Modern Soft PU Bed with Drawer

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Modern Soft PU Bed with Drawer

1. size :





2.Material :  PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

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Q:Durable Dog Bed?????
Buy a Human Pillow any size you like from small to king. it depends on the size of dog you need it for. Human Pillows are less expensive so if he tares it up you didn't loose as much money. so if you can sew by any chance buy some Soft Fleece Material and sew the soft fleece over the pillow you bought. It makes great dog beds and they are washable! they will go right back to shape to after washing and just fluff it up after you wash it alittle and its still nice and soft for your dog. I make my own dog beds plus they are way better cause they don't go Flat like dog beds do after a while. And the inside of most dog beds are not washable only the outside cover is washable. so through the years i to wasted money on dog beds until i started making my own beds. and they love them. just put down a dog bed and a pillow and see which one they go to.! they are much softer and fluffy. and they are more sturdy too and less likely to tare up so easily for your dog. you can try one and see but i think dog beds are more easy for them to tare apart and are made cheap. a bed pillow may be to hard for him to rip or tare sense the material is stronger then the ones used on dog beds.. it wouldn't hurt to try one and see how he does. and you might want to give him a dog bone to chew up instead or to keep him busy while he is on his new pillow! good luck.
Q:where can you buy affordable kids bunk beds?
marlo thats where my parents got mines and my bros. They are metal have a slide and feel really comfortable. I think they were only $250
Q:why do we have a bed for?
It is comfortable to sleep on bed than floor or covers. According to medical, it is suggested to use bed to sleep
Q:What time do you normally go to bed?
I usually go to bed around 8:45 and just, like, pass out. I start school at 8:40, but the bus comes at 7:30, so I get up around 6:15.
Q:When the bed bed in front of the window, the bed in front of the door, how influence in Feng Shui?
The bed can not be the door to avoid being outsiders at a glance, there is no privacy and security, but also affect the rest. If the door is facing, you can use the screen to block the door, it not only blocked the bed door, but also maintained the privacy of the bedroom.
Q:The home of the iron bedstead is broken, how to repair
That is not the school with the iron bedYou can ask an electric welding operator to weld it back and to reinforce it!
Q:why do i still wet the bed?
nothings wrong you just have a over active bladder lots of kids your age do this you will grow out of it i promise
Q:What is the skeleton of the bedstead?
The bed with a skeleton has a certain overall elasticity, and the elasticity of the bed plus the elasticity of the mattress will make it more comfortable to lie on, but must be used with the mattress. In addition, the price relative to the flat bed is more expensive, if the quality of sleep is more important, the skeleton bed is still a good choice.
Q:Where can I find modern platform bed?
Q:What color bedding would I choose?
get the color changing ones!! it was weird like they started white and then these brown and sorta darker white spots appeared but its way more pretty now. i got no idea how they make sheets that change colors over time but its really cool!

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