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Fiberglass signs is a traffic safety products, a road traffic signs, materials fiberglass, fiberglass material because no recovery value, also known as anti-theft signs. Road traffic signs warning the ban is passed instructions with text and images to drivers and pedestrians to manage road traffic safety facilities. It gives the exact road users to road traffic information to enable the smooth flow of road safety, a matter of life and property safety of drivers and pedestrians, is an indispensable traffic safety ancillary facilities.

Reflective film adhesion properties

Hand lay fiberglass materials, processes for handmade, natural cooling products, resin with hardener reaction occurs under natural conditions, often accompanied by gas production, so easy blistering after affixed reflective film, and, manual operation, because people it is often uneven wall thickness and other factors, is not suitable for mass production.

Extruded fiberglass craft. Subject to the requirements of due process, extruded fiberglass surface uneven, with pores, so lack of reflective film adhesion. Therefore, it is inappropriate to make traffic signs backplane.

Molded fiberglass. Molded fiberglass is molded under heat and pressure, surface flat, reflective film adhesion to meet the requirements. According to the Ministry of Transportation test reflective film adhesion properties for signs bottom experiment five minutes later, stripping length of reflective film is 3-4mm, significantly less than the requirements of the standard 20mm.

Strong wind load

After the hand lay-up FRP materials, the hand lay fiberglass signs on the water a month later to do stretching, bending test, the intensity decreased by 50%, since the material is not at a high temperature, high pressure molding, interior materials have bubbles, bubble water to carry out hydrolysis, the material greatly affect the strength, not for mass production.

PVC with strength aluminum panels are too low, probably in 10-20Mpa, on the coast, the wind will be able to board at the connection point to blow off.

Extruded fiberglass craft, longitudinal tensile strength is not enough.

Molded fiberglass. Molded fiberglass is molded under heat and pressure, mechanical strength, transverse and longitudinal direction force is uniform. Strength 80Mpa more


FRP materials aging in the atmosphere mainly solar radiation, high temperature, humid air and the mechanical action of wind and rain, resulting in fiberglass resin surface off, exposing the white silk, weight loss, while the ultraviolet light degradation of the active substance, oxidation, fiberglass color yellowing. For the above phenomenon, must join the anti-aging agents, anti-UV agents, delay the aging process. Signage is used outdoors, when it rains, the water resistance of different resins big difference, phthalic unsaturated resin is better than vinyl unsaturated resin water resistance. Therefore, it is important for selecting the appropriate resin on the plate.

Anti-aging performance parameters and test methods specified in Table 2, the Ministry of Transportation sign resin floor.

Low cost

To save costs, reduce waste, more conducive to customer acceptance, demand for small flag shape a mold. Minimize waste.

Currently, the market triangular signs 70090011001300, 60080010001200 garden party license plate 1 m * 2 meters, the company has opened a mold can be mass-produced.

There are ribs on the back of the structure, used to enhance the overall strength of the product. And nuts embedded in the production process into products, convenience products with hoop screw connection, the product cost is lower than the aluminum plate of the same thickness, more conducive to market acceptance.

Signs board FRP technology, is an ideal and sophisticated traffic signs.

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Q:What is the difference between plastic doors and windows and steel doors and windows?
Through the cutting, welding, etc. made of doors and windows of the frame fan, equipped with sealing tape, tops, hardware and other accessories made of doors and windows, in order to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length of the cavity need to add reinforced steel (steel Lining), this kind of doors and windows called plastic doors and windows.
Q:The development of steel profiles
China's steel production capacity has reached 5 million tons / year. Most manufacturers can not fully play the capacity, there is a serious overproduction and homogenization of competition. China's steel profiles common national standard is GB / 8814-2004, access to national inspection-free enterprises are also referred to this standard production. Different from Europe and the United States, China's single type of profiles, the market is the bulk of the 60MM Pingkai doors and windows series of profiles and 80MM push-pull series of doors and windows profiles. The above two specifications account for more than 80% of the total consumption.
Q:Bathroom plastic door with what material to do
Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) doors and windows 1) abroad to alkali-free glass fiber reinforced, the product surface finish is better, no need to deal with the system can be used directly to the window. Domestic self-developed glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows profiles generally with alkali glass fiber reinforced, the surface of the profile after grinding, available electrostatic powder coating, surface coating and other technical processes, access to a variety of colors or texture of the decorative effect. 2) Do not use high-alkali glass fiber made of profiles. 3) FRP doors and windows profiles have a high longitudinal strength, under normal circumstances, you can not enhance the steel. But the doors and windows size is too large or high wind pressure requirements, should be based on the use of requirements to determine the enhanced approach. The transverse strength of the profile is low. Fiberglass doors and windows frame for the assembly of the turret, the joints need to use sealant seal to prevent leakage of the gap.
Q:PVC plastic profiles dip in the seam, how to deal with seamless docking
Fill too much for the current market price of profiles is low, and the pattern of rising raw material prices, profile manufacturers are to reduce the cost of the article, the formal profile manufacturers through the optimal combination of formula is not to reduce the quality of the premise, Cost; some manufacturers are in reducing costs while also reducing the quality of products. As a result of the ingredients of the formula, the most direct and effective way is to increase the filler, in the PVC-U plastic profile commonly used filler for the calcium carbonate. Most of the previous formula system is to add heavy calcium, the purpose is to increase the rigidity and reduce costs, but the calcium particles because of their irregular shape and relatively thick particle size and PVC resin body compatibility is poor, so the number of its added Low, and the number of copies will increase the color and appearance of the impact. Now with the development of technology, most of the use of ultra-fine light activated calcium carbonate, and even nano-calcium carbonate, which not only play a role in increasing rigidity and filling, but also has the role of modification, but its filling is not Infinitely, the proportion should be controlled. Now some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of calcium carbonate added to 20-50 copies, which greatly reduces the physical and mechanical properties of profiles, resulting in this chapter referred to the phenomenon of brittle profile.
Q:Plastic steel profiles how to open V mouth
V-shaped mouth, no matter how much your profile, are the width of the atrium divided by 2 plus 3 mm. It's up. Such as the dome width of 5 cm, then the depth of V is 5 cm divided by 2 and then minus 3 mm is the depth of 2.1 can be adjusted
Q:Will the model of steel profiles (such as 88-type extrusion profiles, 80 extrusion profiles) is based on what to develop ah
Press the bottom width. Plastic steel profiles are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbers, etc., by extrusion of the profile. Ordinary steel profiles will be deformed, the color is relatively monotonous, usually white, if you want to change the color will add PVC with the film, a long time the PVC film will fade.
Q:How many meters of a conch plastic steel profile
The length of the material factory standard is 6m Frame material is generally a bundle of four, or a bundle of six, the fan material is generally a bundle of 6-8, pressure line 20 - 30 bundle
Q:How plastic embossed profiles are made
Preloading To improve the quality of the product and improve the molding efficiency, the powder or fibrous molding compound is pre-pressed into a certain shape.
Q:The difference between steel and aluminum alloy profiles
Plastic windows are easy to weather, aluminum alloy will not. If you want to be insulated when you do windows with double glass
Q:The state of high-rise residential building doors and windows materials are not allowed to use steel profiles are expressly provided?
The state of high-rise residential building doors and windows materials are not allowed to use steel profiles should be allowed. We are a lot of these are more than 20 layers of plastic steel `` also used.

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