Garbage Compactor Truck EUR IV 16m3 (QDZ5160ZYSA)

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Product Description:

 Garbage Compactor Truck  EUR IV 16m3  (QDZ5160ZYSA)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:QL11109KARY/DFL1120B4/DFL1250A11



Certification:ISO9000, CCC, TS16949, EPA, EEC, RoHS, CE, CE, ISO9000



Emission Standard:Euro 3


Transmission Type:Automatic

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:6×4









Emission:Euro IV



Brand Name:HOWO

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.






Origin:Hubei, China

Production Capacity:20000PCS/Month

Product Description

Chassis Information
Chassis modelQL11109KARYDFL1120B4DFL1160BX5DFL1250A11DFL1250A11
Drive type4× 24× 24× 26× 46× 4
Dimension Parameter
Overall dimension (L*W*H) (mm)7360*2300*25158250*2450*32509000*2495*32009760*2500*33509760*2500*3350
Front / Rear suspension (mm)1110/20251430/23201430/25701460/23501460/2350
Wheel base (mm)3815450047004350+13004350+1300
Wheel No.22233
Front/ Rear track (mm)1680/16501880/18601880/18601986/18601986/1860
Weig h t Parameter
GVW (kg)1090012495160002500025000
Payload weight (kg)4255500080001007010070
Kerb weight (kg)6480730078051480014800
Front / Rear axle (T)4T / 7T4.5T/9T5T/10T7T/10T7T/10T
Engine Parameter
Model4HK1-TCG40ISDe180 40ISDe210 40ISDe245 40ISDe245 40
ManufacturerQinglingDongfeng CumminsDongfeng CumminsDongfeng CumminsDongfeng Cummins
Horsepower (hp)189180210245245
Displacement / power (ml/kw)5193/1394500/1326700/1556700/1806700/180
Emission StandardEuro IVEuro IVEuro IVEuro IVEuro IV
Control typemanualmanualmanualmanualmanual
Gear Shift6forward and 1reverse speeds6forward and 1reverse speeds6forward and 1reverse speeds8 forward and 1reverse speeds8 forward and 1reverse speeds
Tyre No.6+1 spare tyre6+1 spare tyre6+1 spare tyre10+1 spare tyre10+1 spare tyre
Leaf spring No.8/10+67/9+68/10+88/98/9
Typeflat roof cab with A/Cflat roof cab with A/Cflat roof cab with A/Cflat roof cab with A/Cflat roof cab with A/C
Up-load Special Parameter
Volume7M 310 M 315 M 318 M 322 M 3
Cargo material16Mn16Mn16Mn16Mn16Mn
Thickness of the cargoSide 4mm, bottom 5mmSide 4mm, bottom 5mmSide 4mm, bottom 5mmSide 5mm, bottom 6mmSide 5mm, bottom 6mm
Amount of oil cylinderScraper cylinder: 2pcsScraper cylinder: 2pcsScraper cylinder: 2pcsScraper cylinder: 2pcsScraper cylinder: 2pcs
Slide plate cylinder: 2 pcsSlide plate cylinder: 2 pcsSlide plate cylinder: 2 pcsSlide plate cylinder: 2 pcsSlide plate cylinder: 2 pcs
Hopper cylinder: 2 pcsHopper cylinder: 2 pcsHopper cylinder: 2 pcsHopper cylinder: 2 pcsHopper cylinder: 2 pcs
Pushing plate cylinder: 1pcsPushing plate cylinder: 1pcsPushing plate cylinder: 1pcsPushing plate cylinder: 1pcsPushing plate cylinder: 1pcs
Bin lifter cylinder: 2pcsBin lifter cylinder: 2pcsBin lifter cylinder: 2pcsBin lifter cylinder: 2pcsBin lifter cylinder: 2pcs
Operation systemElectrical system       (PLC Auto is optional)Electrical system       (PLC Auto is optional)Electrical system   (PLC Auto is optional)Electrical system   (PLC Auto is optional)Electrical system       (PLC Auto is optional)

Garbage Compactor Truck  EUR IV 16m3  (QDZ5160ZYSA)

Garbage Compactor Truck  EUR IV 16m3  (QDZ5160ZYSA)

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