Malleable Iron Fittings Made In China On Sale with Good Quality

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1.Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Part Name:Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fitting Brand Name:Fengyuan Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fitting Model No.:Fyzz0030 QTY Of Each Carton: 65 Pieces (According To The Weight and Volume Of Many Kinds Of Products)Weight:28KG (Various Types May Get Different Weights) Size:68*48*30mm CBM:0.1Stere Per Carton H.S Code:8708949090 (Various Parts Get Different Codes) Parts Or Not:Spare Parts Container Information:40 Or 20 Inch Container (According To The Require Of Customer) Pallet Or Not:All Parts Pallet-Load According

Delivery Detail:

For Samples:7-10Days;For Mass Production:10-20 Days


malleable cast iron pipe fitting
1.casting part
2.malleable cast iron pipe fitting
3.annual casting 550000MT

3.Product information:

Brand Name

Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fitting


Standard material according to technical drawing, like Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Carbon steel, Aluminum etc



We could produce as your requirements

Quality control 

ISO9001:2008 control

QC System

100% inspection before shipment

Applied Software for Specification drawings

JPEG, PDF, CAD, IGS Accepted

Precision machining

CNC machining, milling machine, drilling machine, numerical lathe, all types of lathe

Payment Terms 

L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram.Various options to make payment more convenient

Surface Treatment

polishing, sand blasting, heat treatment, painting, powder coating, anodizing,electroplating, mirror polishing

Our services 

CNC Machining, Turning, Milling, Stamping, Casting, finish,packing.


Valves, auto parts, motorcycle parts, metal products for daily use, plumbing pipe fittings

Product's Design And Products Assembly 

As per client's drawing or sample ,

besides we are also experienced in products assembly.

Competitive advantage   

1. Small quantity order acceptable.

2. Very tight tolerance.

3. Advanced equipment, excellent R&D teams

4. Strict quality control system.

5. Professional technics and rich experience

6. Packaging details as client required

Main Products 

machining parts, stamping parts,casting parts


We have professional engineers and technical workers who are specialized in 

developing new products . Professional tooling development & process & 

design,At least 60 kinds of new parts are developed  according to customer's

drawings each year. 

Customized Service  

Able to produce according to specification with technical drawing .Also, we can design for you

4.Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fitting Equipment display:

 Process Facilities


CNC Machine


Lathe Machine  

5 sets

Instrument lathe 

28 sets

Centerless Grinding Machine

1 set

Surface Grinding Machine

2 sets

Drilling Machine 

3 sets

Milling Machine 

3 sets

Drilling And Milling Machine

2 sets

Tapping Machine

14 sets

Punching Machine

10 sets

Four Column Hydraulic Press

1 set

Digital Electronic Ac Arc Welder

2 sets

Hanging Type Cleaning Machine 

1 set

Horizontal cold chamber die casting machine

2 sets

Aluminum alloy die casting machine

5 sets

5.Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fitting Testing Equipments:




  1 set

  Height gage 

1 set

  Two meters vernier caliper 

  1 set

  General gage

  100 sets

  Two dimensional imaging instrument

  1 set

Malleable Iron Fittings Made In China On Sale with Good Quality

Malleable Iron Fittings Made In China On Sale with Good Quality

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