Garden Sofa Furniture Rattan Outdoor Furniture B-256

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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

Product Description:


Material introduction:

1)  PE Rattan: UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly

2)  Aluminum: brand-new aluminum, not recycled. 1.2-1.5mm thickness, Strong structure and light weight with good powder coating.

3)  Fabric: 100% polyester , UV and water resistance, color optional, colorfast.

4)  Wood: Plywood, powder coating Aluminum frame.

Product series:

1.Chair series: patio chair, beach chair, folding chair, stackable chair, wicker chair, Rattan chair, wooden chair, cafe chair, coffee chair, Leisure chair, garden chair, Arm-chair, reclining chair ect.


2.Table series: Wooden table, rattan table, coffee table, wicker table, Garden table, patio table, dining table, picnic table, tea table, BBQ table ect.


3.Sofa Series: outdoor sofa, indoor sofa, rattan sofa, wicker sofa, two seat sofa, three seat sofa, combination sofa, single sofa, love seat, corner sofa, leisure sofa, sofa bed, round sofa ect.


4.Others:Couch,canopy,gazebo,swing,hammock,footrest,bench,lounger,chaise longue, sun umbrella, garden furniture in sets, cane furniture ect.

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Q:Why does my cat pee on the sofa?
First of all, In my opinion, do not use a water spray bottle on your pet. It will only stress it out more as any physical discipline will. Second, cleaning the litter boxes daily may help. Cats like clean litterboxes. I prefer the scoopable litter. Makes cleaning much easier. Third, if your cat has already peed on your sofa, how did you get the scent out? Try using those enzyme cleaners which eat the odor causing bacteria, You do not want the cat returning to urinate or spray in the same place. It sounds like he is trying to communicate something. He is unhappy about something. Get a sisal rope scratching post sprinkled with catnip? This might get his mind off what is bothering him. Place a washable waterproof mattress cover with fitted sheet temporarily over your couch. The urine won't soak into your sofas fabric and you can wash out the accidents. Do you give your kitty attention for 10-15 minutes immediately when you come home from work or do you just ignore him? Try giving it more attention, toys, catnip, calm environment, and treats now and then. Maybe it is just seeking more attention. If he does pee on the sofa while you are home don't yell at it or punish it in any way. This will only create stress for him. Gently pick him up and place him in a just cleaned litter box and sroke his head afterwards. Reward his good behaviour when he does pee in the litter box with a treat, extra attention, or catnip and he may eventually learn that using the litter box is a positive experience. Also, I believe many things can upset animals, like household commotion, loud music or noises, harsh or toxic cleaning chemicals or room and carpet deodorizors. Do some more research online. there is a wealth of information out there and something will work. It just takes time, patience, compassion, and understanding. Good Luck.
Q:can you repaint a white leather sofa?
You can`t wash leather, that may be why the color is fading, You also can`t paint leather. The color is done during the tanning process. Try throwing your leather shoes or jacket in the washing machine and see what happens. You should of thought of that before buying white furniture
Q:Outdoor rattan furniture can really do maintenance tips for the sun and rain the chair?
All right。 In Xi'an [] Wang Xuan rattan chair factory bought a table and two chairs before me, put the yard with a long time, exposed to the weather and rain, no problem.Because the rattan chairs generally use the PE and PE are rattan, rattan after sunscreen waterproof mildew treatment, usually have no problem completely exposed to the weather and rain.Maintenance is directly wet cloth can wipe. Usually careful not to use sharp objects to scratch, or cigarette butts and the like hot, and so on, you can
Q:suede sofas?
Is it suede or microfiber? If it's a microfiber sofa, a damp cloth should do the trick.
Q:What is the difference between a sleeper and a sofa?
a sleeper is a sofa or love seat (or occasionally a chair) that opens out into a bed. that means that the furniture itself folds out into a sleeping surface.
Q:How can I prevent my cat from scratching the sofas?
One thing is absolutely certain. You will never stop a cat from scratching but you can divert his claws from your sofa, furnishings or carpet to something more appropriate. It is relatively easy to stop your cat scratching your furniture. First you must buy or make him a scratching post.Whenever you see your cat scratching the furniture tell him NO... or AH-AH in a firm voice, then gently pick him up and take him to the scratching post. Do this is a very gentle way so as not to scare him. Place his paws on the scratching post and simulate scratching. Praise him and tell him 'Good Kitty' and stroke him to make it an enjoyable pleasant experience. You will have to be diligent at first and try to catch him in the act of scratching your furniture. Never punish him for scratching inappropriately but praise him well when he does the right thing. It's all about reward and pleasant experiences. Good Luck!
Q:drunk boyfriend snoring on the sofa?
First attempt to wake him to have go shower and go to bed with you, if that doesn't all means leave him there, make warm and go get youself comfortable for the night and sweet dreams. When you both wake up and have clear heads tell him about how annoyed you are by his actions and ask him to do something different at the end of the day with his drining and sleeping. Good Luck!
Q:What is better quality sofas Lane or La-z-boy? Only intrested in these 2 brands.?
I don't know about the sofas, but I own a Lane recliner - we've had it for 6 years now and it still looks and feels new. The cushions are all still firm and the padded arms are still fluffy - not all floppy like the cheap ones get after awhile. Oh - and it gets MAJOR use too - it's not just sitting in a room looking pretty. I haven't heard real great or bad things about La-z-boy (other than they're overpriced), but I'd buy a sofa from Lane in a heartbeat, but that's just my opinion. Good luck!
Q:How about rattan furniture. How about the rattan furniture? What's the price?
Rattan furniture raw materials, expensive workmanship than imitation rattan complex, prices are more expensive, but practical, generally used longer.
Q:Air-O-Space Sofa keeps loosing air. What should I do?
The problem with inflatable furniture is that even a hole too small to see is going to allow enough air to escape over time to deflate your sofa. And since the hole could be anywhere, it's not going to be easy to find. If you could submerge the entire thing, you would be able to see air escaping, but that's not very practical. If it's still brand-new, you could try exchanging it for another one, but even then, it's only a matter of time before some seam weakens, or some small sharp object pokes a new hole.

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