• Lithium-ion 36V Battery Rack E-bike Saddle Li-ion Battery System 1
  • Lithium-ion 36V Battery Rack E-bike Saddle Li-ion Battery System 2
Lithium-ion 36V Battery Rack E-bike Saddle Li-ion Battery

Lithium-ion 36V Battery Rack E-bike Saddle Li-ion Battery

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Product Description


Why we choose Lithium-ion batteries for E-bike, E-motor and E-scooter?


Energy storage 

Batteries store energy well and for a considerable length of time. And the self-discharge is lower. Alkaline cells are good for 10 years with minimal losses. Lead-, nickel- and lithium-based batteries need periodic recharges to compensate for lost power. 


Batteries have a huge advantage over other power sources in being ready to deliver on short notice — think of the quick action of the camera flash! There is no warm-up, as is the case with the internal combustion (IC) engine; the power from the battery flows within a fraction of a second. In comparison, a jet engine takes several seconds to gain power, a fuel cell requires a few minutes, and the cold steam engine of a locomotive needs hours to build up steam.

Power bandwidth

Rechargeable batteries have a wide power bandwidth, a quality that is shared with the diesel engine. In comparison, the bandwidth of the fuel cell is narrow and works best within a specific load. Jet engines also have a limited power bandwidth. They have poor low-end torque and operate most efficiently at a defined revolution-per-minute (RPM).


The battery runs clean and stays reasonably cool. Sealed cells have no exhaust, are quiet and do not vibrate. This is in sharp contrast with the IC engine and larger fuel cells that require noisy compressors and cooling fans. The IC engine also needs air and exhausts toxic gases.


The battery is highly efficient. Below 70 percent charge, the charge efficiency is close to 100 percent and the discharge losses are only a few percent. In comparison, the energy efficiency of the fuel cell is 20 to 60 percent, and the thermal engine is 25 to 30 percent. (At optimal air intake speed and temperature, the GE90-115 on the Boeing 777 jetliner is 37 percent efficient.


The sealed battery operates in any position and offers good shock and vibration tolerance. This benefit does not transfer to the flooded batteries that must be installed in the upright position.

Operating cost

Lithium- and nickel-based batteries are best suited for portable devices; lead acid batteries are economical for wheeled mobility and stationary applications. Cost and weight make batteries impractical for electric power trains in larger vehicles.


Rechargeable batteries require low maintenance.

Service life

The rechargeable battery has a relatively short service life and ages even if not in use. In consumer products, the 3- to 5-year lifespan is satisfactory.


Nickel-cadmium and lead acid batteries contain hazardous material and cannot be disposed of in landfills. Nickel-metal-hydrate and lithium systems are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of with regular household items in small quantities. Authorities recommend that all batteries be recycled. 

Lithium-ion 36V Battery Rack E-bike Saddle Li-ion Battery

Lithium-ion 36V Battery Rack E-bike Saddle Li-ion Battery



Product Feature


Our  lithium-ion battery pack for E-bike, E-motor and E-scooter have following features:


Extend the travel distance

Chance New Energy use electric bikes dedicated high-capacity 2.9AH batteries, which can improve the bike’s traveling distance

Increase design flexibility

With lightweight slim battery pack manufacture of various unconventional electric bicycles

Shorten the charging time

In order to facilitate the use of electric bike users, Chance developed technology will shorten the charge time from 150 min to 30 min. 


Improve the quality and safety


The potential equalization is very important for E-bike batteries. Chance’s outstanding balanced technology can make sure the quality and consistency of the battery pack


Security protection to improve safety


Electric bicycle battery pack is generally provided with 20-65 battery cells, thereby ensuring the safety of the battery pack is very important. Chance new energy’s battery pack has security protection, if problems occurred, it will automatically cut off the power supply to ensure the electric bike safer


Full support for electric bicycle battery pack team


Our Battery pack team can respond quickly and Professional solutions for your demand.



The Application

  Electric bike, E-bike, E-motor and E-scooter



Main Parameter



Model No.:BYJ011004,36V

Cell mode





Cell Type

Samsung  ICR18650-22F

Samsung  ICR18650-26F

Samsung  ICR18650-29F

Panasonic    18650-2900

PACK Nominal Capacity















<180 < span="">mΩ







Max charge current


Nom discharge


Max discharge current


Over-current protection


Nom charge

Constant current charging to 42V, constant 42V charging to current << span="">300mA(using a dedicated charger); CC+CV:2A,42V/300mA

Cycle life

Discharge the battery about 30min later after charging, the cycle time >500cycles,70% capacity remained

Storage Temperature


Charge Temperature


Discharge Temperature



Nom BMS(Over-charge & discharge, over-current, Balanced temperature protection)



1.       Are you manufactory of the products above

---Yeswe are expert in PV solar power systemTelecom power system and lithium-ion Batteries, our products are popular through around 80 countries.

2.       Do you have any certifications?

---Yes, we have CEULPSEFCCSAACB certifications, if customers need specific certifications, we will do our best to support.

3.       What about your warranty?

--- One Year warranty guaranteed, and detailed terms for further conversation.

4.       Can I know more about your products?

---Please contact us for more details you interested.



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