Intelligent Pump Intergrated Tester Equipment

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Intelligent pump integrated test press is mainly for the old pump disassembly and the old and new pump test (the amount of pressure testing and leakage detection). Pressure test the process by PLC automatic control, automatic measuring the amount of leakage. Computer displays pressure, torque, the amount of data leakage, and automatic storage, reporting, printing and other functions. 

1. Structural characteristics 
The test mainly by the host and the console press the two parts. 
1) Host: Consists of the main, back tongs, brackets, oil control equipment, aircraft seat, walking trolley, power sources, fuel tank (hydraulic tank and diesel tank) and so on. Is the completion of the dismantling pump, pressure test, Leakage test the main unit. The main, back clamp a small car equipped with a compression spring to walk to the main, back at work, can clamp the upper and lower micro-floating, so that on the shackle have a certain degree of freedom to guarantee the freedom not to hurt the deduction, non-stick button. Equipment, surrounded by security protection. Stand is equipped with back to tank, so that timely flow back into the fuel tank of diesel. 
2) Console: Consists of the main control box by, PLC, computer and electrical components, safety voltage 24V. Completion of machine motion control. 

2. Technical parameters 
Scope: diameter: Φ38mm-Φ83 mm, length 4500 - 8000 mm of various types of pump 
Rated high torque: 2.2KN.m 
Rated low-end torque: 8.0KN.m 
High-grade rated speed: 54r/min 
Low-grade rated speed: 15r/min 
System Test Pressure :0-40 Mpa 
System rated pressure: 14Mpa (working pressure 5-9MPa) 
System Rated Flow: 75L/min 
The main dorsal clamp diameter: Φ160mm 
Equipment Total Power: 37KW 
Equipment Dimensions: length × width × height = 11000mm × 1160mm × 1550mm

3. Pre-operational preparation and operation of Note 
1) An operation before the power switch should be opened to observe the ammeter, voltmeter are normal. Check the power cord is missing phase. 
2) Power normal, open the electromagnetic relief valve switches, motor running, when motor is running normal (no-load in winter when the motor is running a few minutes) preparations. 
3) Motor running, check all oil line valve is normal, asphalt joints should be no leakage at all kinds of valve spool to be flexible movement. 
4) When equipment is running the ministries to normal operating procedures can be carried out according to the test pump pressure and leakage in the test operation. 
5) Normal work under normal circumstances should be used when high-level, the working pressure to 5-9Mpa suitable. 

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