fuel tanker truck with HOWO chassis

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Product Description:

Model: CLY5257GJY

Overall size (mm)

9300(L)* 2500(W)*3200 (H)

Wheel base (mm)


Min. ground  clearence(mm)


Min.  turning diameter(m)


Max. Speed (km/h)




Sino truck



Steering system

Power steering, ZF8098 steer machine



Brake system

Front axle is disc brake, rear dual axle is  drum brake


Common tyre,  amount:10+1, type: 11.00-20






Max. Power (hp)


Engine type

L6,four strokes, water cooled, supercharged inter-cooling diesel  engine, EGR

Fuel type

Diesel oil

Tank body parameter

Tank actual volume(m3)

21.5, optional for 15-25m3

Tank actual dimension(mm)


Tank material

Carbon steel Q235


aluminum  alloy DN80

Discharge rubber hose

2 set

Tank mouth

Two, Carbon steel, diameter: Φ500

Oil pump

circular-arc cogwheel  pump, 80YHCB-60

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Q:What are the procedures or documents required for the trans shipment of diesel products by the tanker?
1. One is a road transport operation permit for a transportation company, and the scope of operation requires flammable liquid classification. 2. transport vehicles have the relevant categories of transportation permit, 3. is the driving license and driver license and road danger goods supercargo card
Q:What are the requirements for fire extinguishers equipped with an oil tank?
Regularly check the oil tank in the oil tank, too little or impurities, to replace the lubricating oil, there are problems to check the force box, mechanical wear, disassembly, cleaning and replacement of wear parts.Ball valve through the medium is too dirty, in order to protect the sealing ring, improve the service life of the ball valve, the ball should not be a long time in a semi closed half open state, otherwise it is easy to make the tanker seal deterioration, in driving the valve handle should be in the closed state.The tanker refueling site should be set by the cross-sectional area of not less than 4mm2 copper core wire is connected to a special clamp, breaking crocodile paint etc. so as to be connected with the connecting chuck, loading and unloading tank car body; and the other end should be connected to the grounding device.
Q:How do you make money?
The main way to make money: by transport of oil, earn freight. Second: Earn oil price difference. Oil products are shipped from the oil depot, as long as the vehicle has legitimate procedures, operating permits and other relevant documents, you can operate normally.
Q:There are three kinds of oil on an oil tank. How should they be unloaded?
Sharing one, it is necessary to adjust the closed valve according to the characteristics of the piping layout, each compartment must be reserved with a sub valve, close the other two compartment valve, open the unloading tank of the sub valve, and then open the pipe valve.
Q:What special documents do you need for the tanker?
Need to open A2 driver's license tankers. At least three years of driving experience. It is impossible to achieve the qualification certificate for dangerous goods transportation within two years. Because of the dangerous goods transportation qualification certificate, you must obtain the certificate of general merchandise transportation qualification, and then take the exam after two years.
Q:How to operate the tanker operation skills correctly and skillfully?
First of all, can not be too frequent change gear, the gearbox has a great influence on the frequent replacement gear of the vehicle, and the service life of the vehicle transmission gear using a negative frequency ratio between the shift gearbox more frequent vehicle service life is short, so the vehicle drivers should pay attention to to develop good habits with stalls, prolong the service life and reduce unnecessary losses;Secondly, drive on the road should be timely understanding of traffic information, weather information, the latest news timely travel to avoid dangerous road, traffic information to adjust the route according to the traffic broadcast station, to ensure safe and effective to the destination;
Q:How much is the 24 side of the tanker?
Generally 0.84--0.86g/cm^3, that is, the density of 0.85 kg per liter or so, about 1 tons of about 1176 liters, then 19.92*1176=23425.92 liters, tanker manufacturers, the phone is the user name.
Q:The tanker (tanker) what is the role of lower oil export
Hydrodynamic design of internal structures that minimize internal pressure at high flow rates. The export adopts flat bottom structure, when the joint is disassembled, there is no oil leakage, so it is safe and reliable.
Q:The relationship between a large tank and an insulated tank in an oil tank?
Hello, big oil tank truck and tank insulation materials is quite different, mainly choose not to see you for what, then decided to use the tank or tank insulation materials, related issues such as the allocation of price for your professional answer
Q:How about adding water to the tank in the gas station?
If you are asking a gas station to empty water into an empty tank, then the following are the reasons for tank water flooding:1, tank tilt, water injection after adjustment position, water injection anti floating;2, oil pressure test, suspected tank leakage, water pressure test leak;3. Tank cleaning time is longer, tank cleaning operation after water injection;4, tank change tank, tank pressure test leakage, water injection, ready for tank operation.

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