Insulation Sheet EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Insulation Sheet EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

Product Introduction:

The structure of this insulation material is aluminium foil / XPE foam / aluminium foil. The aluminium foil plays the role of reflecting radiation heat from sunshine with reflectivity of 96-97%.  And the XPE foam has the function of trapping air so as to stop convection heat. Most importantly, in response to customer's flame retardance requirement, our XPE foam can be made fireproof so that this product will not easily catch fire and will not encourage fire when fire hazard happens. Our product has passed AWTA's test in thermal conductivity and fireproof performance.



EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing




Aluminum Foil/PE/EPE/Aluminum   Foil





Unit Weight

160g/m2 to 360g/m2


3mm to10mm



Thermal Conductivity




Water Vapor Transmission


Tensile Strength(MD)


Tensile Strength(CMD)



FR/UV/VCI/Perforated available

Temperature Resistance:

4 hours no decladding -60℃/180℃

Insulation Sheet EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

Insulation Sheet EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

Insulation Sheet EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing


1.       Where is your factory located in?

Factory is located in Jiangsu Province, Neat to Shanghai Port.

2.       How long have you been in this product production?

We have been in the business more than 10 years,

3.       Can we have some sample or trial order before bunk order?

Yes, we can provide you some free samples, and for trial order, we will offer you the lowest price. 

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Q:Is the concrete foam board and cement foam board the same thing?
High-rise building in general 1 layer - set the dumplings rumored to raise the boat Long 3 layer / 4 layer erected double row floor scaffolding, above the floor erected double-row scaffolding. Climbing applications less, generally used in large cities.
Q:External wall insulation board polystyrene foam board thickness of not less than how much
The heat transfer of the material is more difficult (that is, the smaller the thermal conductivity), the better the thermal insulation performance Generally speaking, the common characteristics of thermal insulation materials are lightweight, loose, porous or fibrous, with its internal non-flow of air to block the heat conduction One of the inorganic materials are noncombustible, the use of wide temperature, chemical resistance and other characteristics of good, organic materials, forging out forging pedal fist, but there is a low water absorption, impermeability and other characteristics Polystyrene running plastic has two types of intumescent and extruded, self-extinguishing after adding flame retardant Expanded polystyrene sheet due to light and convenient, the use of very common; Extruded polystyrene high strength, excellent weather resistance, there will be greater development Polyurethane foam according to the different materials used, divided into polyether and polyester type two, made by the foam reaction, there are soft and steary of the points In addition, there is a kind of aluminum foil insulation material, the use of aluminum foil and kraft paper after bonding, and corrugated paper made of composite sheet can also be made of polyvinyl chloride sheet made of aluminum can be multi-layer set, as a sandwich wall or roof, Light, moisture, insulation, heat insulation performance are good
Q:Is the molded polystyrene board and the polystyrene foam the same?
Tunnel projects are part of the larger risk of the project, before the construction, construction enterprises should be tasted fried envy and darling of the city, when the preparation of a special construction program. But generally there is a cave, dark river, gas, rock burst, mud, quicksand, fault and other geological complex
Q:How to cover the building shape to make the building insulation system better
The connection between the pipe end connection and the steel ring The advantages and disadvantages of the connection: The connection of the pipe end is made by the butt welding method
Q:House insulation layer in the end is what to do the best
Commonly used insulation materials: extruded polystyrene foam (extruded board), molded polystyrene foam (ordinary foam board), is sprayed foam polyurethane, foam polyurethane insulation board (products), foam glass, foam Concrete (foam mortar), lightweight aggregate insulation concrete (ceramsite mixed performance class gnawing rescue bugs, etc.), inorganic insulation mortar (glass beads insulation mortar), polystyrene insulation mortar, mineral wool (Rock wool), phenolic resin plate ---------- better expansion of perlite insulation mortar and so on.
Q:Cold storage installation commonly used in insulation materials can be divided into what
Yes, you can use the protection hot plate method, the standard is GB / T. However, the general protection of hot plate method instruments have strict requirements on the size of the sample, and vacuum insulation panels are sometimes not easy to achieve, such as long and wide size, flatness and parallelism requirements. Can also be used steady-state heat flow meter, the standard is GB / T, steady-state heat flow meter on the sample size requirements to be flexible.
Q:Polystyrene foam board in recent years, how the market situation
Suchen slurry full thickness of 2mm thick 20mm thick 1: 3 cement mortar leveling 80mm thick polystyrene board insulation layer (plain cement paste paste 3mm ~ 5mm thick) full shop diameter 1.2mm mesh 3/4 mesh (hole size of 20 * 20) steel wire width of 0.914m30 thick fine stone concrete (1: 2) cold base oil two Owens color tile roof structure: the structure layer
Q:What kind of material to build a house insulation ah
Insulation layer is a layer of foam board, can not carry the weight, hanging some things are through the insulation wall, hit the load-bearing walls. 1. Indoor insulation generally used "polystyrene foam board" production, the general thickness is 2..3 cm thick, you can use .7 cm expansion screw, to the hardware store to find can match. You can also use welding, then a long screw, is also very simple. Installation steps: . select the larger than the expansion bolt type 2mm hammer drill hole drilling (plastic expansion tube to the same size of the drill on the line), the depth of the length of the expansion tube; . into the expansion bolts; . according to the type of bolt Select the appropriate tools to tighten the bolts: a, ordinary expansion bolts: use the dead wrench or live wrench b, metal expansion bolts: the use of dead wrench or wrench or plum screwdriver c, plastic expansion tube: the use of plum screwdriver according to the actual Requirements, fastened to a certain extent.
Q:Do you need to add any time before the tile tiles before the waterproof material? If the addition of the impact on the wall of the impact of it?
Heaven and Earth is one of the insulation decorative board of experts, relying on different types of decorative effect and complete the combination of insulation materials for a large number of construction projects to provide professional external wall materials program
Q:Extrusion insulation foam board density the greater the better the insulation effect
B-class product principles are "combustible", B1 level barely be "not flammable." B. B3 level in fact only fame only in their daily lives is already very easy to use the "dry wood" the. Insulation wall materials used in environmental protection is also the most people concerned, Shu Yi Yi new interior wall with environmental protection and other advantages of flame retardant. Can be cold indoor walls to isolate; the middle layer is a special regulation layer. This material is made of chemical fiber composition, with a temperature, heat, scrubbing effect. In the summer heat to prevent the walls of the heat into the room, to achieve the effect of insulation and insulation.

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