semi-automatic dough divider rounder

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Product Description:

Bakery Shop Equipment Electric Semi-automatic Dough Divider Rounder

Product Description

Divider rounder




Oven Dim(mm)



Weight Range

Dough Divider and Rounder







Details vider rounder

1. Semi-Automatic design

2. Divides and round the dough to 30 equal pieces automatically.  

3. Plastic dividing plates

4. Divides and round the dough within 10 seconds. Improve working efficiency and save labor.

5. You can adjust the dough from 25g-100g according to your need.

Dough divider and rounder

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Q:Does the food machine require a production license?
Food machinery does not require a production permit.
Q:What standards should be used for food processing water equipment?
(1) soft water means less water dissolved by minerals, such as rain water and distilled water.(2) hard water refers to minerals with more water, especially calcium, salt, magnesium, salt and other salts. According to minerals contained in the waterHard water can be divided into temporary hard water and permanent hard water, depending on the quantity and composition of the substance. Temporary hard water: calcium and magnesium salts in water can be boiled, boiled, precipitated, stained, and decomposed into carbon dioxide and softened. 2 Permanent Water: calcium salts and magnesium salts in water can not be removed by heating.(3) alkaline water refers to water whose pH is more than 7.(4) acid water is water whose pH is less than 7.(5) salt water refers to water containing more sodium chloride.Water hardness refers to the amount of calcium dissolved in water. The total content of magnesium and other salts. Hardness degree of water is often used to indicate the degree of hardness of water in our country. 1 degrees D refers to 1L containing 10mg calcium oxide in water. The legal unit of measurement for water hardness is mmo1/L, and 1 degrees D equals 0.35663mmo1/L. Hardness can be divided into six kinds of water: 1 extremely soft water, 0~4 degrees d:2 soft water: 4~8 degrees D; 3 medium hard water, 8~12 degrees d:4 soft hard water, 12~18 degrees D; 5 hard water, 18~30 degrees D; 6 extremely hard water, more than 30 degrees D.
Q:The difference between principles of food engineering and principles of food processing
The relation between two principles of food engineering and food processing principle:The principle of food engineering principle including food processing, food engineering is a general term of a field, which involves a wide range, mainly from the perspective of the principle of mechanical principle, and the principle of food processing is a branch, mainly as a starting point to consider the nature of food processing operations.Related food majors, such as food science and engineering, or the specialty of food quality and safety, all of these two courses may be related to the principles of learning.
Q:What kind of machines do you need to buy a small meat processing plant?
See what you want to do.. The following provides equipment requirements for several meat products. Should be equipped with the production capacity of packaging equipment and transport tools.
Q:What is the future of the food machinery industry?
According to a survey of global major food processing machinery company of international famous research institutes, boldly predicted that the food processing industry will revolutionize the future ten years, which will bring new opportunities for the food processing industry. The development of food machinery industry is not currently Everything is going smoothly. food processing enterprises in China, the scale is relatively low, the shortage of funds, according to statistics, food processing machinery enterprises in China up to 45, but mechanical application is not common, mostly relatively backward equipment or relatively backward technology, seriously hindered the development of the industry. At present, many of China's food processing machinery enterprises will market alignment abroad, but Japan, Germany and Italy in food processing machinery industry occupies a very important position, their technical level of China's food processing machinery market has an overwhelming advantage, foreign market competition is fierce.
Q:Can Teflon be used in food processing equipment?
FDA certified can be used in food processing, but ultra high molecular polyethylene used in food processing equipment, the effect will be better than teflon!
Q:Industrial and commercial electric heating food processing equipment, including water purifiers?
The common water purifier does not include filtration and has no heating function
Q:Do the food processing officials have any requirements for the equipment?
No, the site selection is very important. It is related to whether you can get the production permit 1. The location is: 50 meters away from the pollution source. Garbage stations, hospitals, chemical sites, paint processing and so on.
Q:What is the role of food machinery and equipment in ensuring food quality and safety?
In food production and processing, there are many factors affecting its quality, among which the most important factor is from various pollution. How to solve the problem of pollution is an important aspect to ensure the quality of food. Food machinery and equipment play an important role in ensuring the quality of food.Food machinery and equipment for the effective prevention and control of pollution in the process of production, the first food processing machinery itself does not produce pollution, will not cause pollution to the environment; second no cross contamination; third reduced food and direct contact with the opportunity to reduce the sources of pollution.Food quality control, the key lies in the control of the production process, food machinery and equipment to ensure the production in the process of purification, isolation, on-line cleaning and sterilization, on-line monitoring and control and safety protection.
Q:Want to do food processing and machining, do not know what to do, there are any good projects and suggestions?
Advantages: 1, good job (regardless of men and women), as long as they are food enterprises, testers or quality control companies will have job hopping every year. The premise of this finding is that enterprises must recruit people2, inspector or quality management recruitment degree, usually in college, secondary school also, of course, some undergraduates will do, this education requirements are not too high3, work stability, as long as you want to seriously do, leadership will pay attention to

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