EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing for Roofing Insulation

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2000 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Insulation Sheet EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing

Product Introduction:

The structure of this insulation material is aluminium foil / XPE foam / aluminium foil. The aluminium foil plays the role of reflecting radiation heat from sunshine with reflectivity of 96-97%.  And the XPE foam has the function of trapping air so as to stop convection heat. Most importantly, in response to customer's flame retardance requirement, our XPE foam can be made fireproof so that this product will not easily catch fire and will not encourage fire when fire hazard happens. Our product has passed AWTA's test in thermal conductivity and fireproof performance.



EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing




Aluminum Foil/PE/EPE/Aluminum   Foil





Unit Weight

160g/m2 to 360g/m2


3mm to10mm



Thermal Conductivity




Water Vapor Transmission


Tensile Strength(MD)


Tensile Strength(CMD)



FR/UV/VCI/Perforated available

Temperature Resistance:

4 hours no decladding -60℃/180℃

EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing for Roofing Insulation

EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing for Roofing Insulation

EPE with Aluminum Foil Facing for Roofing Insulation


1.       Where is your factory located in?

Factory is located in Jiangsu Province, Neat to Shanghai Port.

2.       How long have you been in this product production?

We have been in the business more than 10 years,

3.       Can we have some sample or trial order before bunk order?

Yes, we can provide you some free samples, and for trial order, we will offer you the lowest price. 

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I have, please give me a message, or contact me.
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Sticky benzene board and extruded board are used in adhesives. . bonding (bonding, bonding, bonding, adhesive) refers to the surface of homogeneous or heterogeneous objects with adhesives connected together with the technology, with a continuous stress distribution, light weight, or sealed, the majority of low temperature technology The Adhesive is particularly suitable for different materials, different thickness, ultra-thin specifications and the connection of complex components. Glue the rapid development of modern times, the application industry is very wide, and high and new scientific and technological progress and people's daily life has a significant impact. Therefore, research, development and production of various types of adhesives is very important. . extruded board refers to the polystyrene foam is divided into expansive EPS and continuous extrusion XPS two, compared with the EPS sheet, XPS board is the third generation of rigid foam insulation material
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The connection between the pipe end connection and the steel ring The advantages and disadvantages of the connection: The connection of the pipe end is made by the butt welding method
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Landing scaffolding to build acceptance records Table 3-6-7 Project name: Engineering unit name: Urban construction company No. Acceptance project erection requirements test results 1 pole base solid level, there are drainage measures. Diverage 5cm thick plank, erected high > 7.55 m, 2 frame and pull knot joint spacing, horizontal, vertical distance to meet the requirements, pull the material meet the requirements, height> 12.6 meters are not allowed to use flexible connection 3 construction layer springboard double springboard banding point of not less than 4 points 4 scissors set not more than 9m set a scissors, angle of 45 ° ~ 60 °, from bottom to top continuous set, the height of more than 24m, in the foot of the corner and the middle along the vertical every 60 ° across the horizontal plane erected Slanting 5 scaffolding material scaffolding fastener steel pipe foot pipe diameter shall not be less than Φ48mm, wall thickness shall not be less than 3.5mm, no serious corrosion, crack, deformation, fastening torque 45 ~ 50N · m6 scaffolding width by design width 1) m erection 7 pole spacing vertical deviation of the vertical bar is not greater than the full length of 1 / 100H, vertical distance between the vertical design (1.8m) m set, deviation ± 50mm8 size horizontal horizontal horizontal vertical.
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The usual nine PCT board is a multi-layer board, a layer of layers together, hardness, flatness is better, you can do floor floor. Sandwich panels and more anti-cutting and anti-ancient anti-glass slightly refers to woodworking board, and some places called Daixin board, do furniture with much more.
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1 Can not control the plastic tube can be rounded tube tube drag method for testing; 2
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You do not specifically say anything, rock wool sandwich panels, steel sandwich panels, or other. Such as the arc of the post to drink the United States and Taiwan is to pay attention to the high content of the glue is not used in hot places usually less use, must be used only shaped ceiling, because it can bend, other places do not use.
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. steel pipe scaffold steel pipe should be used outside diameter 48mm, wall thickness 3.5mm welded steel pipe, can also be used outside diameter 51mm, wall thickness 3.1mm welded steel pipe. The maximum length of the steel pipe used for horizontal horizontal bars shall not be greater than 2 m; the other rods shall not be greater than 6.5 m, and the maximum quality of each pipe shall not exceed 25 kg in order to be suitable for manual handling. . fasteners fastener steel scaffolding should be used for cast iron casting fasteners, the basic form of three: for vertical cross between the rods at right angles fastener, for parallel or oblique connection between the rods And the butt fasteners for the butt joint of the rods. . scaffold scaffold available steel, wood, bamboo and other materials, each piece of quality should not be greater than 30kg. Stamping steel scaffold is a commonly used scaffolding board, generally made of thick steel plate 2mm, length 2-4m, width 250mm, the surface should be anti-slip measures. Wooden footboard can be used not less than 50mm thickness of the fir board or pine production, length 3 ~ 4m, width 200-250mm, both ends should be set galvanized steel wire hoop two, to prevent the end of the wooden footboard damage. . even the wall with wall pieces of the pole and the main structure connected together, available steel pipe, fasteners or embedded parts composed of rigid wall pieces, but also can be used to pull the ribs of flexible flexible wall pieces. . the base base in the form of both plug-in and jacket type, interpolation of the outer diameter D1 diameter than the pole 2mm, jacket type diameter D2 than the pole diameter 2mm.

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