Heat Conducting Oil flange end copper high pressure rotary joint

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Product Description:


heat conducting oil flange end copper rotary joint 
1. material: copper 
2. connection: flange 
3. high pressure 
4. media: oil

flange end copper high pressure rotary joint

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Product Description

 copper high pressure rotary joint

1. material: copper
2. type: one way high pressure rotary joint

3. connection: flange


Working Conditions:
Max Speed: 100RPM
Max Pressure: 1.8MPa
Max Temperature: 400°C
Medium: oil

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Q:Will the moving angle of the air conditioner indoor be harmful to the connecting pipe joint?
There's nothing wrong with the moving angle. Our unit air conditioning because moving, we have been disassembled and assembled several times (copper tubes are disk, installation and then stroke straight), there is no leakage problems.
Q:PVC how to deal with leaking water in the upper opening of three pipe joint of launching pipe?
And then find a PVC or half or more than half pipe cut off, the segments cut using UPVC glue in crack (crack, wrap) dry, you can prevent Water Leakage, but the specific will leak, will see you trap technology.
Q:things that are safe to use to make a marijuana pipe?
No. Use black pipe designed for direct burial. It has a green coating.
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Q:What's the difference between the half pipe joint and the branch seat?
The 2. branch pipe seat is widely used abroad in recent years, the branch for strengthening pipe connection, to replace the traditional use of different diameter three, reinforcing plate, strengthening pipe etc. branch connection type, which has the advantages of safety, lower cost, simple construction, improve media channel, standardization, series design has the advantages of convenient so, especially in high pressure, high temperature, large diameter and thick wall pipe is widely used, instead of the traditional branch connection method
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Q:G1/8 "pipe joint end special sealing WD-B02 is what mean
The sealing effect is better than the traditional O ring. The elastomeric seals are used as axial static seals for threaded oil and screw ends, and the cross section remains almost constant at high pressure.
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(1) Safety is not a goal because it can never be achieved but instead he viewed it as an effort that drivers and officials must constantly evaluate. (2) There is no finish line for safety.

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