Hot Selling Children Wooden Bunk Bed with Night Stands WB14

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Product Description:


1.Model No: WB14

2.Environment friendly E1 grade MDF 

3..Eco-firendly UV priting ink 

4..Original & space-saving design

Packing info: 

 Knocked down packaging: 1,The best carton quality , strong enough. 2,Strong corner protector and foam are used for the package to ensure it is strong enough for the long way transportation. 3,Knocked down packing is convenient for shipping and save the freight fee.

Features and advantages: 

1. Panel: E2 environmental-friendly MDF with melamine finishing, waterproof, antifade, easy yo maintain.
2. Materials: delicate handles, ball sides, UV printing pattern, using German HOMAG banding machine, strong packing protection.
3. Space saving, comfort and modern design, good quality, excellent craftmanship, reasonable price
4. All products through ISO9001 and SGS certificate.
5. Quality control system.

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Q:Toddler bed questions?
My daughter went from a crib to a full bed at 18 months. We put a bed gate on one side and made sure it was firmly against the wall on the other. We felt, why waste the money on a toddler bed when she could use the full for years to come. I believe they recommend getting them out of their cribs at two years old or when they are able to crawl out because they could hurt themselves.
Q:Method for mounting bed
A middle transverse plate and the riser 90 degrees put away with the connecting handle and connecting rod. The first white plastic screw inserted into the connection lever, and then use the screwdriver to tighten the connecting handle twist.Installed in the middle, mounted on both sides of the bed board fixed bedside, and then put on the bed board on the line.There is a drawer at the end of the bed or on the side of the bed. It is very simple. The drawer is made up of three sides, the bottom plate is inserted into the slot, each side is provided with a slide rail, and each of the frames is provided with a slide, and then slide in. Metal buckle installed.The bedside table is mainly a drawer slide, and the same way as the drawer of the bed.
Q:poll what dose you bed look like?
*Looks at bed* It looks oh so enticing ! I have 8 goose down pillows on it. So comfy. Going there soon. Never tried a feather bed. Where can I get one ? I'll bet it's as cool as the other sides of my pillows.
Q:bedding duvet covers - looking for bedding duvet covers?
Go out to T.J. Maxx or Anna's Linens or even Ross for Less and buy one. Cheaper and no shipping charges. Ikea and J.C. Penney have them on line. Just look under duvet covers.
Q:Opinions on New Bedding?
I really like the second one. I think it would look very nice now, and when you move out.
Q:Should I get this bed?
i like it! its really cool! i used to have a loft bed but that one is so much cooler!
Q:Thongs in bed?
Wearing thongs or any panties with synthetic material put you at risk for yeast infections. Wearing them to bed will only increase the time you wear them which increases your chances. You would be better off wearing cotton (non thong) panties to bed or nothing at all.
Q:Bed bugs on mattress ?
If you found bed bugs in your mattress, they are already in everywhere. If you buy a new one, it will contain bed bugs in one night. The best solution is to use a bed sized trap to cover entire bed. The top of your bed will be bed bug free forever. You don't need to throw away anything. All of bed bugs in your bed and in anywhere will be attracted by your smell at midnight and be trapped.
Q:bed bugs?? where do they live?
They can live in lots of materials around the home, to name a few: Your sofa/couch. Curtains. Carpets. Linen. Clothes. Towels. Bags. They can even get behind plug sockets and hide out there until their victim goes to sleep. They prefer to sleep in the seams of mattresses, but they really can be all over your house, especially since they can cling to clothing and you will then unknowingly transport them all around your house, where they reproduce and cause even more havoc.
Q:what is an E king bed?
Eastern King, not as big as a California King. actially its a regular sized King Bed

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