Dark Natural Color Composite Tile Countertops Vanity Tops

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China main port
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TT or LC
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100 m²
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1500 m²/month

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Dark Natural Color Composite Tile Countertops Vanity Tops

Popular marble tile size
305 χ 305mm or 12" χ 12"
400 χ 400mm or 16" χ 16"
457 χ 457mm or 18" χ 18"
600 χ 600mm or 24" χ 24"
Thickness: 10mm or 3/8", 12mm or 1/2", 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm etc
Tolerance: +/-1mm custermerized sizes are welcome!

3. Popular marble slab size
240upx120upx1.5cm/1.8cm/2cm/3cm. Custermerized sizes are welcome!

4. Surface finishing: Polished, Tumbled, Honed, Bush hammered

5. Packaging Detail: Export standard wooden crates with fumigation.
1. Slab:
15-20 pieces per bundle for 20mm slab,
10-15 pieces per bundle for 30mm slab,
7 bundles in 20' container
2. Composite Panel:
25-30 pieces per bundle for 20mm slab,
15-20 pieces per bundle for 30mm slab,
7-9 bundles in 20' container
3. Tile: 50PCS one wooden crate
4. Packed in Styrofoam boxes to prevent from damaging
5. Separate polythene wrapper to reduce or avoid scratching of tiles and slabs
6.2*8cm strong wooden create
7. Plastic belt tighter the box when transport

1. Nature stone
2. High Temperature Resistance
3. High Compressive Strength
4. Low Radiation
5. Non Staining
6. Management Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS
7. More than 10-year experience in stone business

Slabs, Tiles, Composite tile, Countertops, Vanity tops


Dark Natural Color Composite Tile Countertops Vanity Tops

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Q:Marble how to do mirror treatment?
The use of multifunctional floor cleaning machine with red scouring pad, the marble crystallizing powder evenly with the same amount of water mill on the ground, the brush should be horizontal grinding and polishing, about 12 - 16.The greater the mechanical torque, the better the effect.After grinding for natural fiber mat sprayed with a small amount of "stone maintenance agent" re grinding, which can increase the surface hardness and gloss marble crystal.After the surface treatment of marble surface as smooth as new, gloss can reach 80 degrees.
Q:The thickness of the marble on the windowsill of house decoration
Natural marbleAfter all, the window is equal to the outdoors, if using artificial marble, easy to aging in case of rain exposed to the weatherAs for the thickness of the key to see the place you use, use, size,Usually small size plate 300X300MM or 300X600MM can use 1 cm thin plateIf it is the size of some of the larger use of 2 cm thick (in fact, the market is all the 18 mm)
Q:Why is the quartz stone countertops more expensive than marble?
(actually marble granite) the material cost is low, so the price is low, but the disadvantages are also obvious, basically all is the heavy color, the joint is obvious, subject to the length of a cabinet, generally have one or two obvious seams. Furthermore, there are gaps in natural stone, will penetrate the oil, with a long time, how do you clean the table, you will feel the oil, and easy to breed bacteria. In addition, with the improvement of people's living standard, more and more attention has been paid to the problem of environmental protection.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of marble tiles?
Low density of natural marble, there are imperceptible to the naked eye of the micro gap, easy to water seepage. In the process of cutting stone, paving and put into use, should pay attention to cleaning. Once the sewage is difficult to eliminate, lose luster, affecting the decorative effect. Therefore, the construction must be done before the relevant protection, the use of the need to carry out regular care, both trouble and increase costs, and marble tiles do not have these problems.
Q:Marble how to maintain?
For minor abrasions, use a special marble cleaner and care agent. For old or valuable marble furniture should be handled by professionals. Oil paint of the marble furniture may have to use paint peeling agent treatment. Should be in accordance with the product description, may need to be coated with several layers. Remove all the paint, with steel wool and wipe with electric polishing machine polishing. Some people do not agree with this method, but it is effective.
Q:Bathroom marble wall with a paste technology
(1) the partition of the wall surface is perfect, and the actual measurement on the spot, eliminate the error of the drawing, put forward the stone processing details.(2) classification of materials into the road, the walls of stone according to the installation sequence and color separation, safe place to facilitate the construction.(3) on-site hydropower in place and set up professional processing sites.
Q:How to clean the marble surface!
You can take a piece of vinegar soaked cloth to cover the whole area of the double-sided glue traces, until the double-sided adhesive stains completely soaked, you can easily remove the ruler.
Q:How to remove marble, marble break does not matter, but can not hurt both sides of the tiles..
Can, similar to the guide line, door stone, marble out will be broken, with cutting saw along the marble center along the long direction of cutting two slits, with a slit along the marble stone in the middle part of crack, can be removed, then hammer two times, with the marble tiles between cement connection burst open slightly, treatment can be removed intact marble, tile
Q:What are the brands of marble in China? What is the difference between each brand's marble?
1 appearance difference: different origin, different kinds of minerals in the earth's crust, showing a different color, grow too different2 different hardness: more or less some differences, the hardness of the marble more easily polished shiny, polished the same situation, more shiny will more grades; in addition, high hardness means high density, especially dense, bulk density and hardness of the same weight
Q:How to detect the radiation of marble and porcelain
Professor Hou said: any substance in nature contains natural radioactive elements, but different substances in the radioactive element content is different. In our environment, the soil, water and even the air are radioactive elements, non stone building materials such as cement, steel, brick, brick, and stone, like all contain radioactive elements. Take the brick, is made from clay and other materials, clay is formed by the weathering of rocks, clay and stone are the same as the natural form, if the radioactive elements in the clay is relatively high, that the burnt brick radioactive element content also will be high, because this stone is that only other materials do not contain radioactive, radioactive view is not correct. The Ministry of health has also issued a "standard for the protection of building materials," the construction of materials in the activities of natural radioactive elements have been limited to ensure the safety of use.

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