Never Run Multiaxial Plastic Soil Geogrid

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Product Description:


Multiaxial geogrid , made of polypropylene plate , is extruded into sheet and then punched into regular mesh and finally streched into the whole tensile geogrid , triangular mesh is combined orgnaticlly.


Product introduction: 

three axial triangular grid is a new kind of geotechnical reinforcement materials, the latest development because of its stable structure, triangle, two-way than one-way gratings have more reasonable stability, and can bear the load of multiple directions, at the same time more effectively play the role of distributed load, is the ideal choice of the geotechnical engineering reinforcement reinforcement.

Triangular grid main advantages:

1. With the most stable triangular structure, stress is not easy to occur structural deformation;

2. Able to carry more direction load at the same time, not easy to happen node torsion failure;

3. Because of its rectangular section, is not easy to produce and soil slip, the reinforcement effect is better;

4. Because of the node is larger than two-way grille, efficiency is higher, so the node node is not easy to damage;

More than 5. And because of muscle common node, so more saving materials, are more energy efficient.

Three axial triangular grid performance specification (tentative)

The geometric requirements





1) the rib length (mm)





2) node thickness (mm)





3) the rib section shape





4) mesh shape





1) node transfer efficiency (%) or higher





2) low strain when the radial tensile modulus (KN/m, @ 0.5% strain) or greater





3) quality control tensile modulus (KN/m, @ 2%) or greater





4) the mesh stiffness (kg - cm/deg, @ 5.0 kg - cm) or greater





Carbon black content of p


Note: 1) node efficiency namely load transfer capacity, expressed as a percentage of maximum tensile strength;

2) is according to the radial tensile modulus ISO10319:1996 by measuring the axial plane of the tensile modulus is measured;

3) quality control according to tensile modulus ISO10319:1996 tensile measurement;

4) the mesh stiffness in the horizontal plane, namely to 225 mmx225mm sample center node by applying a torque measurement. Type TG301 geogrid is by our company on the basis of single and double to geogrid, complement each other, independent research and development of low consumption, environmental protection new grille. Type TG301 geogrid is made of PP material by rotating the nose out of a natural law with a mesh plate is arranged, after orientation stretching a forming type terminal grille, we fully consider the in recent years -- new method for calculating the ground settlement, the secant modulus method, repeated calculation with nanjing iwhr geotechnical engineering research institute, many times

Do the destructive and load test to prove:

Type 1. TG301 geogrids stress load, force to disperse bearing rib direction, uniform load distribution

2. The mechanical properties of the single and double to more stable, geogrid tensile modulus and secant durable ability is stronger, its unique network structure is more suitable for the conditions under different environmental stress.

3. The node is gangsu PP welding gratings have absolute stability.

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But in the actual project, after the packing compaction, therefore has not been subjected to the ultraviolet light and the oxygen erosion, therefore completely may satisfy the permanent construction request.
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First, the characteristics of uniaxial tensile plastic geogrid:1, the polymer into a linear state and the formation of a uniform distribution, high strength of the node of the long elliptical mesh integral structure. This kind of structure has high tensile strength and rigidity, and it provides the ideal chain system of bearing and diffusion of soil;

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