HD SDI Megapixel CCTV Camera

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1080p hd sdi megapixel cctv camera
* 1/2.5-inch 1.0/1.3/2.0/3.0 Megapixel CMOS, include 3.6mm Fixed len

1080p hd sdi megapixel cctv camera


1. 1/2.5" progressive scan CMOS
2. 1080P megapixel IP waterproof camera
3. ICR auto switch for day/night function
4. CVBS local video , One way audio, POE power supply
5. 3.6/6MM night vision range
6. 1080P(1920*1080) real time encoding
7. 3.6/6mm lens optional
8. Compatible with ONVIF agreement


Sensor Chipset

Hi3516C+ Aptina 9P006

SpecificationsFixed Megapixel Waterproof Cameras
1) Dual stream encoding / H.264 compression mode
2) 1/2.5-inch 1.0/1.3/2.0/3.0 Megapixel CMOS, include 3.6mm Fixed lens
3) Night vision :30m(1440P:2560*1440@30fps 1080P:1920*1080@30fps/960P 1280*960/720P   1280*720)
4) Support Multi-Screen software and CMS
5) Support Protocol: TCP, UDP, IP, HTTP, SMTP, DHCP, DNS,ARP, ICMP, POP3, NTP, IPSec, UpnP, RTP, and RTCP
6) POE optional ( if needed,extra 5usd is needed)
7) Support Onvif, Compatible with Hikvision,dahua,keda,Milestone,NUUO etc.NVR
Features1. 1/2.5" progressive scan CMOS
2. 1080P megapixel IP waterproof camera
3. ICR auto switch for day/night function
4. CVBS local video , One way audio, POE power supply
5. 3.6/6MM night vision range
6. 1080P(1920*1080) real time encoding
7. 3.6/6mm lens optional
8. Compatible with ONVIF agreement
Package RemarkPackage: 1pcs in a box
Gross weight: 1.2kg/pcs
Size: 33.8*14.6*14.3cm
12 pcs in a carton;
Package size: 62*36*48cm
Gross Weight: 21.5kg/carton

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Q:Monitor the camera from the appearance of how to distinguish is not infrared
Second, the power test: a small number of camera light bulbs are not infrared, is white, this need to power, and then block the camera on the light sensor, so that the lamp work together. (White light bulb when working, the light is white, the human eye can be seen. Infrared light bulb is issued by the infrared light, the human eye is almost invisible, but the camera output screen is illuminated)
Q:Wireless remote monitoring camera farthest to monitor how far
Monitoring distance unlimited, there is a network can monitor ... have
Q:Night to monitor the infrared light is not bright because it is not open monitoring?
1: equipment power supply problems, open the infrared light to monitor the camera power is not open than the big, generally do not open when the 2 to 3 times the power, if the power quality, but the line is not enough, the total power supply UPS power is not enough Open the infrared light
Q:Monitor the difference between the camera 720p and 1200 lines
If the above, a little knowledgeable people, will be divided into digital systems or analog systems to use these two units, but the market there are many comrades of the three classes, and no matter what the system equipment, to 忽悠 on the 忽悠, so 1200 lines are also widely used in analog systems and digital systems, which is a bit messy.
Q:HD camera is said that his clarity, infrared camera is that it's night vision function, in order to highlight the main features of the name of a
3, PTZ is able to drive around the camera, up and down the rotation of the equipment, with it, you can achieve all-round camera within the classroom. In general, a fixed camera, can only see the classroom about 60% of the students, and the use of PTZ cameras can see the classroom in all directions and podium, blackboard. It can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Selection of JIYEL produced JY-8009 indoor indoor pan / tilt, with a small size, beautiful appearance.
Q:Yourself at home with a computer monitor how to install. Need to set up those. And installation steps
4. Install the camera cover, if you need to install the shield, in the second step, directly from here to install the shield. 3, the power adapter into the shroud; 4, reset the upper cover and rear baffle, straighten the cable (2), remove the cover plate and rear baffle; 2, out of the fixed metal sheet, the camera fixed; , Fixed, loaded on the bracket.
Q:Will monitor the camera should buy much. Room size of 8 meters 7 * 3 meters 3, is expected to use four camera monitoring head. Will the camera to buy much?
Hard disk can be used in two 500, the video can save about 45 days or so.
Q:How to choose to monitor the camera and video capture card?
Fifth: on-site monitoring and network monitoring When you determine the monitoring system installation, to consider whether the need for network functions, that is to say if you need to monitor the site at any time to monitor and control, you need to select a network-enabled monitoring host The To avoid the installation is complete but no network transmission function.
Q:Is the camera pixel taller the better?
Although the output of the picture is large, but the quality of the image has not been really effective to improve, and even there may be serious distortion. Only physical pixels high picture will be really clear.
Q:Monitor video recorder, how do two video recorders show a display? Video recorder can not be connected with the exchange of two video recorders
(If there is a public network IP, the network camera is connected to the switch, a monitor. The camera is connected to the video splitter's inbound interface: a webcam, and then four of the four outgoing interfaces are connected to two monitors and one video recorder.) If With a webcam (no public IP), industrial usage, when the video quality is poor. ) 3, usage, the video distributor should also BNC interface: 1, video recorder, you can store; 2 with a video recorder on the line, the network hard disk video recorder connected to the display, network DVR then a 2 VGA (HDMI) distributor

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