Natural Marble Compressed in Different Size

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  1. Specification

2Size300x300x10mm  457x457x20mm  600x600x20mm  2800x1600x25mm, or as customer require
3thickness25px, 50px, 75px, 100px or other thickness your requirement
4Colorgrey, red, white, yellow, black, coffee, beige, green, ect
5Finishedhoned, polished, sandblasted bush hammered, rough picked, Mushroom, Axe-cut, etc. 
6Application:Skirting,Tread & Riser stairs, Bollard, etc
Window sill, Kitchen top, counter top, etc
Statue, Tomb and Monument,etc
Wall cladding Cube,etc
7Payment termsT/T 30%deposit and 70%balance(pay against B/L copy) or negotiation
8PackagingThick tiles are packed directly in wooden crates, with safe support to protect the surface& edges, then in strong wooden crates.
9QualityAll stone edges without breaking angle, no crack.
10Min. OrderOne 20GP container,Small order is acceptable, we can ship it by LCL shipping to your destination
11Delivery timeAccording to your purchase quantity
12Place of originalFujian,china

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More than 10 years stone business experience.

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40~50 days.


How about MOQ? per pattern.


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Q:Used for cutting marble and ceramic tile. Can it be used to cut metal?
If the diamond saw blade is used to "cut" the metal, the "soft" metal will "stick" the diamond particles, so that the diamond saw blade is invalidRemember: never use a diamond blade to cut metal!
Q:Imitation marble floor tile is how to do?
So I don't know the details of basic materials listed cloth mud and sand cloth machine at home is generally 5600 press molding and then into the kiln is generally line kiln front preheating middle high temperature firing back cooling is basically the way I want to do a master can understand some solutions
Q:Marble artificial good? Or natural good?
On the market are generally artificial marble, natural rarely, and the price is cheap, it is best not to marble for indoor decoration, radiation is very strong, a lot of bands above all hit is returned for a long time on the body is very good
Q:Is it harmful to pave the floor at home?
Sure marble. Radiation? New sago is smaller than glazed tile. And there's no brick in marble. Ceramic tile just began to look at the white seam also live together, stay in a month is black seam
Q:How to splice artificial marble table
Processing technology of artificial stone countertopsMaterial: according to the drawings expected size of small sized factories with small hand saws largerfactories with bridge cutting machine or horizontal cutting machine, cutting the scene not to stay in the corner joint attention so that you can avoid the table used in the process of deformation and cracking accident.Trim: in the opening of the material, the need to repair the edge of the side of the edge trimming requirements.
Q:Marble floor oil rub is not clean, what can be wiped clean?
Using the method of lemon juice or vinegar to clean dirt is good, but should pay attention to the lemon juice time should not exceed two minutes. Operation can be repeated if necessary, and then clean and dry. For minor abrasions, use a special marble cleaner and care agent.
Q:Marble and granite used in indoor and outdoor should do what different treatment?
Marble: Dali stone mineral composition is simple, easy to process, most of the delicate texture, mirror effect is better. Its shortcoming is that the texture is more soft than granite, and it is easy to be damaged when it is hit by hard heavy objects. As a result of the marble generally contain impurities, and calcium carbonate in the atmosphere by carbon dioxide, carbide, water vapor, but also easy to weathering and corrosion, and make the surface soon lose luster. Therefore, most varieties of marble should not be used outdoors, usually only for interior decoration. We have to deal with it according to different symptoms. General use of renovation, crystallization maintenance
Q:What are the dimensions of marble?
Do table (wash table, coffee table, bar, etc.), the width of the 60CM, the length is generally not more than 1.5 meters, and need to be strengthened.
Q:Marble floor tiles gradually appear red straight stripe color block, from the entrance to the hall began to appear, at present, there are about 3 blocks of marble. Why
Many of the pores of the marble, and even a lot of invisible cracks, if you do not do a good job of protective treatment, soaking will appear in a variety of colors.Suggestion: Marble before construction surface protection agent, on the back of stone waterproof gummed up. This phenomenon can be avoided.
Q:How to detect the radiation of marble and porcelain
Professor Hou said: any substance in nature contains natural radioactive elements, but different substances in the radioactive element content is different. In our environment, the soil, water and even the air are radioactive elements, non stone building materials such as cement, steel, brick, brick, and stone, like all contain radioactive elements. Take the brick, is made from clay and other materials, clay is formed by the weathering of rocks, clay and stone are the same as the natural form, if the radioactive elements in the clay is relatively high, that the burnt brick radioactive element content also will be high, because this stone is that only other materials do not contain radioactive, radioactive view is not correct. The Ministry of health has also issued a "standard for the protection of building materials," the construction of materials in the activities of natural radioactive elements have been limited to ensure the safety of use.

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