Magnesia zircon brick

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Magnesium zirconium brick belongs to alkaline refractory products, this product is with high purity fused magnesia and magnesium

synthetic zircon sand as raw material, through high pressure molding, high temperature sintering, the micro structure, the main

mineral phases of periclase forsterite and oblique zircon, the alkali metal oxides and sulfides, has excellent resistance to erosion,

such as magnesium zirconium products are mainly used in glass kiln brick regenerator grid of the upper body, there is no blockage

and collapse phenomenon.Can make the life of more than eight years.

Magnesium zirconium brick chrome oxide as the main component of chrome brick for steel slag erosion resistance, but poor thermal

shock resistance, low load softening degree.The indicators of high alumina bricks are relatively good, has a good cost performance,

so widely used, but because of high alumina brick alkali corrosion resistance is poorer, so cannot be applied to the conditions of use

of the key parts of the complex, silicon mo brick is adopting bauxite and silicon carbide as the main raw material, made of two kinds

of material is mainly used in the transition zone of cement rotary kiln.Carbon refractory carbon bricks, graphite products and silicon

carbide products.Carbon products is another kind of neutral refractory, according to the carbon material composition and mineral

composition of products, divided into carbon bricks, graphite products and silicon carbide products.Carbon brick is made of high

quality petroleum coke as raw material, adhesive and tar, asphalt, under the condition of 1300 ℃ isolate air burning.Graphite

products (except natural graphite) hitches in electric furnace with carbonaceous materials from 2500 ~ 2800 ℃ graphitization

treatment.Silicon carbide products with silicon carbide as raw materials, adding clay, silica and other binder burn into in 1350 ~ 1400 ℃.

Can also add the silicon carbide silicon powder in the furnace under nitrogen atmosphere made of silicon nitride, silicon carbide products.

The carbon products in a very low thermal expansion coefficient of thermal conductivity, high thermal shock performance is good,

high temperature and high strength.Use for a long time also not soften at high temperature, not subject to any acid and alkali erosion,

has the good salt resistance, and wetting of metal and slag, qualitative light, is the excellent high temperature resistant material.

The disadvantage is that oxidation at high temperature, unfavorable use in oxidation atmosphere.Carbon products are widely used in high temperature furnace lining, furnace bottom and hearth, furnace body, etc.), smelting non-ferrous metal furnace lining.Graphite products can be chemical reaction tank and oil autoclave lining.Silicon carbide and graphite products can also be made from smelting copper alloy and light alloy crucible.

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