High Capacity Power Charger with CE, RoHS, FCC

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Product Description:

Type: Portable
Power Source: Electric
Battery Type: polymer  batteries
Capacity: 6800mAh
Dimension: 116*62*13mm
Weight: 154g
Input: 5V/1A
Output: 5V/1A 5V/2A
Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO14001,
Export Markets: Global

Gomeir 6800mAh High Capacity Power Charger with CE, RoHS, FCC

Product Description

Dual USB and big capacity portable power bank with lithium battery
Best Power Bank from professional mobile phone charger/power bank/phone battery manufacturer.
Fit for most of the portable electronic device charging any anywhere in anytime: Like cell phones as iPhone4/4s/5, blackberry, Samsung galaxy; Camera, video recorder, MP3, MP4, mini radio, mini speaker, GSP, PSP, iPod, iPad, and so on.

1). Fashion style designed and good quality guaranteed.
2). Through the smart IC chipset control, with thermistor rare trouble occured.
3). Steady and double current output allows the phone to charge in full speed.
4). Long cycle life. The mobile phone charger could recycling more than 500 times,
And can keep at least 85% capacity after using 300 times.
5). Perfect for using on travel, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, also ideal for extended calls, Playing games and listening music, convenient in carrying.
6). Safety control:
Anti-overcharge protection
Anti-discharge protection
Against over-current protection
Anti-explosion protection
Against short-circuit protection.

Powerful confidence.
GOMEIR Power Bank With enough power to top off your smartphone multiple times, travel abroad, spend a night on the town or do something more mundane - all with confidence your battery won't die.

Gomeir 6800mAh High Capacity Power Charger with CE, RoHS, FCC

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1.all of our products give 1 year warranty
2.man-made destroy will be exception
3.after the warrantee time, if we still in cooperation, we will give cost repairment if still can repair.

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