diameter 31.8 mm, T5 diameter 16 mm T4 diameter 12.7 mm T3.5 diameter 11.1 mm, T2 diameter 6.4 mm, etc LED lights include high power and low power, LED wall lamp, LED digital tube LED lighting, LED lighting, etc A little help to the landlord
Q:Currently, the 48-inch led fluorescent lamp tube 18w is used for how much dc voltage
There is very little dc voltage input on the market, and there is also a built-in external drive. Most of them are built in, with 220V input.
Q:I've just come to this company and I'm an LED fluorescent company
If it's a business that already has business! Then you must cherish and keep in touch! If you want to keep up with the list, let's make sure that you are learning to do business. It may not work very well, it will take time!
Q:An electric power saving device installed on an old-fashioned daylight lamp tube
Make a voice-controlled circuit to control the power switch.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:Put on the new light bulb, why the lamp still not bright
Does your fluorescent lamp use a inductive ballast or an electronic ballast? Is the newly installed lamp tube not bright or filament red but unable to start? If the inductor is completely unlit, check to see if it is installed
Q:Does the installation of LED fluorescent bulbs need to be positive and negative
It depends on whether your power is external, or is it built in, so if you have an external one, you don't have to have it built in,
Q:Leds are the ones that are brightest
The full plastic tube (aluminum) > glass tube > half plastic half aluminum is recommended. The glass tube is fragile and is restricted in use.
Q:Why don't leds and light bulbs adjust brightness by dimming switches
A flash is a period of time and a period of time. In a second, the human eye is not able to see more than 60 times, and can see the frequency of the flash, indicating that the fluorescent lamp is not always bright, but has the time of extinction.
Q:Does the power drop when the lamp of fluorescent lamp declines
The power of the fluorescent lamp has not declined after the light and fall of the lamp. Leds, too, are just as bad and the power doesn't go down significantly.
Q:How to replace old lamp tubes with LED tubes
The leds that appear on the market today should be connected directly to the 220V power supply. Control the power supply inside the lamp. LED fluorescent lamp, does not need a ballast, regenerator. Replacement methods: The starter of the traditional fluorescent lamp directly to the holder, to all the ballast output input line cut off, and then in the 200 v 2 wire, a root to the fixed base, a fixed socket to the other side, and just cut it off and pick up good, insulating tape, and then install the LED fluorescent lamp. The town can't go down, but now he's no longer working and he doesn't consume electricity.

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