Motor Grader Sag Series Full Hydraulic : Sag120

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Motor Grader  Sag Series Full Hydraulic : Sag120

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Model NO.:SAG120



Export Markets:Global

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Production Capacity:500/Month

Product Description

Combines advantages of both hydraulic and mechanical transmission, which is powerful;
Rear axle applies no-spin differential lock technology, enhancing synchronization;
Large torque rotary motor and worm-gear case with overload protection, making the blade more powerful in ground leveling;
Hydraulically controlled inching technology produces outstanding low speed work; 
Step-less speed change, low gear-shifting impact and comfortable operation;
Joystick requires less exertion of physical force and less distance, is able to realize synchronous actions;
Tripple braking (when travelling, when parked, and assisted by the hydraulic system) leading to greater safety and reliability; 
Auto change of gears, easy to operate, highly efficient;
Speed range and initial gear can be set by operator, making operating extremely easy;
Intelligent reversing technology, reducing the time for direction shift; 
Engine cabin door on each of the two sides which can be opened wider, making maintenance points more accessible and giving more space for maintenance work;
Commonly used electrical devices centrally arranged, making it easier to check;
Filters centrally arranged, easier to access and maintain.

Engine Model4BTAA3.9-C125 (Stage II)
Rated Power/Speed93kW/2200rpm
Max. Torque/Speed480kW/1400rpm
Dimensions (Standard)6990mm×2280mm×3350mm
Operating Weight(Standard)8200kg

Motor Grader  Sag Series Full Hydraulic : Sag120

Motor Grader  Sag Series Full Hydraulic : Sag120

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Q:What's the difference between a grader and a bulldozer? Why?
Different positions, different rolesAskDo you have any specific points?Chasing the answerThe two machines use different working conditions. From the name of the machine, the bulldozer is in front of the car, and the grader is under the car. It can adjust the angle and draw the material along the cutting edge of the cutting edge.
Q:I would like to ask, 31 of paver, flat machines prices, as well as the United crane?
31, the full hydraulic grader 190 series, probably 60W mechanical SMG200 110W, paver DTU95C stability is the cheapest inside! Configure the best SMP90EC, these are millions. Medium digging is the best of 31!
Q:How many litres of diesel oil can be installed in the diesel tank of Tiangong 180 Grader?
1, general small car fuel tank capacity of 35-45 liters, medium-sized car fuel tank capacity of about 55-75 liters. Fill a tank, generally can drive about 500 kilometers, according to the car's displacement size, fuel consumption of large oil tank on a large fuel consumption, small fuel tank on the small. Automobile fuel tank capacity design, generally can travel 400~600 kilometers. The car is light, small displacement car, tank volume corresponding smaller; weight, large displacement of the c
Q:Paver, grader, roller, post responsibility 50
11, rolling on the new road should be rolled from the middle to the sides, and the edge shall be no less than 0.5m when it is rolled. 12, rolling adjacent to the mountain road, should be side to side rolling, from the edge of the roadbed should not be less than 1m. 13, on the downhill, should be selected in advance gear, not on the slope shift, downhill may not neutral sliding. 14, two or more rollers at the same time work, the distance between the front and rear shall not be less than 3m, on the ramp may not column driving. 15, in the operation shall be repaired or fuel, repairs on the bottom of the machine when the engine flameout, with brake and rolling blade large live wheel feng. 16. For a three wheeled roller with differential locking device, a differential locking device is used only when one wheel is slipping, but no turning is allowed. 17. After work, park the roller in a flat and solid place and brake. Shall not be parked on the edge of the dirt road or on the slope, nor shall it be parked where traffic is disturbed. 18, cold season should be stopped when the roller with wooden mats from the ground 19, roller transfer site from a distance, should use the car or flatbed trailer shipment, shall not be used by other vehicles drag and haul. Vibratory roller 1, when operating, roller should start before vibration, the internal combustion engine should be placed in the medium speed, and then tune
Q:What is the reason that the py18o grader does not work?
Bulldozers pay more attention to earthwork transportation, but most people use it as a leveling device
Q:What is a flat ground machine for large ground leveling? Who knows better?
Shantui SG14 grader is more suitable for the large area of flat work. The grader outer gear ring gear, the transmission torque is big, blade cutting angle is relatively large, relatively good material control ability.
Q:What kind of grader are there?
According to the wheel for a few days, can be divided into four wheeled and six wheeled two;According to the different driving conditions of the wheel, it can be divided into two types, the rear wheel drive type and the full wheel drive type;A
Q:What do you mean by engineering ground leveling and ground leveling?
Grader is divided into two types: tow and self-propelled. The towed grader is driven by special vehicles: self-propelled grader, engine driven, driven and operated. The former is less used because of its poor mobility and low operation efficiency. (L) according to the number of wheels and tires, according to the number of wheels and tires, they can be divided into four wheels (two shafts) and six wheels (three shafts), of which six wheels are the majority of the two. The layout form of flat locomotive wheel is expressed by total wheel number * driving wheel number * steering wheel number, and driving wheel number is more. Work produced in tractive force is greater; the number of steering wheel, flat machine turning radius is small, generally have the following arrangement: 1 wheels) four wheel grader: 4x2x2 type: rear wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 4x4x4: all wheel drive, all wheel steering wheel; 2) six grader: type 6x4x2: rear wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 6x6x2: all wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 6x6x6: all wheel drive, all wheel steering.
Q:XCMG gr180 grader gearbox 1 gear 23456, what's wrong with it?
What's the pressure of a few gear boxes back?
Q:Is the night shift on the grader?
Absolutely not on the night shift. In Xinjiang, the general level of wages in 5000-7000.

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