Mini Bulldozer YTC306S-6/306S-6E engin model :TY395-GL01A

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Product Description:

Product features

  • Engine model:TY395-GL01A

  • Rated power:30.3hp

  • Track width:290mm

Product description

Dozer model

306S-2  306S-2A








Length     (mm)

2960(with blade)

Width       (mm)

1640(with blade)

1740(with blade)

1640(with blade)

Height      (mm)

2160(up to 2260)

Weight      (kg)




 Gauge     (mm)


Ground clearance    (mm)


Track width  (mm)




Pitch (mm)









2. Specification of Diesel engine

Dozer model

306S-S 306S-2A





Engine model






Direct, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke, water cooled,



Rated power/rotate speed(kw/r/min)


22.3kw /2200rpm

Fuel consumption(g/kw.h)


Oil consumption(g/kw.h)



3.Working device:

(1)6 way dozer blade

Width ×Height(mm)


Lifting height(mm)


Depth (mm)


 Cutting angle


Rated working pressure(MPa)


(2) Front end loader with 4 in one bucket

Rated loader


Bucket volume


Dumping height


Dumping reach


Bucket lifting angle


Bucket dump angle


Bucket depth

100 mm

Working pressure


Lift time


Lower time



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Q:An appraiser values the following. A man wants is willing to bid as high as $300 000 for the lot, however he won the lot at a bid of only $234 000.1. Bulldozer $60 0002. Dump Truck 1 $12 0003. Dump Truck 2 $60004. Crane $120 0005. Pavement roller $72 0006. Land Parcel $36 0007. Construction building $30 0008. Sand pit $24 000Total $360 000Question:1. How can the appraised values be used to calculate cost values for hte new assets?2. Work out he cost values for the newly acquired assets, making sure that the total is equal to the auction price.
Determine what percentage each asset is of the total appraised value. Then use that percentage times the accepted bid amount to determine the cost of each. For example: 1. Bulldozer $60 000. Divide: 60000 (Bulldozer) / 360000 = .166667 times 100 to get the percentage. 16.6667% Then apply that percent to the total bid, 234 000 times .16667 = $39 000 and so on down the line. Add up the 8 results and make sure the total equals $234 000.
Q:What do they mean in the book Warriors when they say 'tree eating monsters'?
You know what a bulldozer is right?Well theres those which tear down the trees in warriors.
Q:My 388 Fluxor bulldozer is acting funny. I checked the bypass valve and the alternator cap, but I just can't get it to run right. There is thick black smoke coming out of the coleston tubes on top but I don't know what's causing it. Do you think it might be the manifold output or the rosling gauge? I don't want to take the whole top block apart, help!
if your coleston tubes are getting clogged because you haven't been cleaning your manifold, it could cause similar problems. The thick black smoke might actually be oil. 387 Flǖxor (German) bulldozers had this problem about a couple of years ago. Just spray your manifold output with hydrogen peroxide, and check your rosling gauge after that. I think we can pretty much exclude the alternator cap here.
Q:Why has McCain/Palin turned the "Straight Talk Express" into the "Straight Out Lies Bulldozer"?
It was always Straight Out Lies Bulldozer - never changed the name
Q:What are the hidden dangers during the operation of bulldozers?
4, operating procedures(1) the job site should be investigated before operation so as to avoid accidents.(2) during the operation, the driver should concentrate, and seriously observe and all kinds of meters, exhaust color is normal, if found abnormal circumstances should stop immediately to identify.(3) the driver should sit in the operation, do not stand driving, so as not to hurt.(4) when working in bushes, the leaves and weeds on the engine body should be cleaned in time to prevent damage to the engine or cause fire.(5) in order to prolong the service life of the machine, ultra large load operation should be avoided.(6) when unloading the soil, the speed will be accelerated due to the decrease of the load; therefore, in the cliff or road work, special attention should be paid to slow down, so as not to overturn.(7) in driving and operation, should pay attention to avoid wire, cable, careful electric shock.(8) when working under buildings or cliffs, be careful of falling down, rolling stones or landslides.(9) when working at night, there should be enough lighting in the work area.(10) the rope should not be close to the staff when dragging the vehicle or object with the cable.
Q:I need a simile for the word bully. The one I have right now is:A bully like the alpha-male wolf.What do you think about it? I think it might be kinda weird. I have to present it in a powerpoint. Oh yeah? Any tips on trying not to be nervous about it? Thank you!
big mean person. Then talk about how a bully is associated to pick on people I'm not sure I like the alpha male wolf, but if it relates to your powerpoint then your fine. Tips for not being nervous: hold a paper clip, think that your audience isnt really paying attention to your speech.
Q:A bulldozer lumbers up a hill for 120m. Its instruments show that the hill has an angle of elevation of 38’10’. Find the vertical distance that the bulldozer has traveled and the horizontal distance that the bulldozer has traveled
The bulldozer goes over the long side of a triangle with a square angle. The angle between the base (horizontal plane) and the hillside is 38° 10' So you want to find the vertical distance : the opposite side of the 38° 10' angle. This equals 120. (sin(38° 10')). Look up the sin in a sinus table. The horizontal distance is 120 s(38° 10')). You can look this up also. Alternatively you can use the formula a^2 + b^2 = c^2 after you have calcultaed the vertical distance.
Q:Is that an ok aming pc setup
Well if it has no gpu then its awful for gaming.
Q:An overnight rainstorm has caused a major roadblock. Three massive rocks of mass m1 = 598 kg, m2 = 769 kg and m3 = 311 kg have blocked a busy road. The rocks are side by side blocking the road and lined up from left to right in order as m1, m2 and m3. The city calls a local contractor to use a bulldozer to clear the road. The bulldozer applies a constant force to m1 to slide the rocks off the road. Assuming the road is a flat frictionless surface and the rocks are all in contact, what force, FA, must be applied to m1 to slowly accelerate the group of rocks from the road at 0.400 m/s2?Fa=?????Use the value found above for FA to find the force, F12, exerted by the first rock of mass 598 kg on the middle rock of 769 kg. F12=????
It's really tempting to point out that if the road really is a flat frictionless surface, the bulldozer won't be able to apply much force :-) OK, the rocks are all in contact, so the total mass m = 598 + 769 + 311 = 1678 kg From Newton's Second Law, force = mass * acceleration Fa = 1678 * 0.400 = 671.2 N The force required to accelerate the first rock on its own to 0.400 m/s? would just be 598 * 0.400 = 239.2 N So force F12 is the difference between 239.2 N and Fa F12 = (671.2 - 239.2) = 432 N { Check: To accelerate the second and third rocks total mass (769 + 311) = 1080 kg by 0.400 m/s? requires a force = m * a = 1080 * 0.400 = 432 N. ok.}
Q:OK, I run a Q9650 in my digital audio workstation. My buddies have been saying I should upgrade to an AMD 1090T or an Intel 980X...of course, they haven't volunteered to pay for the upgrade. LOLI am not talking about benchmarks, I am talking about real world audio/visual performance, as well as using programs like Maya.I know that the 980X is the uber beast CPU now...but, in reality, is it worth dropping $1K for it. The AMD 1055/1090 are also 6-cores...and are cheap...but, what would I gain upgrading in either case. Does bucks spent = improvement seen? I mean, my Q9650 is still ranked in the 1st tier, so...whaddya think?
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