low voltage rubber cable with competitive price, power cable

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Product Description:

1.  Service Conditions


This rubber cable is suitable for A.C voltage 450/750V or below domestic appliances,power-operated tlls and various portable electric equipments.




2.  Performance Characteristics



It is used for household electrical  appliances. electrical tools and various  mobile electrical equipments of A.C rated voltage 450/750v or lower.



1)     YZ model rated voltage U0/U is 300/500 V, YC model is 450/750 V


2)     Long time allow working temperature of wire core should not be higher than 60°C



3)     " W" type cables have weatherproof character and certain greaseproof character and are suitable for outdoor working and the occasion with greasy dirt.


4)     ZR-model cable has the property of fire-resistance.  rubber cable.




3. Model Name and Usage





Main Usage


Light Model Rubber Sheath Flexible Cable

Used for light portable electric equipment and tools


Middle Model Rubber Sheath Flexible Cable

Used for various portable electric equipment and tools


Heavy Model Rubber Sheath Flexible Cable

Used for various portable electric equipment which can bear larger mechnical force effect .





Number of Cores & Nominal Area mm²Structure       mm²Approx Dia. mmApprox Weight kg/km




Number of Cores & Nominal Area
Structure       mm²Approx Dia. mmApprox Weight kg/km

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Q:PCIe Power Connector?
The card needs 2x PCIe power cables so you need to plug in both of them. Each power cable needs 2x molex, so you need to plug all 4 in. Your power supply may also have a PCIe connector anyway so you might as well use that for one of them if you have it (it can't be used for anything else anyway) and then just use 2x molex to power the other one.
Q:Are two 4 gauge cables the same as one 2 gauge cable?
Running 2 seperate power cables is fine. In theory the current will split and each cable will carry the same amount of current. In reality, it will not be exact but it will be so friggin close that it doesn't matter!!! Yes you can run multiple cables, but two lengths of 4ga is going to cost you more than one length of 2ga. Unless you already have the stuff laying around, just get the larger cable. Besides, if you run two seperate cables, you will need to use some sort of distribution block to tie the two cables back together at the amp then have a conductor capable of carrying the current to your amp, or all your heavy cable doesn't mean squat. Less money will be spent in the long run by using one larger cable! As for how much current a size cable can carry: 14ga = 15A 12ga = 20A 10ga = 30A 8ga = 80A 6ga = 105A 4ga = 140A 2ga = 190A 1ga = 220A 1/0 = 260A 2/0 = 300A These wire ampacities are according to the NEC (National Electrical Code) and are set for wire to be used in any structure. The wire can actually carry more current than what I have listed, taking consideration that the wire is in an environment that it can be cooled or is in an open-air environment. If you run two 4ga wire to your amp, you have the ability to supply the amp with 280A of current (by multiplying 140 * 2). Do you need larger wire running to your amp? Only if you are having a voltage drop at your amp. The idea is to be able to supply the amp with 12V at its maximum current. If you run too small a wire to the amp, as you crank up the volume the ampacity of the wire will be maxed out and your 12V turns into something like 11,10,9... volts and your amp no longer amplifies your tunes.
Q:HP Pavilion dv9500 power cable broke?
Contact HP, this laptop was designed for Vista so more than likely there are no drivers available for xp.
Q:Can I attach an 8-pin power cable to a video card with a 6-pin port?
Actually, Yes you can. There are many cards that have the ability to use the Additional 2 Pins...but if you look at many power supplies...there are 6+2 pin connectors for such cards. The first six pins are the same as the PCIe 6pin Connnector. Just make sure your Square Pins are lined up to make sure that your voltages are correct going into your card. You have Difficulty Physically placing the Connector into the board because the last 2 pins are getting in the way....remove them...simple as that...that is how you put a square peg into a round hole...
Q:What type of computer power cable is needed to support a 400W PSU?
minimum watt PSU could desire to be ok given which you do no longer plan on including any peripherals as nicely the basics (a million no longer elementary tension and a million optical tension) and that video card... yet once you have 2 no longer elementary drives or connect a super variety of extra desirable USB units that leech ability out of your device, then you definately will want to have somewhat extra desirable overhead just to be risk-free. 500W or extra useful could desire to be lots. Get one with a minimum of two 12V rails and you may desire to be advantageous.
Q:Amplifier wont power with power cable but will without? =S?
sounds like the power wire might be exposed somewhere and its shorting the system
Q:Powering garbage disposal with computer cable?
Normal color code would be Brown - HOT, Blue - NEUTRAL, and Green/Yellow stripe - GROUND. I would be most comfortable using an ohmmeter to test continuity. If you have one, or have a friend with one, the Brown wire should go to the blade in the bottom of your photo, the blue to the blade at the top (the one that goes into the Wide slot in the receptacle) and the yellow to the round pin. But, if they don't go to those pins, just make a note of which pins they do go to and wire your disposer accordingly. In the absence of an ohmmeter or a friend, you might take the cable to a Radio Shack store or an automotive stereo installation shop. RS sells ohmmeters and may have a display unit you can use. The auto stereo shop will have one and know how to use it. As for whether it makes a difference how the hot and neutral wires are connected, the answer is that it absolutely does make a difference. Reversing them introduces a risk of electrical shock at worst, or at the least popping the GFCI breaker if there is one on that circuit. If there isn't one, you might want to consider installing one. It's cheap insurance. Good luck.
Q:How to transfer pictures from a old desktop to a new laptop?
If you don't mind a bit of dust you an open the case and extract the Hard drive (It is hard to get the case off some old computers) Once its out, you can take it to a computer repair/shop and get them to get the stuff off of it.
Q:What are ways to string a electrical power cable across a valley?
That's a long span, but not impossible. You might want to check out the Ameralik span in Greenland for some ideas (it is about 3 times that long, at 5376 meters) Here's one reference:
Q:can you use computer power cables on a different make of computer?
Hi - yes, so long as the cable does not contain a power pack (DC power supply) such as on laptop computers... If so you need to check the DC voltage/power rating on the power pack. But for normal desktop computers- any cable will do. Cheers, Kane.

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