Insulation material XPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

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2000 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Reflective Film XPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

Product Introduction:

Aluminum Woven Fabric Foil can be installed on roof,wall or floor,resist over 80% external heat from buildings, protect wall, resist thermal shock and sudden cold,etc.

1:It is made from aluminum foil and polyethylene through special machinery.

2:Certified by ISO9001,ISO14001,AWTA and SGS.

3:Both heat&cold insulation. Energy-saving

4:Moisture barrier, waterproof, 97% sun reflection. absorb sound.

5:no corrosion, no pollution, no harm to people

6:light in weight, easy to install.



XPE with Aluminum Foil Facing




Aluminum Foil/PE/XPE/Aluminum   Foil





Unit Weight

260g/m2 to 360g/m2


3mm to10mm



Thermal Conductivity




Water Vapor Transmission


Tensile Strength(MD)


Tensile Strength(CMD)



FR/UV/VCI/Perforated available

Temperature Resistance:

4 hours no decladding -60℃/180℃

Insulation material XPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

Insulation material XPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

Insulation material XPE with Aluminum Foil Facing


1.       Where is your factory located in?

Factory is located in Jiangsu Province, Neat to Shanghai Port.

2.       How long have you been in this product production?

We have been in the business more than 10 years,

3.       Can we have some sample or trial order before bunk order?

Yes, we can provide you some free samples, and for trial order, we will offer you the lowest price. 

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Q:The higher the density of the foam board, the better the insulation?
027W / (m · K )], Low water absorption, water vapor permeability coefficient is small and so on In the long-term high humidity or immersion environment, XPS can still maintain its excellent thermal insulation properties Figure 2-1 shows the thermal resistance of various commonly used insulation materials at 70% relative humidity for two years Display XPS board is the only two years after the thermal resistance retention rate remained at 80% or more of the insulation material In addition, XPS board also has a good resistance to freeze-thaw performance After a thousand freeze-thaw cycles, the compression performance retention rate of the XPS plate was more than 92% XPS board also has good anti-compression creep performance 70% relative humidity of the material under the thermal resistance retention rate
Q:External wall insulation board polystyrene foam board thickness of not less than how much
Cement foam board is the national "civil building exterior insulation system and external wall decoration fire temporary provisions" and the introduction of the basic principle is the use of cement noncombustible and concrete in a large number of closed pores to achieve fire, light, insulation effect. It is a kind of cement-based lightweight porous inorganic fireproof insulation board which is prepared by mixing and molding with foam and cement, mixing and mixing. The combustion performance is A1 grade, which is Currently used in the best products of fire isolation zone Concrete foam board is a class of modern building industry in the application of a wide range of inorganic insulation materials
Q:How do I make anti-theft windows in the wall insulation layer?
Sticky benzene board and extruded board are used in adhesives. . bonding (bonding, bonding, bonding, adhesive) refers to the surface of homogeneous or heterogeneous objects with adhesives connected together with the technology, with a continuous stress distribution, light weight, or sealed, the majority of low temperature technology The Adhesive is particularly suitable for different materials, different thickness, ultra-thin specifications and the connection of complex components. Glue the rapid development of modern times, the application industry is very wide, and high and new scientific and technological progress and people's daily life has a significant impact. Therefore, research, development and production of various types of adhesives is very important. . extruded board refers to the polystyrene foam is divided into expansive EPS and continuous extrusion XPS two, compared with the EPS sheet, XPS board is the third generation of rigid foam insulation material
Q:What is the practice of external wall insulation? What is the main thing?
Look at the past year Zhenti meaning little, the book of the whole question to clear the OK.
Q:Fiber reinforced concrete wall decoration hanging outside the wall also do waterproof?
The direct transportation fee is a special item in the construction industry. In the contract of the project, the construction unit is paid a fee for the construction unit. The calculation method is calculated from the positive and negative minus the first floor until the roof Raise height. The vertical transport of the building is calculated according to the building's gross floor area. Building cornice height of 3.6m within the single-storey building, do not calculate the vertical transport costs.
Q:Will the use of aluminum alloy body notebook which have
Overload fever. If you use the 2.5 square, you touch, to determine the high temperature, then change the wire 4 square, anyway than the original wire a large size, if the careless, ignoring this situation, if short-circuit breakdown burning, then the bubble Can help burn Oh
Q:Balcony wall insulation with polyurethane or extruded board is good
At present, China is not big, because the Chinese market is now recognized not much. The best company to import the SGB / slips dumplings Oujiu tea off Long UPright, made better is the grid special brand
Q:Whether the interior building can use gypsum board to the wall
Flame retardant polystyrene foam, extruded polystyrene foam, phenolic board, STP board, foam glass), heat radiation curtain wall materials, aerated concrete blocks, lightweight composite insulation block, Lightweight concrete blocks, lightweight lime sand bricks; Finishing materials: various types of interior and exterior paint, colored finishes, facades, really stone paint, curtain wall materials; inorganic insulation materials: rock (mine) cotton board, ) Cotton insulation mat, insulation mortar, airgel, glass wool board (felt), aluminum silicate board (felt), calcium silicate insulation products; vitrified beads, expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, foam glass, hair Foamed concrete, foam polyurethane, plastic foam, polystyrene resin, foam urea, foam rubber, calcium plastic insulation board, etc
Q:Wall paint brush and then do the whole wardrobe do not do waterproof can you
Insulation layer is generally about 5 cm, as long as the expansion of the expansion bolt (12 cm or so) on the line. Through the insulation layer.
Q:Why do you need to build some plastic foam inside when you build a house? The
Inside and outside the wall panels separately construction, first or first can be, the outer board with insulation cotton, need to stick to the reinforced aluminum insulation cotton, hanging from the top of the wall, the top ready to press, with self-tapping nail lock Purlin, aluminum, including, cotton out, and then install the outer board, which requires a man's construction stairs, the general use of small pipe production, height slightly higher than the height of the wall, the top do two hooks In the daughter wall, more secure

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