high efficiency Food dehydrator TS-9688-3D01

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6000 kg/month

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Application:dried fruit、 Dried vegetable 、dried meat、dried seafood,dried drugs etc ,Solve the traditional problem

like: dried not health, mildew, time-consuming                 

1: hot air circulation system, low energy, high efficiency                                           

2: microcomputer control,35-70°Different food temperature regulation, as control.            

3: 5 layer of large capacity large bearing capacity, easy to use                                

4: material safety: Food-grade plastic tray machine body adopts imported food-grade PS material                                             

5:double protection, Base contains temperature regulator can stays on air temperature, and the thermal fuse to prevent electric dryer overheating



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2, the dynamometer to determine the percentage of pump full coefficient, the application of integrated data acquisition system can simultaneously get the motor power and show data.
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