High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board for refractory

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1.Bigger volume weight 
2.High strength 
3.Small reheating linear change rate 
4.Resist radiation

High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board for refractory


This product is used as fire bulkhead muffle board of ceramic kiln and building materials kiln,to against the pollution of flame to the product.This product can be divided into more than four series of products according to different materials to meet the different temperature of working environment.The product's volume weight is between 280 to 500 Kg/m3.And it has the advantages of big volume weight,high strength and good effect of thermal erosion resistance.


High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board for refractory



Al2O3  %4647-4952-5532-33
Al2O3+SiO2  %979999
ZrO2  %17-18
Na2O+K2O  %
Classification temperature °C1260126014001400
Working temperature °C1000110012601360
Bulk density  g/cm3280-500280-500280-500280-500
Permanent linear change  %  (220KG/m3)1000°C×24h (-3)1100°C×24h (-3)1260°C×24h (-3)1360°C×24h (-3)
Thermal conductivity W/M·K (260KG/m3)400°C  0.085  800°C  0.132 1000°C  0.180400°C  0.085  800°C  0.132 1000°C  0.180400°C  0.085  800°C  0.132 1000°C  0.180400°C  0.085  800°C  0.132 1000°C  0.180
Crushing Strength  Mpa (Compress thickness 10%)


High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board for refractory


1.Such as cement kiln back lining heat preservation in building material industry;  

2.Petrochemical,metallurgy,ceramic,glass profession kiln stove back lining heat preservation; 

3.  Heat treatment furnace back lining heat preservation ;

4. Non-ferrous metal profession back lining heat preservation;

5. High temperature reaction and heater equipment back lining heat preservation heat insulation.


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Q:Refractory insulation board, pressure plate, nano heat transfer plate, calcium silicate board and ceramic fiber board?
Ceramic fiber boardCeramic fiber board product categories:1260 standard ceramic fiber board sygx-264 1260 high purity ceramic fiber board sygx-3641400 zirconium ceramic fiber board sygx-564 1400 high alumina ceramic fiber fire plate sygx-464D1400 zirconium ceramic fiber fire baffle sygx-564D
Q:What is the difference between ceramic fiber board and nano ceramic fiber board?
The traditional ceramic fiber board has good heat insulation, high temperature resistance to certain characteristics, widely used in kiln products, but this tradition also has some shortages, low intensity, high temperature and high pressure, there are restrictions on the application of kiln stress.
Q:Ceramic fiber plate and aluminium silicate plate are chosen as lining materials
Volume density is low: the density of the ceramic fiber lining is about 25% of the lining of the light heat insulation brick, about 10% of the lining of the light pouring material; adopting the fiber lining can greatly reduce the steel structure load of the furnace and prolong the service life of the furnace lining.
Q:What are the specifications of the ceramic fiber board?
Ceramic fiber board density in conventional 300-350Kg/m over 350Kg/m to fand, fand fireproof plate series.
Q:What are the differences between nano ceramic plate and ceramic fiber board?
Ceramic fiber board is a kind of ceramic fiber cotton produced by injection technology. It is made by continuous production and advanced technological production line.
Q:What are the uses of ceramic fiber boards?
According to the conditions of use, can be divided into:Fire dragon high purity ceramic fiber fire block HLGX-364DThe dragon high alumina ceramic fiber fireproof plate HLGX-464D
Q:What are the standards for ceramic fiber boards?
Ceramic fiber board is made of continuous production, water production line and advanced technology, ceramic fiber board produced with smooth surface, accurate size, good toughness, can be arbitrarily cut, good insulation effect and other performance characteristics.
Q:Is there any difference between ceramic silicon fiber board or ceramic fiber board?
Distinguishing.Ceramic silicon fiber board by long fiber silica, clay, talc, glaze etc. after 1150 degrees high temperature sintering, twenty-first Century revolutionary high-tech building materials. Characteristics: flexibility, high toughness, high strength, anti wind pressure; with homogeneous magnetized light ceramic surface, disposable, pores, anti pollution, is not easy to dust, mildew, antibacterial, deodorant, anti slip, no static, not fear of chemical erosion, such as acid, alkali, or even sulfate; fire, smoke, high temperature resistance, easy processing, cutting a hole.
Q:How much pressure can the ceramic fiber board withstand?
Ceramic fiber board divided by density, can be divided into ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber board density 250-260Kg/m fand; density, fand 300-350Kg/m;
Q:What method should be used to measure the thermal conductivity of fiberboard?
It is concluded that the test error of this method and device is about 2%. This filament ultra light aluminum silicate fiber product: the filament ultra light aluminum silicate product is by Shandong Zibo high quality burnt precious stone as raw material, passes through the smelting furnace, the rejection silk, blows the cotton, the auxiliary mold and so on to deliver the work procedure. Therefore, the thermal conductivity of fiberboard is chosen by heat flow meter method.

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