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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

1. Range of Application

PVC insulated wire is fit for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below of domestic electrical appliances of smaller size motorized tools of instruments of various meters and motorized lighting installations.

2. Service Conditions

Working temperature: Not more than 105oC for RV-105 model.The other no more than 70oC.

2. Product Characteristic:

Insulation Material: PVCModel Number: BV

Type: Low Voltage

Application: lighting in residential

Conductor Material: Copper

Jacket: PVC

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Rool or as your request

Delivery Detail:

7-30 days or as customers' demand


Copper Wire

1. pvc insulated copper cable
2.with more than14 years experiences
3.electro galvanized wire
4.Facotry price



Nominal area of conductor

of Wires



wires single phase

(Max.) per
km. @20°C

Sq. mm





































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Q:Pvc pipe and pvc line what is the difference
Look at the next board to connect to the TV that line is loose, no words would be a good warranty
Q:6000 watts of electrical appliances to be large wire bearing
For example: 1000 watts of light to how much wire ah? I want to install a basketball court stadium lights, 4 × 1000 watts, the line is to walk around, each lamp a switch, FireWire with 4 square copper, zero line four common, is 4 square copper, I do not know Is it possible? What is the price of copper? According to my line to the line of the budget about how much? (The stadium around the 30m × 18m this problem is divided into two cases: the principle of power supply: the distance from the long calculation of the pressure drop, the distance from the short diameter of the wire on the capacity to say that 1000W lights with 1.5 square lines on the line But you have to ensure that there is a voltage of not less than 200V on the target, which requires that the resistance of the wire be less than 20V / 5A = 4 ohms. If the long distance from the power supply, please tell the distance and requirements (with aluminum or copper), I give you a calculation. If the four lights, with three-phase electricity better, two of which Each phase of a lamp, the other phase with two lights, each lamp with 1.5 square feet, zero line with 1.5 square enough. We all know that with three-phase power line is it. If it is single-phase power supply, shared zero Line should be 6 square, this is the design requirements, you can use the amount of fine, no matter what.
Q:Yc rubber cable and wdzn yjv What is the difference
In general, the choice of how much wire and voltage relationship is not great, mainly to see the current, the voltage is only that the insulation layer of the insulation level, the general wire can be achieved, so do not consider, 16A current can Select 2.5 square millimeters of copper wire, which is the national standard, 2.5 square copper wire allows long-term load current: 16A - 25A
Q:What is the role of the two-color wire and monochrome wire?
It can be used for voice system termination, can also be used as a data system termination
Q:How do I find out what my wire is rated for my electrical wire?
If you need to know the answer its likely you don't have a decent crimping tool, without this you will only cause the terminations to burn up. Also the highest capacity crimp is still not big enough for most showers. The showers I have wired allow the right size cable to be terminated in connectors or terminal posts which are suitably large enough to allow the wiring to be wrapped without the use of crimps.
Q:Bathroom electrical wiring question?
The electrician confused you some what,and by code a bathroom can be on its own 20 amp circuit Hit your light switch first for a hot feed then tie in your receptacle and make sure it is a GFCI receptacle. The code states that a bathroom can be on its own circuit (20) amp or the lighting can be on a circuit and the GFCI receptacle must be on a 20 amp circuit. In most cases they tie the GFCI's on a 20 amp circuit and use 14/2 for lighting. Good Luck :)
Q:How does information travel through the following media Help!?
Information can be transmitted via several methods: Electromagnetic Pulses. Electrical Waves. Radio Waves. Sound Waves. Light Waves. Now you figure out which goes with each one.
Q:Do you think it's hilarious when people screw up electrical wiring on home renovation shows?
Yeah it starts off sluggish with the shush and ends with wanting a comprehensive demolition until someplace inbetween you hit upon a superb initiating that relatively worth saving. existence should not be so challenging.
Q:standard electrical wiring system for street lighting?
Most standard street lights are owned by municipalities, not by private owners. They are typically cobra head style fixtures and are fed with underground wiring from a utility transformer. Some smaller circuits may be 240 volts, but larger and longer circuits are usually 480 volts due to limitations on voltage drop. The most efficient lighting source is high pressure sodium, which has an orange glow. This provides the best lumens per watt. In higher-end areas, metal halide may be used as a light source, which has a white glow. This provides better color rendition, but has fewer lumens per watt than high pressure sodium. All American electrical systems are 60 Hertz.
Q:electrical wiring problems please help?
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