glass and mdf tv cabinet

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20000 set/month
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Product Description:

8*6*6mm tempered glass black
MDF legs
package:brown carton, 1pc/2ctns

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Process of Prodcution

1)What about the quality control?

Material purchase:Our material suppliers are steady and professional.We have 4 experienced purchaser,they all worked in this filed over 5 years. If the materials are not passed our standard,they will be returned.

When mass production, we have QC inspect all the production process,.including:welding,polishing,painting and packging

Before the loading,Our QC will check the quality again and make Inspection Report

2)How about the sample production?

Time:7-10 days

Sample fee:customers bear it,we will return it in the normal order

Freight:customers bear it

3)What is the MOQ?

100 sets,accept mix order container

4)Whether ODM service is available or not?

Yes,OEM or ODM.Both are available

5)What is the normal Payment Term?

T/T,L/C at sight,D/P,D/A and so on

6)What is the normal delivery time?

Metal beds:25-30 days/container

Coffee table,tv stand,dining set:20-25 days/container

7)How about the after-sale service?

We will add 2%-3% spare parts in each order,to make sure customers have replaceable one when using.

Warranty time:1 years(except the product damage caused by the customers)

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