New Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Product Description:

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
The product is within the advanced structure designer,outstanding broken crushing ability, the prior reliability,and as well as the lower operate cost, through single hydraulic cylinder lift and down ,to attain the regulation of the crushing chamber,cleaning the tune,pass the iron,and overload protecting and other functions ,to be collocated the    electronic intelligence controlling systems ,and to get the more control on the production,and more assignment on the optimize function, and also widely on the all kinds of black ,colored ,and non-metal iron and sand on the industry area.

Technical Parameters

ModelDiameter of Large End 
of Crushing Cone(mm)
 Opening Width(mm)
Max Feed 
Size (mm)
Motor Power
Overall Dimensions

1.  Crushing remark: C=course, Z= medium, X= fine.
2. The ability of the capacity is corresponding of being crushed materials is following as bellowing: the thickness of the stockpile is 1.6t/m3, the moisture content is less than the 4%,the hardness of the medium ( the index WI=10-13)and also give the material of the discharging material is more than the 10% of the overall materials ,through the crushing is giving feeder on the 360,the main motor is worked on the 80-85% of the rated power.

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Q:i use a 28% Cr white iron for hammers in a crusher for barite ore but they have no long life?
Use 2% Osmium and see the magic.
Lyfinalinacitatazomesite, that's a gawd awful long name for the right material. Hope that helps.
Q:What's the price of metal crusher, scrap can crusher, scrap iron and aluminium crusher?
Double roller crusher can be used in ore processing, chemical industry, cement, refractory materials, abrasives, building materials and other industrial sectors, crushing various kinds of high and medium hardness ores and rocks
Q:How do u capture the Crusher in superpower island.
oh, that's easy! been there, done that. he was the first one i got! carefully jump up onto the oil cans, the car, the ladder that leads up to the big magnet. go inside the controller and pull any lever. keep pulling levers until the car front drops on top of crusher. eventually, you can climb down and jail him! TA DAAA!!! hold the applause, plz!
Q:what does being a compulsive crusher (one who obsesses over a hottie) mean? Does it mean that i have issues?
so, you seen this fine dude walking down the street and the moment you see him girl he's fine!!! You can't take your eye's off of him everywhere you see him you freaks out. That's a compulsive crusher.No, you don't have issues you just seen an incredible man that you like and you can't keep your eye's off of him.
Q:What metal would be best suited for a can crusher?
Steel. Cans are made of aluminum and you would want something 'harder' to be able to crush the cans.
Q:How would it feel if a person gets crushed in a car crusher?
If your brain gets crushed immediately, you are a bit lucky (but death isnt something to be lucky about). But if you brain crushes immediately, it stops sending signals and you die immediately and wont feel a pain. Otherwise, its really bad. most especially if you had to bleed to death. Look up Jacqueline Saburido, her case was worse. She was this beautiful young lady who got in an accident that left her alive but severely burnt. Its really painful, even the thought of it brings so much passion.
Q:Can I upgrade my refrigerators ice crusher to make ice like Tijuana Flat or Sonic Burger?
You can't really upgrade the ice crusher in your refrigerator. Try getting an inexpensive blender that you can place the crushed ice in to make it smaller.
Q:What crusher would you like to break the quartz stone?
Quartz stone is a very hard stone of this kind, it is recommended to use the jaw crusher! Golden Baoshan Machinery Co., ltd.!
Q:Why won't Poptropica let me put the handcuffs on Crusher?
Like I said earlier to another person, it’s probably some glitch. If you log out and refresh and it doesn’t work again, I suggest contacting Poptropica or restart as your last resolution.

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