• Metal Surface Auto Polishing Peeling Machine CNC Grinding Machine for Faucets System 1
Metal Surface Auto Polishing Peeling Machine CNC Grinding Machine for Faucets

Metal Surface Auto Polishing Peeling Machine CNC Grinding Machine for Faucets

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Product Description

Our Faucet Peeling Machines are manufactured with the most advanced technology, machinery and equipment in the world. We set R&D, production, sales as one, specializing in the plumbing equipment enterprises R&D and production of bathroom special machine tools, mainly including: vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, high-speed precision carving machine and other kinds of hardware auto parts and bathroom parts and general CNC machine tools. The company has all kinds of complete mechanical processing equipment, strictly implement the ISO9001 quality system certification requirements, through the European Union CE certification, and the use of domestic and foreign advanced technology, the key core technology has authorized a number of invention patents. Every equipment from CNBM is strictly checked to ensure smooth operation and customer satisfaction.

1. The whole set of Japanese Mitsubishi carving system is used to control the high speed, high precision and high-quality processing control function. The acceleration and deceleration characteristics of each spindle are optimized and controlled, and the production cycle is greatly shortened. In addition, even if high-speed processing, it can also suppress mechanical vibration. Compared with the old models, the processing precision can be improved under the same processing time, while the processing time can be shortened under the same processing precision.
2. Roller guides are used to effectively control the stability and rigidity of machine tools. 
3. This machine adopts the structural improvement of the existing machine tools on the market, which is different from the existing machine tools. The gantry style lathe bed is used to effectively improve the accuracy of the machine tool.
Machine Parameters:
1. Overall dimensions: 245cm x 220cm x 290cm (L*W*H)
2. High tension Meehanite cast iron is used in machine tool castings, which has been processed by artificial aging treatment twice.
3. The machine tool adopts imported precision screw C2 level, imported bearing, connecting by flexible direct coupling with small clearance and high precision. 
4. External air conditioning oil cooler for electric spindle. 
5. Nitrogen and oxygen balance system which makes stable and smooth movement without vibration.

Technical Parameter
TravelX axis (left and right Travel)400mm
Y axis (front and back Travel)500mm
Z axis (up and down Travel)380mm
Distance from spindle center to column guide rail550mm

Maximum speed of


X axis movement speed30m/min
Y axis movement speed30m/min
Z axis movement speed28m/min
Maximum load weight1200kg
SpindleSpindle taper (model/installation size)ER32mm
spindle speed24000r/min
MotorSpindle motor7.5KW
X axis motor3KW
Y axis motor3KW
Z axis motor3KW

Q1. Where is your factory located? 
A : Our factory is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. 
Q2. Are you produce peeling/ polishing machine's specific parameters according to the samples?
A: Yes, we produce the machine you want by your samples or technical drawings. 
Q3. What is your sample service?
A: We can supply the sample testing which client want to produce if we have ready machine in stock.

Q4. What is your MOQ of your machine?
A: Normally our MOQ is 1 set.
Q5. Do you test all your machine before delivery?

A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.
Q6: What is the payment term?

A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.
Q7: What is the normal lead time?
A: 45-60
 days after we receive the deposit. 
Q8: Guarantee Period?
A: 1 year. During the guarantee period, we guarantee to solve all problems may occur due to machine's quality or wrong design, and to provide all necessary spare parts for repair. We can send the technician to customer's factory if problem is serious and can't be solved by the customer. 

Q:H, l, p, s, t, f, what is represented in the machining center
P - (for program modification of machine parameters, such as L10 P1)
Q:Which big god gets advice, cnc processing center g code g28g98g99 in the end what is the meaning. To be detailed. Have labor Thank you
G98: After drilling a hole, the tool returns to the initial height (Z height in front of the drilling command) Move quickly to the next hole Continue drilling
Q:CNC machining center which brand price is better?
There are eight thousand are high-speed machine you need to process eight thousand of your twenty thousand is far enough
Q:Which is good for the machining center
But the processing of large-scale aluminum products in fact, the need to cut the intensity is not much but the feed processing speed faster, so the appropriate processing of large aluminum products processing center or to the track, the market rarely travel more than 1300 high-speed rail
Q:How does the gantry machining center distinguish from the vertical machining center?
Door processing center and vertical machining center are all vertical type of processing center!
Q:What is the use of the processing center?
Which greatly reduces the workpiece clamping time, measurement and machine adjustment and other auxiliary process time, the processing of the shape is more complex, high precision requirements, frequent replacement of parts with good economic results.
Q:Japan vertical processing center Makino, Sen fine, Mazak, brother ....... Which brand of the best? Which is the most expensive price? Comparison of the various brands!
I was doing CNC machine maintenance is very understanding of the machine.
Q:CNC, machining center
There are three servo axes in the machining center. The CNC machining center is equipped with a magazine, which can be equipped with different milling tools and can be called automatically at random, and can be three or more three servo axes.
Q:Is there a need for a tooling center?
To produce high-grade products, in addition to a good machine, but also need good auxiliary equipment, such as knives, knife, workpiece probe and so on.
Q:What is the difference between a CNC milling machine and a machining center?
The machining center is a CNC machine with automatic switching device and continuous processing of various processes.

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