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Square: solid, bar. Different from the square tube, hollow, belong to the tube.Steel (Steel): steel ingot, billet or steel is made by pressure processing need of various shapes, sizes and materials. Steel is an important material of national construction and the realization of the four modernizations essential, wide application range, wide variety, according to the different steel section shape,generally divided into profiles, plates, pipes and metal products four categories, in order to facilitate the organization of production of steel,ordering supplies and do well in the management work, and is divided into theheavy rail, light rail, large steel, medium section steel, small steel, steel cold-formed steel, high-quality steel, wire rod, plate, sheet, electrical silicon steelsheet, strip steel, seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, metal products and other varieties.

The calculation formula of square steel


Pinyin: F NGG a ng.

The theory calculation formula of square steel weight: side length0.00785=kg/m * *

Similar bar and steel, six angle steel, octagonal steel. See GB/T GB 702-2008hot-rolled steel bar size, shape, weight and tolerances



From the appearance is mainly divided into two kinds:

Slab: section width, high ratio of the larger, mainly used for rolling sheet.

Billet: section width and height, equal, or difference, is mainly used for rollingsteel, wire. ,

2 use


Steel billet is originally, through processing can be used for making machinery parts, forging, machining of various steel products, steel wire is Q345B channel steel, billet role.

The billet is used for semi-finished steel production, are generally not directly for social use. Steel billet and steel is the strict division standard, not to Is it right? Enterprise final product to determine the whole society, and according to the unified standards to implement. Under normal circumstances, steel billet and steel is relatively easy to distinguish, but for some steel billet, with the same specification and the same purpose and steel (such as rolling tube), bywhether for other industries using, whether through steel processing process,whether through the finishing mill processing to distinguish. [1]

3 material


Continuous casting square and rectangular blank mainly in plain carbon steel,low carbon low silicon cold rolled material, the high quality carbon steel, low alloy high strength steel, special steel as representative.

Production process

The billet is through three kinds of process production:

One is through continuous casting equipment for steelmaking system, by the molten steel directly casting into billets;

Two of the steelmaking system in production of steel ingot or billet through the rolling system of rolling equipment processed steel semi-finished products;three is the production of steel ingot on steelmaking system through the semi finished products forging equipment processing out. [1]

4 the market trend


1, the domestic crude steel output high

Although the last time the domestic steel market has been relatively sluggish,and steel lose win less, but it does not seem to affect the production enthusiasm of steel enterprises. According to China Steel Association statistics show: in early April, key enterprises in the average daily output of crude steel1697300 tons, the estimated average daily output of 2123900 tons of crude steel. The average daily output of crude steel in mid April mid chain although the decline, but still in high level. According to statistics, the national key enterprises in mid April crude steel daily output of 1689100 tons, the nationalestimate of average daily output of 2115800 tons of crude steel. Such a largeyield contrast sharply with the low demand, are important factors in billet pricesdownward drag.

2, needs no significant improvement of billet

Although has entered the traditional steel demand season, but the actualdemand of the billet and without any improvement, and even in parts of the weak in March, which makes the firm more pessimistic on the market in May. At present, Tangshan market, dispatching billet for rolling the operating rate of less than 80%, and the rolling material factory procurement cautious inventory control in the low. Terminal market more weak, steel, timber rising slightlyweakened purchasing immediately; and after the price, demand has no substantial improvement.

3, Tangshan billet stock decline

It is understood that the billet stocks of major library of Tangshan area in Aprilbegan to decline, as of April 28th, Tangshan billet stock at around 1250000 tons, than the high point fell about half. But there are also firms revealed:some resource is the large library to the hands of traders, in fact moreinventory than statistics, and billet 1250000 tons of inventory is about 2.5times the same period last year.

In addition, network analysts in China industry insight that the macroeconomic situation of weakening, steel and iron and steel industry more negative newsthe credit crisis will be on billet having adverse. But considering the steel production has been in a loss of status, made the billet has some resilience;and five one small long vacation before billet prices come down quickly, it is possible to postganglionic manufacturers took the opportunity to pull up to a certain way.

5 material standard


The thickness range: 150-240mm +/-5mm width range: 880-1530mm +/-20mm

Length: 3700-10000mm +/-500mm

Cross sectional size: 64*64; 82*82; 98*98; 124*124; 120*150; 152*164;152*170mm

Length: 9000mm

Tolerance: the billet section: +1.0/-2.0----+3.0/-1.0mm:: +/-2.0MM thicknessslab width: +/-3.0MM

Tolerances on length: +/-200MM

Section diagonal tolerance: 3.5-8.0MM

Billet section dimensions dendritic requirements: <1242MM, =1242MM, <=2MMdoes not allow >1242MM, <=3MM;

Guillotine (shear) expansion deformation: the <1242MM billet: no control; slab: <=15MM

The surface tilt: no more than the blank section 0.1

Bending: each 1M length of not more than 10MM

Distortion: length <=5M, <=11. The length of <=7.5M, <=5.

The material chemical composition of 3SP/PS%:C Mn Si S P

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