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2014 New Product best selling cheap modern bedroom sets:

Size for optional      King size(normal)     Queen size    Double size
Volume(CBM)           1.2                                  0.5                    1.3

1.Bed Frame:Dry Solid wood+Plywood+MDF+Sponge+Top Grain Leather+


3.Mattress:Spring/Pocket Spring+Cotton Cloth+Sponge or Memory Foam or Natural Latex

according to the customer's request


2) 5 layers A=B cartons advoid damage

3)EPE Foam advoid collision

4) Shipping marks in the cartons

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Q:Question about bed rest?
Yes, you can shower, get up and make a quick meal and use the bathroom. Just need to be on the couch, recliner or in bed with your feet up as much as possible. And no strenuous activity. Have someone cook and clean for you if possible.
Q:What's the height of the bed?
The bed that contemporary people uses, actually include bedstead and mattress two parts. The latest trends require roughly four points for beds. First of all, steady, can not sleep, there is a feeling of shaking. Secondly, it is necessary to form a crisp, straight lines of the bed compared with the idea of consumers to buy. Third, the head of the area has increased trend, and to make characteristics. As furniture designers, the best aspects of furniture such as beds are actually placed on the headboard. Fourth, the height of the bed is reduced, the current popular bed, plus mattresses, after many are only 20 cm, while the traditional bed height is 40 cm.
Q:question about the ikea malm bed?
The malm beds are really nice and I don't think that they are too low to the ground, but I understand if you don't want a bed that low because its kinda short. My bed was also too short for my likings so I just got a box frame to put under the mattress and that really added a lot of hight, so I'm sure you could do something like that. If you really want thet high one I would suggest not to paint it because they already come so nicely made, but I really don't know what you like. This is just my input, I hope I helped though!
Q:1 year old in twin bed?
the difference between a toddler bed and a twin is length mostly... the heighth from the floor is the same, and for a little bit of money you can buy temporary fold down rails at walmart.... back in the good old days there werent toddler beds you simply went from crib to twin. dont foget if the crib got recalled , the company may compensate you.... with another one or replacement parts.
Q:do all wood bunk beds shake alot?
In most cases the bed will shake for any or all of three reasons: either 1) the floor beneath the bed is uneven, or 2) the bed framing may be loose (pulled nails, stripped or loose bolts, etc), or 3) one or more of the bed posts may have shrunk creating an unstable frame. If its at all possible, and you have the space, I would recommend separating the bunks into 2 single beds. That way your sister's bed will shift very little, if at all. If the bunks can't be separated, perhaps your sister could sleep on the bottom bunk as it is the top bunk that has the highest potential for movement. Another option would be to bolt the bunk frame directly to the wall, being sure the bolts are screwed directly into the wall studs. That way the bed is directly supported by the structure of the house and shouldn't shift very much.
Q:Damask Bedding, Chandelier Bedding?
Q:CritterCare Bedding for a ferret?
I agree with Tina. Wood chips are horrible for a lot of animals (only aspen is really safe). However is CritterCare like CareFresh (I looked it up and it *is* like CareFresh)? If so, ferrets REALLY don't need that as bedding (if that's how you are using it)--they prefer and need fabrics (old clothes, hammocks, cuddly cups, etc). I use CareFresh Ultra White as litter NOT bedding. If you are looking into it as a bedding material, I advise you to rethink that and go the old clothes route--your ferrets will be much happier. But, CritterCare would be suitable for litter (though it'll track like CareFresh does, it looks like). @ swanfitz: No, I get a big bag that lasts a long time for about $20 at my PetsMart. It's actually very good at absorbing liquids and odors. I rather like it for litter, actually, except for how it is more easily spread than pelleted litters.
Q:stray cats and flower beds?
There is LIQUID FENCE on the market now........try it..
Q:Does the 1.5 meter bed mean 1.5 meters wide or 1.5 meters long?
The 1.5 meter bed says the width of the 1.5 is long and the length of a bed is 2 meters. If the extra bed is near.
Q:How to start wetting the bed?
Why? It's unsanitary and just plain gross. But try drinking a gallon of water right before bed.

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