Mini Solar Power Plant

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Mini Solar Power Plant


Mini Solar Power Plant:
1)ISO 9001,AS/NZS 1170&TUV certified
2)Fit all kinds of panels
3)Easy installation,warranty 10years

Solar Power Plant:


GS Pole Mount System is designed to install solar panels on a single pole. According to different conditions, several kinds of solutions are available.

GS Pole Mount System takes the importance of safety and duration. The systems have been calculated compilable with the structural mechanicsand tested strictly. Material used include hot galvanized steel and anodized aluminum alloy, with great anti-corrosive suitable for outdoor using.


  • Material: Hot galvanized Steel Q235

  • High integrated to reduce the bolt

  • Install area of module: up to 11.5m2 (Wind Speed <45m/s)

  • Foundation: concrete with pre-buried bolt

Yes, a solar mounting system can be used with solar awnings. The solar mounting system provides a secure structure to hold solar panels, while solar awnings are designed to provide shade and generate solar energy simultaneously. By integrating the two systems, solar awnings can maximize energy production and provide additional benefits such as shading and protection from the elements.
Yes, there are specific requirements for tracking system compatibility when using a solar mounting system. The mounting system needs to be designed and engineered in a way that allows for proper integration with the tracking system. This includes considerations such as structural compatibility, alignment, and load capacity to ensure optimal performance and safety of the solar tracking system.
Yes, solar mounting systems can be installed on asphalt roofs. In fact, asphalt roofs are one of the most common types of roofs for solar installations. The mounting systems are designed to be compatible with various roof types, including asphalt, and can be securely attached without causing damage to the roof.
Yes, solar mounting systems can be installed on mobile or temporary structures. These systems are designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing for easy installation and removal on various surfaces and structures. Mobile or temporary structures such as RVs, trailers, tents, or portable buildings can benefit from solar power by utilizing these mounting systems.
Yes, solar mounting systems can be installed on landfills or brownfield sites. These areas can often be repurposed for solar energy projects, providing environmentally friendly solutions and utilizing otherwise unusable land.
Yes, a solar mounting system can be used on thatch roofs. However, it requires careful planning and installation to ensure the stability and integrity of the thatched roof. Specialized mounting brackets and techniques may be necessary to avoid damaging the thatch and to provide proper support for the solar panels. It is important to consult with professionals experienced in both solar installations and thatch roofs to ensure a safe and effective integration.
Yes, it is possible to install solar mounting systems on buildings with unconventional roof materials. However, the process may require customized solutions to accommodate the unique characteristics of the roof material.
The expected reduction in utility bills with a solar mounting system will vary depending on various factors such as the size of the system, the amount of sunlight available, and the energy consumption of the household. On average, homeowners can expect a significant reduction in their utility bills, with some experiencing a near elimination of their electricity costs.
Yes, there are specific wind load requirements for solar mounting systems. These requirements vary depending on factors such as location, building codes, and the type of solar mounting system being used. These requirements are put in place to ensure the stability and safety of the solar panels in high wind conditions.
Yes, a solar mounting system can be installed on a rooftop with a flat tile roof. The mounting system can be designed to accommodate the specific requirements and characteristics of the flat tile roof, ensuring a secure and efficient installation of the solar panels.

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