low cost prefab House

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20000㎡ m²/month

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This product belongs to Module System structure.

The structure load is mainly borned by SFLC board. It builds high efficient, energy saving and environmental house which integrates construction,water heating electricity and a set of construction equipment.


1. Flexible combination
2. Easy transportation
3. Fast construction
4. Cost saving
5. Removable & recycle

6. Thermal Insulation
7. Seismic and wind resistance
8. Roof Load-bearing


light steel packing: light gauge steel in bulk, decorate panel material in pallet, other fittings all in boxes, loaded into 40' GP and 20' GP on container.

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Q:How to maintain locks
The installation operation must be correct, especially when the handle and the panel prohibits the use of paper, tape paste. Do not install the lock on the door when the paint is dry, otherwise it will cause surface damage, and the long time will fade.
Q:Yangtze River Three Gorges tour of Chongqing Dazu Baoding Mountain stone carvings
The most concentrated statue of the Great Buddha Bay, with a large statue of 30 large secret statues. Inscriptions 7 pass, inscription 17, stupa tower 2. The cliff face 88 square meters of thousands of Goddess of Mercy, the world is rare; 31 meters long reclining Buddha bust, big and beautiful; flute woman, chicken, animal husbandry life rich. These reflect the social life, the story of the coherent by the image, showing the ancient sculpture of the artist's perseverance and fine skills, shining the brilliant glory of national culture. Dazu: Beishan cliff statues Beishan ancient name Longgangshan, two kilometers away from Dazu County. The statue began in the first year of Tang Jingfu (AD 892), the five generations to the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing, which lasted 250 years.
Q:What is scaffolding in the psychology field?
I study Psychology but never heard of the term scaffolding. I know a scaffolding is a structure outside of a building used to clean windows and paint walls. But if you're not careful you will fall. So I guess if this is to apply to Psychology it must be an effect in that if one chooses things in life that are dangerous and not really thinking about the consequence of their actions, they are going to fall to their detriment. I guess!
Q:where can I find podcasts on real estate?
Q:What is the glass curtain wall column
Columns are generally vertical components, is the curtain wall installation and construction of one of the key, its quality affect the installation of the entire curtain wall quality. The allowable deviation of the distance between the plane axis of the connecting curtain wall and the outer plane axis of the building should be controlled within 2mm. In particular, the building is curved, rounded and surrounded by closed walls. The distance between the inner and outer axes affects the circumference of the curtain wall Should be taken seriously. Columns generally according to the construction and transport conditions, can be a layer of tall or two-story high as a whole, the length of up to 7.5m. Joints should have a certain gap, the use of sleeve connection method, which can adapt and eliminate deformation of the building And the effect of temperature deformation. The connection between the connecting member and the embedded part, if it is a two-storey building, can be separated by hinge and rigid structure, hinge only anti-level force, and just in addition to anti-level force, but also bear the vertical force Passed to the main structure.
Q:Sand and stone report what needs, no longer try how to test? speed. The The
Sand, stone should be re-test, re-test post-mortem report, the order is; material reported into the school report single, list, re-test after the test report (attached to the list), check the list of single, test report tick , If not re-test is only reported that the list and the list, because there is no certificate of gravel.
Q:Cushion, waterproof layer construction to do what information
2, bedding (bed course) refers to the structure below the grass-roots level. Its main role is to water, drainage, antifreeze to improve the grass-roots and soil-based working conditions, the water stability requirements are better. The cushion layer is a structural layer between the base layer and the soil base. When the soil quality is poor, it is used to improve the water stability of the soil base, improve the water stability and frost resistance of the pavement structure and disperse Load to reduce soil deformation.
Q:got a 94 eclipse base model and i want to put in automatic doors and windows?
The doors, bolt holes, and mounting is the same between the base model manual windows and locks and the upper models automatic windows and automatic locks. Basically, you have to get the motors, panels, and components and do a straight swap. If you're not into tearing apart your doors, then you can still swap out for the upper model's doors as they bolt right on. You will still have to run the wiring though.
Q:What is the difference between red glass wool and yellow glass wool in terms of technical parameters?
The majority of glass wools are yellow, while glass wools with the color of red or other are called color glass wool which are rarely used.
Q:Do the wardrobe with a wooden sandwich board or solid wood particle board is good
I have seen more with the wooden sandwich panels, more beautiful, feel better

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