Hammer crusher|Impact crusher|Crushing equipment|heavy hammer crusher

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Hammer crusher|Impact crusher|Crushing equipment|heavy hammer crusher


Hammer crusher|Impact crusher|Crushing equipment|heavy hammer crusher

Heavy Hammer Crusher

Applicable aggregates: limestone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, coal gangue. It is also used for crushing wood and paper with strong fiber structure, flexibility and toughness or crushing asbestos cement waste to recycle asbestos fibers, and so on.

Capacity: 50-3000T/H

Feed size: ≤1200mm


I. Description

Xinxiang Dingli Mining Equipment has many years of manufacturing heavy hammer crushers with advanced structure, reliable performance, smooth operation and low energy consumption. The aggregates with particle size of 600-1200 mm can be crushed to 25 mm or less at one time. Heavy hammer crusher is suitable for crushing limestone and other medium hardness and brittle materials with compression strength not exceeding 150 MPa and calcium content higher than 40% such as limestone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, alum, brick, coal gangue.
II. Structure
    Hammer crusher is composed of shell, rotor, strike board, hammer, bracket, lining plate and other parts.

III. Features

High Capacity

Feed opening can be 1600mm maximum with the highest output up to 3,000 t/h. With the design in line with dynamics principle, the crushing chamber can increase the throughput, solve blockage problem of hammer crusher, and crush the wet material, which increases the output by 30% compared to similar products.

Crushing Once for the Required Shape

With large feed size, adjustable discharge size and reasonable grading of finished materials, the all-in-one machine of crushing and shaping can produce the aggregates in line with national standards for building. By crushing the materials to the required shape from three times to once, Dingli’s crusher helps reduce 35 % of equipment investment

Adjustable Discharge Size

Different from controlling the discharge size by the grid in the past, Dingli’s crusher adjusts the discharge size by simply adjusting the bolts with wrench, in such way, the bulk materials will take the initiative to avoid to reduce equipment damage and abrasion of hammers in the crushing cavity so that the life expectancy of hammers will increase 4-6 times.

Solid & Durable Parts

With patented & solid snail shell design and reinforcing bar on the back, the crusher is able to suffer strong internal and external impact force and boasted with high-quality wear parts, manganese-chromium alloy hammers, the lining plates throughout the crushing chamber, wear-resistant edge protection and never-damaged hammer discs.

Easy Maintenance

The crusher is equipped with 8 hammer shaft holes, 4 for backups. The observation doors are set up in many parts for easy observation of the functioning of the machine. The large size machines are also equipped with a hydraulic pump shaft for easy replacement of hammer, hammer shaft. The wear parts are all tightly bolted for easy demolition and time-saving maintenance.

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Q:what is the main working part of hammer crusher ?
the piston going up and down driving the hammer
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Q:What are some common crushing methods for crusher?
Crush crushing, impact crushing, impact crushing, others are not known
Q:What is a through crusher?
The crusher is a new kind of crushing equipment, its features are: small size, simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high production capacity, uniform particle size, and selective crushing effect, is a promising crusher equipment; the disadvantage is in hammer and impact plate especially easy to wear, especially for crushing hard ore, wear is more serious, the need for frequent replacement. At present due to some wear resistant materials, has been applied in some metal processing plants.
Q:What are the limestone crushers? A brief introduction to the limestone crusher
Limestone crusher with hammer crusher more efficient energy saving and environmental protection, the limestone of low hardness, high calcium content, ensure production at the same time, the power consumption is low, the powder rate is also low, then we must choose the hammer crusher. I hope I can help you.
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I doubt that there's anything of a convenient size that you could make. Even fairly soft rocks take a very great deal of energy to crush, and the sort of construction that can confine such force is necessarily very heavy. Even the Romans, who could do most anything with masonry, found it more economical to use alternatives to crushed stone.
Q:I want to purchage a crusher where is it available?
what kind of crusher? stone? head? finger?
Q:Refrigerator ice maker and motor for crusher question.?
Does the frig have a water outlet in the front door along with the ice dump paddle? If so, check to see if you have water coming from the water dispenser. If so, your plumbing is fine. If its a side by side frig, check to see if your mechanical arm is functioning (the one the ice hits when it tells it that its full). Your frig might be the type that has the IR invisible photo eye that triggers the stop. If it has the IR eye, check to make sure that the red LED comes on when you close the paddle on your left. I had the same problem recently on my kenmore elite side by side and i got all my parts off of OKorder and saved more than 50% off. My problem ended up being the actual ice maker unit itself ($48 including shipping from OKorder, sears wanted $150). Their was an internal broken piece inside the icemaker (icemakers aren't repairable, you have to replace the entire unit). Very easy to repair the system yourself. If you verify that water is up in your frig it can only be the following: -ice maker itself -IR send and reciever boards (board tells the water valve in the back when to turn on -water solenoid in back (very unlikely; very durable) -plugged or frozen line from top -or plugged water filter (unlikely if you get water coming out your door). good luck
Q:What are the common crusher parts?
What are the common crusher parts?1. jaw crusher, jaw plate, elbow plate, side guard plate, thrust plate, etc.2. the counterattack crusher strikes back the broken plate hammer and strikes back the lining plate3. hammer crusher mainly crusher head4. impact crusher, also known as sand making machine parts, mainly sand making machine, lining board, sand making machine, flow channel plate5. cone crusher wall of crushing wall (fixed cone lining plate, dynamic cone lining board)

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