Natural Marble for Table in Different Size

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 1. Description

2Size350x350x10mm  455x455x25mm  650x650x20mm  2850x1650x25mm, or as customer require
3thickness25px, 50px, 75px, 100px or other thickness your requirement
4Colorgrey, red, white, yellow, black, coffee, blue, green, ect
5Finishedhoned, polished, sandblasted bush hammered, rough picked, Mushroom, Axe-cut, etc. 
6Application:Statue, Tomb and Monument,etc
Wall cladding Cube,Border,etc
7Payment termsT/T 25% deposit and 75% balance against B/L copy or negotiation
8PackagingThick tiles are packed directly in wooden crates, with safe support to protect the surface & edges, then in strong wooden crates.
9QualityAll stone edges without breaking angle, no crack.
10Min. OrderOne 20GP container,Small order is ok, we can ship it by LCL shipping to your destination
11Delivery timeAccording to your quantity
12Place of originalFujian,china

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Fast delivery and good service, popular color and pattern.


3. Pictures

Natural Marble for Wall in Different Size

Natural Marble for Wall in Different Size

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How about delivery time?

35~45 days.


How about MOQ? per pattern.

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Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of imitation marble tiles
Luxury gorgeous color marble, laying in the home people are afraid of radiation, but if it is imitation marble tiles, would not have these concerns, but also from the price is much cheaper than imitation marble tile marble. The size of 600mm * 600mm, 900mm * 900mm, 800mm * 800mm, produced the marble tile tile based and 900mm * 900mm, 600mm * 1200mm such a large size.
Q:How to do white vinegar on the marble
If it's a natural marble, it's okIf there is nothing to do with artificial marble, wipe clean and then rubbing alcohol, OK
Q:The marble is good, how to polish the marble
In the first polishing before doing waterproof, the purpose is to make Dali stone water less as far as possible, so as to reduce the Dali stone water law, water again after 300#, at that time because the grinding will cause the waterproof effect is reduced or disappeared, the conditions allow the best 800# and then do a waterproof.First with a high content of sealing curing agent (such as super hard inorganic coating, the content of more than 40% silicone resin sealant) for the pre-treatment, so that the Dali stone to fill in the loose while hardening the material.
Q:Which kind of marble is the best
Natural marble and artificial marble marble is divided into two categories, natural marble in China there are more than and 400 varieties of expensive Beijing Fangshan white marble, white jade, Shu Sichuan Baoxing Sichuan Nanjiang, Yunnan Nanjiang red Dali Cangshan white, price of about 600 per square metre to 700 yuan, belong to the luxury decoration materials, artificial the marble family decoration can be used around 200 yuan per square metre.
Q:Stone is granite or marble?
Marble and granite.Construction or decoration industry in the use of stone, the types are as follows:1, the current market is divided into common stone and natural stone.2, according to the physical and chemical properties of natural stone quality is divided into slate and granite of the two.3, artificial stone according to the process is divided into terrazzo and synthetic stone two kinds.
Q:How to install aluminum plate
Due to the use of the outer wall of the aluminum plate material is thick (generally the total thickness of 4-5mm), the unit weight is heavy, can not be used for rubber bearing.
Q:How to clean the black marks left by marble
On the marble with fruit juice, coffee, water, beverages and nicotine and other stains, with a few drops of vinegar powder can be wiped off the water, wipe clean and then rinse with water. To remove the ash on the marble, scrub with soap and water. Gasoline can wash away the grease on the marble. When stained with ink and other stains on the marble, you can use 20 pieces of water in a hydrogen peroxide water add a few drops of ammonia, wipe with a soft cloth dipped in this solution, and then wipe dry with a soft cloth.
Q:Why is there a smooth marble why not smooth
Usually, the marble is smooth, but the density of the material is not high enough, not only is grinding, so it is smooth matte surface, and no other materials to make smooth surface good, so do not use smooth circulation in the market (such as many tropical rain forest, and made water wash) like said before the requirements of customers, do what kind of type is possible (though some species can do some surface is normal)!
Q:How to distinguish between natural marble A, B, C?
To be sure, natural marble is not a natural stoneNatural stone and tiles according to the radioactivity level of ABC is divided into three classes: class a product can be used in any occasions, including office and the family room; class B radioactive products is higher than the class A, can be used for the bedroom interior surface, but can be used for all other indoor and outdoor decorative products; C is higher than A, radioactive B class two, only for the outside walls of buildings; more than C standard control value of natural stone, can only be used for the seawall, piers and stone and other purposes.
Q:Artificial stone is no pollution? Artificial stone and natural marble which radiation is more serious?
Quality solutionWe are not clear what is the material of artificial stone? In fact, artificial stone is used as the base material of natural stone or natural marble. Some propaganda merchants said, artificial stone with excellent performance of the extension of the natural stone, remove the natural stone - but this is bad properties, excellent performance and bad nature, no one can tell me what is it? If we ask the sales of stone businesses, there are many, some boss said, the national standard, is to allow a certain radioactive stone

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