Interior Veneer Design Doors made in PVC

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  • Stiles: Timber running full length of the door

  • Rails: Timber

  • Cross banding: High density MDF 6mm/ Plywood 

  • Core: 33mm medium density hollow core, Solid Core or Timber (Depends on order and client requirement) 

  • Finished edges: solid lumber to match face veneers,  “T” edge, bonded to stile and cross band.

  • Face veneers: Standard grade is AA, As per selected skin designs.

Common Veneer Species 

Choosing a veneer species for your project is an important decision in the design process. While there are many different species to choose from, Beech, Mahogany, Sapelli, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak are major choices in many commercial Building & Residential Projects. Its Important to keep in mind that veneer is a natural material and its individuality is a characteristic that makes each piece unique. Nature produces many individual shapes and colors even with in the same tree. 


Bonded core: Stiles, rails and cross bands are bonded to the core using a hot press. Matchinghardwood edges are then installed prior to face veneering.

Calibration: The door blank is then sanded to achieve uniform thickness.Face veneers are manufactured from carefully selected.   Face veneers are applied to the door blanks in a second pressing stage.

Finish sanding: 100 & 220 grit, ready for finishing.

Factory Finishing: Standard finish is catalyzed lacquer Custom stains and topcoats are spray applied and cured in a heated air convection oven.

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Q:How do I fix a metal screen door that no longer closes because the ground below the patio has shifted?
If your problem is just with the latch and not with the door actually scraping the ground, then remove the plate on the inside door frame. Mark where the lock is now hitting and reattach the plate in the lower spot. If something is obstructing the door then you'll have to move the obstruction.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows materials only silver and brown it?
Aluminum alloy doors and windows material surface color formation is another way to paint color paint, paint varieties are acrylic paint, polyurethane coating and fluorocarbon coating, in which the use of polyurethane powder coating the most. The choice of paint color of the degree of freedom than aluminum Oxidation method is much larger, but the price is relatively high, suitable for high-grade building doors and windows.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows surface oxidation how to deal with?
The chemical nature of the aluminum element itself is very lively However, the aluminum alloy surface will form a layer of dense aluminum oxide film Thereby preventing the internal aluminum from being continuously oxidized The surface oxidation of the aluminum alloy is for the thickening of the aluminum oxide film Enhance the corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance of aluminum alloy products.
Q:Titanium magnesium alloy door can change color?
Can change, you put the border and track into a white on the line.
Q:how much it will cost to to cut a sheetrock wall and install a metal door?
you also forgot relocating electrical and plumbing if there is any in the wall. that is why you need to get a bid. this is something that could cost as little as $300 for a handy man if it were a straight forward Job or as much as $1500 depending on what all needs to be done
Q:Bathroom kitchen first tile or first aluminum alloy door?
There are two cases: 1, is the wooden door, first tile and then install the door and door. So close to the whole look more beautiful; 2, is the aluminum alloy door or steel doors, we must first install the door after the tiling, because the aluminum alloy and plastic steel door is relatively simple door, it is only the door frame without a door, So first to install the door and then tile door to look good.
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