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Product Description:


1. poly film greenhouses 

2.Large inner space utilization 

3.Easy to manage and maintance

Greenhouse Introduction:

Multispan plastic film arch greenhouse is special designed for the area where has relative higher temperature in winter. Through the strict compression test, the greenhouse shows an excellent performance, especially in the heavy windy area. The covering plastic also allows very good transmission of the sunlight.

1. Framework Structure:  Hot dipped galvanized steel structure.

This kind of special treated steel has good anticorrosion and antirust effects, which extends the service life of the greenhouse. Special designed structure and accessories make sure the outstanding performance of the greenhouse.

2. Covering Material: Single Layer PE Film 

Single Layer PEP Long Life Film is tri-extruded by the anti-UV layer, anti-static layer and anti-dripping layer. It has the good quality of high light transmission, warm-keep, high light reflection, anti-dust, anti-dripping, anti-fog, insect-proof, long life and large size etc. The quality guarantee is 1 and half year, the life time could be at least 5 years under normal condition.

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