CIMC LINYU 10-15m3 fuel tanker truck

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Product Description:

Model: CLY5162GJY

Overall size (mm)

8150(L)* 2500(W)*2940 (H)

Tank body dimension(mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Min. ground  clearence(mm)


Min.  turning diameter(m)


Max. Speed (km/h)




Sino truck



Steering system

Power steering, integral power steer machine



Brake system

Dual circuit air-pressure braking system


Common tyre,  amount:6+1, type: 10.00-20






Max. Power (hp)


Engine type

L6,water-cooled,  supercharged inter-cooling electrical  direct injection diesel engine, common rail

Fuel type

Diesel oil

Tank body parameter

Tank actual volume(m3)

14, optional for 10-15m3

Tank actual dimension(mm)


Tank material

Carbon steel Q235


aluminum  alloy DN80

Discharge rubber hose

2 set, 5m length

Tank mouth

One, Carbon  steel, diameter: Φ500

Oil pump

circular-arc cogwheel  pump, 60-YHCB-30F

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Q:What is the oil tanker loading system??
The canned also called bottoms oil system, the main components of the bottom tank is provided with a tail gas recovery system, leak proof system, bottom valve, oubiao tank mouth, control head, SO2 socket, anti-static system, bottom canned API joint no..
Q:Can aluminum tank truck withstand high temperature?
Not to mention high temperature resistance. Pay attention to your oil. The oil tanker will still have to pay attention to.
Q:What are the procedures required for the tankers?
The tanker owners need to prepare on the ID card, the affiliated company organization code certificate, sales invoices, tanker vehicle certificate, original policy and technical parameters.
Q:Selection of tire for oil tanker
Steel tire:Also known as the radial tire, he is a tire structure, that is to say, the internal structure of the tire is steel wire.The steel wire can be a vacuum tire or an inner tube tyre.Vacuum tyres are usually made of steel wire.Dangerous goods transport vehicle does not specify what kind of tire, the general dangerous goods transport vehicle will not overload, vacuum steel tire is recommended.
Q:Do you have a gas tanker with complete formalities?
If you buy second-hand car, then after second times the use of vehicles almost express waste, such cars can not be sold again, but you are buying a new car, when you do not want to use a few years later, the price can be sold to others, then how to say there are also buying half of their time the use of money
Q:The end of the tank truck has a chain that is dragged to the ground. Why is that?
There are two kinds of chains in the rear of the tanker. One is the iron chain on the spare tire rack, and the other two is the anti-skid chain. The tail of the tank is also equipped with an electrostatic tape used for removing static electricity. It is a black strip made of insulating plastic and copper wire. Please look carefully.
Q:10T diesel oil tank car 10T diesel, the tank level is what?
It cannot be determined according to the liquid level in the tank height. The fox said: level 100%Because the length of the jar cannot be determined, the longer the pot, the lower the height.
Q:What are the configuration of the semi-trailer?
Semi trailer generally have two kinds of structure, one is the gooseneck, one is straight, the most commonly used gooseneck, with three 13 tons of Fu Bridge, can also choose the BPW bridge, 16 tons of brakes, 90 traction saddle, four channel ABS, ZhengXin rims, Fengshen 12 vacuum tyre.
Q:What do you do with the tank truck?
The safety valve and filter net shall be inspected and cleaned regularly!5 tank and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. The tanker regularly checks whether the piping system is well connected and the sealing is reliable!6: Tanker should be in accordance with the specifications for installation of electrostatic, electrostatic high concentration when the combustible gas encountered remnants of the car, exploded for automobile body with static electricity, friction and frequent, easy to produce static space can effectively out of electrostatic hazards, ensure the body from harm
Q:How will the tanker get punished for reselling petrol?
If it is in the petrochemical plant or chemical industry, then seriously point out that you are reselling small, big is stealing property, usually is fined money (large amount), and then expelled.

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