High Quality LED angle eyes led,Auto lighting system 6000k-6700k

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Factory price 5 inch 40W auto lighting system led spot light 
1.Stainless steel bracket 
2.high intensity LED 

1. Wide operating voltage range: it can apply to different types of vehicles .


2. Long life: more than ordinary advanced LED light bulbs, more than 30000 hours life .


3. Aluminum casing, shock-proof waterproof better.


4. Light perception: a softer light to prevent glare.


5. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can in the rain or harsh environments.


6. Lumen is 90-120LUMEN / W, much higher than ordinary halogen 20-30LUMEN / W.


7. One year limited warranty.


8. LED work lights are widely applied to enhance lighting, eg.Vessels,Bus,Off-road vehicles,Trucks,Fire Engines,Forklifts,Mining,Trains,Tanks,etc


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For a / not how much money
Q:2011 Dodge Caravan Engine light came on so I had it check at local auto supply store?
2010 Dodge Caravan Check Engine Light
Q:How to open the car headlamps
On the left side of the instrument, there is a large light symbol on the key, and it turns on
Q:Crown victoria auto theft question?
The light only blinks when the car is off. Wondering if maybe the anti-theft chip in the key system has been hacked, because the LED won't burn-out, there's no fuse or relay in the circuit to go bad. I have the wiring manual for my '02 Grand Marquis, which is basically the same car....Let me see where the blinker circuit goes ...
Q:What is the car headlamps?
Rainbow life is normally higher than fluorescent and incandescent
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Q:What is the car headlamp fog? Headlamp in the end is not sealed?
Not completely sealed, with vent, balanced air pressure. But the general water is not get into, if you always have fog lights, indicating that the headlamps lax, (lax is generally between the shade and the lamp shell, is between the transparent body and black plastic, with adhesive glue Together) need to find them to change.
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The use of components should be the same, but the size of the shape is not the same
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There are a pair places that coolant leaks and it rather is stressful to be certain. The passenger fringe of the motor has a tensioner assembly for the serpentine belt which has 2 plastic elbows that the coolant runs by using. those plastic elbows visit pot from the DEX Cool and leak down the fringe of the block. you will see it if the device is rigidity examined or if the coolant point is crowned up and the motor runs long adequate to pressurize the device. it rather is a pair of two.5 hour interest, no longer too stressful to do and the plastic elbows are a whopping $3.sixty 9 at any vehicle save. the different undemanding subject with coolant leaks is the decrease intake gasket. it is going to leak on the drivers fringe of the motor the place the intake manifold meets the block. you will see the oil and/or coolant leaking down the block utilising an outstanding flashlight after remocing the motor plastic cover.
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